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Herbs and Plants for Witchcraft: Fire Element Herbs

Start your gardening adventure right by learning the elemental correspondences of the plants you want to grow. Find the perfect indoor plants for Fire signs. Fire element zodiac signs love these house plants. Indoor and outdoor plants that are perfect for Fire element witchcraft spells that work. Make your own DIY spells and rituals for witches, pagans, and Wiccans. Cute plants, succulent plants, dandelions and more are listed here with their magickal correspondences. #plants #gardening #witch

These herbs are the perfect addition to spells for passion, lust, love, anger, curses, or energy. Fire is a dangerous element that is both creative and destructive.

DO NOT INGEST THESE PLANTS unless you know for sure that it isn’t poisonous, doesn’t have any pesticides on it, and won’t interact badly with anything else that you have taken or will take. Be smart and stay safe. To keep track of the plants you know, make sure you use a Materia Medica.

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Find Financial Freedom With This Spell To Save Money

This is a money spell that works fast. Save your money, pay off your debts, find financial freedom, and then have a little bit of fun with money spell magic! This money spell with increase your wealth and attract more money to you. It includes a money spell chant, what crystal to use for your money spell, what herbs to use, and what color candle to use for money magick. Manifest abundance with this easy spell in a jar. #lawofattraction #moneyspell #witchcraft #savemoney #wicca #pagan #witch

If you’re trying and failing to save money again and again, it may be time to get the universe to help you.

I often feel like I’m saving money during the week only to find that I’m well behind my goals when I go to check. Sometimes it seems like money just slips through my fingers due to my own carelessness, so I developed this spell to help me to control myself and my spending.

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Candle Colors and Their Meanings In Witchcraft

If you are a beginner witch, candle magick is a great place to start. This list of candle colors and their meanings in witchcraft will help you to start with candle magic for beginners. Learn the right color for your witch spells that work. Pink is a great candle color for love magic, black is for curses, orange is for creativity spells. Learn more in this quick blog post. Do some easy magick with candles! #witchcraft #witch #magick #spells #candles

Candles are a basic tool in witchcraft, one that even someone in the broom closet can get easy access to. And luckily, there are a ton of different colors of candles so you can always find one that will work with the spell you’re doing.

Candle magick is one of the oldest and simplest forms of magick, and one that beginner witches tend to start with.

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Three Animal Statues For Your Altar (Pagan Altars For Beginners)

Three Animal Statues For Your Altar (Pagan Altars For Beginners) Learn how to make a pagan altar with these tips! Plus cat, frog, and elephant statues for your altar. What is a pagan atlar? What goes on a pagan altar? What direction should a pagan altar face? Pagan altar inspiration for familiars, totem animals, and spirit animals. Set up your pagan altar with these cool aesthetic ideas! Make a simple pagan altar indoors or outdoors. DIY witch altars. #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca #cats

Are you looking for a new statue to put on your pagan altar? An animal statue may be just the thing you need. You can tap into the spiritual energy of an animal with a statue, and any deities that may be represented by that animal will be pleased as well.

Whether you are Wiccan, eclectic, or any other kind of pagan, these statues can bring new energies into your home and altar space.

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New Eclectic Witch Merch

Abracadabra, So Mote It Be, Blessed Be Witch Merch for eclectic witches. Aesthetic witch shirts, cool pagan coffee mugs, cute Wiccan stickers, and eco friendly occult tote bags. Perfect for kitchen witches, green witches, chaos witches, and more. Show off your witch style, or use the stickers on your pagan altar. Includes witch symbols like the pentagram. You don't have to wait for Halloween to use witch magic! Forest witch, male witch, coven cute witch. #witch #fashion #pagan #wicca

Hey witches!

I have been working my witchy butt off the last couple of weeks to get this website going, and to never miss a day with the blog. Because of that, it’s been taking time to get any cool swag up that you all can buy, but that changed today!

That’s right, inspiration hit me today, and I put up some awesome stickers, mugs, and shirts for witches. This merch is just the beginning, but hopefully you’ll find something to your liking!

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Witchcraft on a Budget: Read New Age Books Without Breaking the Bank

Ways to read more new age books without breaking the bank. Save money and read books on witchcraft, paganism, tarot, shamanism, spirit guides, meditation, divination, spells and more! These are some of the best tools and resources for witches to read more. Find your magical lifestyle guides now! #newage #witchcraft #books #witchy #tarot #meditation #divination #shamanism #paganism

Anyone with a love affair with reading knows that books can get expensive. Especially if you buy them brand new! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can increase your knowledge of the occult without breaking the bank or taking out a loan to afford it all.

I’ve been trying to improve my focus after years of social media addiction, and part of that is forcing myself to read more. It isn’t always easy to sit for a long time and focus on just one book without checking social media, but I think it’s totally worth the effort.

If you want to improve your focus, too, or just want to get back into your reading habit this summer, this list will help you do so without dipping into your wallet too often.

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Find Peace and Renewal With This Spell

This is a simple witch spell that works to banish negativity and heal your life and emotions. Banish anxiety, depression, and find inner peace again with this renewal spell. This is easy witchcraft that anyone can do with just a few tools! Find your inner peace again after a break up, death in the family, or any other reason to mourn. Find peace of mind. Finding peace and love for yourself isn't easy, but it's a little bit easier with a spell and meditation like this. #witchcraft #peace #spell

This spell is perfect for anyone that needs to remove negativity from their life. Whether that’s negative thoughts, people, or actions, this spell will help you to do just that.

Make sure before you begin this spell that you know exactly what you’re trying to remove from your life. What you see as a problem at first glance may merely be a symptom, or may be a positive thing in disguise.

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One Word That Can Make Your Magick More Powerful

One ancient word increases magickal power for witches and pagans

I recently started working with spells that are solely incantation and intention. By that I mean I will simply state my desire or a rhyme that fits my desire and power it with my intention.

This has always worked when I used it in the past to varying degrees, but I recently read something that has changed my incantations forever. It’s one word that you can add to any incantation and make it more powerful.

The only issue is that there is controversy to using this word in this way, because it is an ancient word and therefore the “true” meaning and original purpose isn’t known. But I believe that the meaning you choose is the meaning the word will hold.

So what is the word?

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