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Herbs and Plants for Witchcraft: Water Element Herbs

Darkly colorful lily pads on a deep, calm lake

These water element herbs are the perfect way to tap into the life-giving power of water. Cleanse and purify yourself and your home with magical herbs, and add them to water element spells.

The water element is sensitive and intuitive, and these herbs nourish our souls with these aspects.

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Call On Bast To Bless Your Cats

A tiny kitten napping with its paws up

Twitchy whiskers and tiny noses draw us to the sweet but ferocious cats that we call our familiars, our pets, and our family. There are over 62 million cats in the United States, and many of them live in homes with witches and pagans.

Cats are a blessing to their owners. They bring us joy with their purrs and antics. They may catch mice to keep disease out of our homes. It makes sense that we should want to bless them with the light of a deity that loves them: the Egyptian goddess Bast.

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Self Care Spell: Heal The Past

Depressed woman with her face in her hands

When memories of the past bring you grief or remind you of past trauma, this self care spell can help you to ease your mind. If the memory is too new or painful, it may be best to work with a therapist or discuss it with a trusted friend before doing this spell.

Resurfacing trauma before you’re ready can do more harm than good, so really think about how ready you are.

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All About Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose quartz crystals

Witches are crazy about rose quartz crystals! It’s easy to say that they are the most popular crystal. Even people who don’t like woo woo or new age topics will wear a gorgeous rose quartz crystal when they’re going out on a date or need to heal their heart.

And it’s easy to see why. Rose quartz is the best crystal for matters of the heart. From unrequited love to self love, this crystal will help you to find a path forward that is both healing and best for you.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Magickal Moon Water

A starry moonlit lake

Do you know the history and uses of moon water in occult traditions?

The 29 day lunar cycle has played a huge part in cultural and religious traditions and ceremonies since before recorded history. Humanity has been enthralled by the moon for a long time, and the myths and legends surrounding the beautiful orb in the sky are endless.

Cleansing and charging water with the power of the moon has a murky past, but modern neopagans use moon water in many rituals. This water can be filled with the power of any phase of the moon, but it is most often filled with the full moon’s power.

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Halloween / Samhain Decor Ideas For Witches

A line of pumpkins painted for Halloween

Halloween is on its way! And the stores are really stepping up with decor this year. How are you witches going to decoration your home for Samhain?

I’ve collected a list of some great ideas that will tickle any witch’s fancy. You’ll cackle with delight at some of these decor options! Michaels has yoga skeletons and car trunk decorations. Joann Fabrics has oil slick dragons and potion beakers. And everywhere you’re seeing the witch aesthetic!

Without further explanation, let’s get into the Samhain decor ideas.

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