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New Book Out Now- 20 Love Spells: From Love At First Sight To Break Up

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Why do you need these 20 love spells? Love spells aren’t just about getting someone to fall head over heels in love with you; it’s also about helping you break up with someone who isn’t right for you!

This new spell book is perfect for any level of witch, and comes with information on deities of love and lust as well as 20 unique, brand new spells.

Love spells are one of the most powerful tools available to witches today. They can be used to attract a new love, get rid of bad relationships, or even help you secure your relationship so it lasts forever!

This book has the perfect spell for any love occasion. Marriage spells, a bath spell, a pink candle spell, a spell to break up lovers, and many more powerful love spells are almost yours. From the baby witch to the experienced spellcaster, there is a magic spell in here that is perfect for you.

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What is love magic? How does it work? What are the different types of spells that can be cast for love? Learn all about love magic, how it works, what type of spells you can do, and more in this book!

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This book from Eclectic Witchcraft goes over spells to find your perfect soul-mate, increasing positive energy and decreasing negative energy, and covers the spectrum of ethical magic from white magic to black magic.

With some lunar cycle water, a piece of paper, romantic jewelry, and some other easy to find supplies, a whole world of love magic is at your fingertips!

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