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5 Videos About Green Witchcraft That Will Make You Run Out To Start A Garden Immediately

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Videos about green witchcraft can help you to learn from experienced practitioners in your own home. The five videos I have below are fun, comforting, and very informative. Discover the magic of herbalism and plant spells!

A green witch works with the earth, their local environment, as well as with plants like herbs. Herbal magic is what they most often work with, using herblore passed down through generations to inform their recipes.

They are able to harness the energy of the earth in many ways, however. Through mere touch, some can commune with plants. They usually draw energy from being in nature, and are their most powerful and happiest around plants.

From tea spells to herbal correspondences, each of these videos is sure to give you a nugget of information you never even considered before.

Green witch youtube videos to watch for beginner witches. Learn about herbal magick. A woman with a flower crown laughing in a sunny forest.
These are the best green witch Youtube videos!

Anti-Anxiety Spell || Herbal Salve

The Green Witch crafts a hygge atmosphere with this video. While she teaches us how to create an herbal salve to help with anxiety, she gives us a close up view of her practices.

She made this salve to be accessible to those with physical disabilities who might still be in the broom closet about practicing witchcraft, which I think is so kind and mindful.

Herbal Witchcraft Part 1 II How They’re Used, The ‘Magick’ of Plants + Book Recommends!

I’ve watched this video multiple times. I just love it! Genevieve is very knowledgeable about witchcraft, paganism, herbalism, and how all three intersect.

She dives deep into how witches use herbs and why. And for her, it’s more than just something she learned. She actually practices medical and magical herbalism every day.

6 Medicinal + Magickal Teas (Herbalist Witch)

If you’ve ever been interested in green witchcraft and magical tea, this is a great beginner’s video.

With 6 recipes, you’ll definitely find something you’ll want to run out and try right away!

My Magical Herbs & Conjure Ingredients || + A Bunch Of Witchcrafting Tips!

A look into Owlvine’s herbal practices and what she has on hand for herbal magic. She has a well stocked apothecary!

She briefly goes over the magical uses of the herbs she brings up from the shelves. That makes this video a great primer into beginner green witchcraft.

How a Green Witch Profiles Herbs || My Materia Medica Entries

It’s important for green witches to craft a materia medica. This book, similar to a book of shadows, helps you to keep track of herbs and their uses.

She gives you a handy key to help you start your own herbal research, and explains why she notes down the information that she does.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a materia medica but didn’t know where to start, this is a must-watch video.

Green witch youtube videos to watch for beginner witches. Learn about herbal magick. A witchy woman with windswept hair in a foggy forest performing magic. She has a key on a necklace and a thorn and berry crown.
Learn green witchcraft for beginners with free videos on Youtube.

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