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13 Crystals For Love And Romance On Valentine’s Day

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What crystals for love and romance should you carry on Valentine’s Day? There are so many crystals to choose from, but which ones have the best romantic correspondences so that you can find new love or increase the love in your relationship?

There are many crystals for love and romance, but the best one by far is rose quartz. This crystal is famous for love spells and romance magick for a good reason: it is a pure love stone that increases communication, breaks down emotional barriers, and heals emotional trauma so we can love again.

I have listed 13 excellent crystals to choose from below. Of course, if you only want to carry one, I suggest you select rose quartz. A small stone is light in the pocket but still packs a big punch of love and emotional well-being when you need it most!

Whether you are in a steady relationship or spending Valentine’s Day broken-hearted, these stones will help you mend old wounds and open your heart up to accept love.

They will also help you to manifest more love in your life. Open the door to new and better things this Valentine’s Day with these powerful love crystals and stones!

Many of these crystals will work with the heart or sacral chakras since both are very important for love and libido. You want to heal these chakras to open yourself up to new relationships.

Rose quartz crystals for love and romance on valentine's day.
Rose Quartz is a crystal that represents true, innocent love.

Rose Quartz

While it may be the most obvious and basic choice, rose quartz is genuinely a powerful crystal for the heart. It melts away the icy wall we build up on our hearts through years of heartbreak, heals our emotions, and helps us love again. 

Rose quartz promotes loyal, sweet, and unconditional love. This high vibe crystal is a classic love stone for a reason. 

Build gentle compassion in yourself and all those who interact with you by simply carrying this crystal with you or wearing it as jewelry.

If you focus more on inner work this Valentine’s Day, you should meditate with rose quartz on your heart chakra. It will open and heal your heart chakra. Use it in conjunction with self-love mantras.

The healing properties of the crystal are well known, and all focused on the heart and emotions.

If you are going out on Valentine’s Day to find a lover, carrying this crystal will help steer you away from toxic or violent people.

Moonstone crystals for Valentine's Day.
Moonstone will help dispel negative energy.


Your cynical heart has made it hard for you to believe you’ll ever find true love? Moonstone will work to heal that negative energy, allowing you to dream of a gentle and true love again. 

It will manifest a lover that will really connect with you and your energy. This is a stone of love and eroticism, making it perfect to wear when you are out on a hot date.

If you have a hard time connecting to your divine feminine energy, this crystal will foster a deeper connection.

It also increases fertility, encourages fidelity, and makes the wearer feel sexier. It will lower your inhibitions, which is useful if you tend to be anxious, but you should always use this stone with caution.


Rhodochrosite can be used to make a love elixir that heals your heart. Simply place it over a cup of water with a lid (preferably moon water) overnight to infuse the water, and then sip it on Valentine’s Day. No need to put the crystal in the water!

If you’d rather not drink infused water, you can carry this stone to call a new love into your life. It increases happiness and emotional well-being while dispelling self-doubt.

Increase your courage when out on a first date by wearing rhodochrosite. It will improve your self-confidence and make you radiate positive energy.

Rhodochrosite crystals for Valentine's Day.
Wear rhodochrosite when you go on a date to attract love.

Green Aventurine

This is a real blessing, a stone of good luck that works with the heart chakra. Wear this crystal while on the prowl for a lover on Valentine’s Day.

Remove toxic relationships, break free from a bad relationship, and have some fun again with this crystal in your hands! Green aventurine pushes you towards new opportunities and reveals people that will be true to you.

This is also just an excellent stone for picking up some good energy when you’re down.


Connect with the physical world around you and enjoy all of its sensuous pleasures with this beautiful blue-green crystal in your pocket.

If you tend to be too dreamy, you may find it hard to enjoy romantic encounters. Turquoise can help bring you back down to earth so that you can truly feel and experience every incredible sensation on Valentine’s Day.

It will also attract positive energy, relieve exhaustion, cleanse you of emotional pain, and open your heart to new experiences.

Lapis Lazuli

Find a lover that absolutely worships the ground you walk on with this stone. Lapis lazuli constructs energy around you that makes you absolutely irresistible and magnetic. 

For centuries, this crystal has been used by many cultures and has been used to honor the goddess Venus or Aphrodite. It is intrinsically tied to love, lust, and fertility. 

Whenever I go out on a date with my husband, I carry lapis lazuli with me. It really makes the night more interesting! Lapis Lazuli will raise your vibration as a couple and increase your desire for one another.

Ruby crystals for Valentine's Day.
Red ruby crystals are perfect for Valentine’s Day jewelry.


This crystal is used to utilize your inner creativity and is helpful for purification and love magick.

This stone takes emotions and how someone feels about you and intensifies them. This makes it an excellent stone for increasing someone’s love or lust for you.

Wear garnet while in bed with a lover to increase your body’s senses. It will deepen one’s feelings for another person and improve relationships.


One of the four kings of gemstones, ruby is the crystal associated with fire. The fire element can be used to heat up a relationship or melt an icy heart.

This gemstone is most associated with the root chakra, sexual appetite, and male virility. 

When you need passion, rubies will raise the human body’s temperature and warm it up for a good time.

Wearing rubies will attract new lovers to you effortlessly.

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If you should find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day, pearl will help you with self-love and your inner strength.

This stone also helps with beauty, fertility, love, transformation, motherhood, healing, and protection.

Pink pearl is most associated with love and also brings with it peace and beauty.

Pearl for valentine's day
Wear pink jewelry to embody the divine feminine.


Opal inspires innocent love, hope for the future, purity, and happiness. 

When left under a bed, it will ignite passion between two lovers. 

Opals also help those that struggle with body image. It reveals how beautiful your body truly is.

White opal is a symbol of eternal love and can be used to find and seduce your soul mate.

Yellow Jasper

Are you struggling to be positive? Yellow jasper brings out your positive energy and dispels negativity, helping you to feel more powerful and happy.

Carry yellow jasper with other love crystals to protect yourself from any negativity. It will ward off abusers, toxic people, and those that just want to use you.


For those that can’t accept the love of others because of their depression, trauma, grief, or self-hate, this crystal will soothe their heart and soul.

One must work on themselves before they can be open to love on Valentine’s Day.

Working on your emotional pain will reveal what you are really looking for in a romantic partner. That means you will be less likely to fall into a bad relationship.

Larimar  crystals for Valentine's Day.
Use larimar to recover from emotional trauma.


Another stone for healing from emotional trauma, larimar will radiate peace and love energy into your life. 

This crystal also reveals your inner wisdom, which is essential when you are trying to find love. It will help you to see red flags, so you don’t end up dating someone toxic.

This crystal will help you manifest anything you desire, including love. It will also help you to change your perspective and relieves stress.

Falling in love requires us to be playful, and this crystal will unleash our inner child. 

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