Santa was reading a letter from a kid.
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4 FREE Christmas Digital Backdrops To Fake A Visit With Santa

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With these free Christmas digital backdrops, you and your children will be able to visit Santa this year! Getting out of the house has been hard, but with some Photoshop skills you’ll be able to bring back some of the Yule magick.

You are free to use these images in your business or for personal use. All I ask is that you do not resell these images without major changes.

Santa and a child.
With Canva or Photoshop, you can insert your child into whimsical scenes with Santa

For instance, you can’t just sell this pack of images on Etsy. But you CAN sell a service to add someone else’s children to the images.

You cannot just add the image as-is to POD products, but you CAN add edited versions to POD products.

I hope that these Christmas digital backdrops make this stressful holiday a little bit easier for you!

Whether your child just really hates seeing Santa, or you want unique photos to send to friends and family, these digital backdrops are perfect. They’re easy to use! Just add your child or family to the image.

How To Use These Christmas Digital Backdrops

If you have access to Photoshop, that’s the best way to edit these images. Photoshop gives you better editing tools than other options. This Youtube video will walk you through the basics of using digital backdrops in Photoshop:

But if you don’t have Photoshop, you can use Canva Pro instead! Canva recently introduced a background remover tool.

It works pretty well, but you will be limited in how you can edit the colors of the images. Just keep that in mind.

Free Christmas digital backdrops. Santa and a snow globe editable digital backdrops.
Use these digital backdrops to see Santa without leaving your home!

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