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9 Witch Tools Commonly Found At The Thrift Store

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Are you a witch on a budget? Are you trying to find thrift witch tools?

If you are, you’re probably always looking for ways to increase your witch supplies while making your dollar stretch.

When we go to metaphysical shops, there are so many beautiful tools on display.

From athames to chalices, lovingly crafted tools and supplies are almost always expensive!

I don’t know about you, but a lot of those objects are simply out of my budget.

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9 Witch Tools Commonly Found At The Thrift Store

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Frugal Witchcraft Is Easy

Practicing witchcraft on a budget isn’t that hard! You just have to become the thrifty witch we all should be.

Actually, if you are crafty you can practice witchcraft almost for free.

While witch tools can be expensive when you buy them from pagan stores online or new age stores near you, there are other places you can check.

The good news is that you don’t need to get the solid sterling silver athame or a tool with real rubies set into it.

Ritual tools are made with energy and intention, not with physical materials.

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How I Stretch My Witchcraft Budget

When I need to buy witch tools that I can’t make myself, I go to one place.

My favorite local thrift store, that is! Becoming the thrifty witch is all about finding the best thrift store in your area.

So many of my best ritual tools have been found secondhand at our local Value World.

I stay away from the more common thrift stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill.

Those companies have a shady history and modern shady work practices. I simply can’t support them.

But we are lucky to have local and regional thrift stores near us that have an even better selection than Goodwill.

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What I Have Found At My Local Thrift Stores

In my journey as a thrift witch, I have found Himalayan salt candle holders at Value World.

They were amazingly cheap, and they look beautiful on one of my smaller altars for my ancestors.

I have also found mason jars in all sizes!

You have to be careful, though. Sometimes it’s less expensive to buy mason jars new in bulk.

I’ve even found small animal trinkets carved from real stone like quartz.

Those are on my altars, as well, and I use them to hold the spirits I might be working with for certain spells.

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Finding Witch Tools At The Thrift Store

You can find your witch tools at secondhand stores, too!

Some witches can fall into the trap of thinking expensive tools are better tools.

I’m here to tell you, that is entirely marketing.

Do you think real, ancient witches had access to gem studded ritual knives and golden chalices?

I think not! And yet they all were powerful witches.

Most witches through history worked with tools they created themselves.

Or they simply worked with what they found in nature.

And you, my dear witchy friend, can work strong magick with secondhand tools.

Secondhand tools can often be beautiful, and will certainly be unique.

If you find a vintage knife to use an athame, I doubt any of your friends will ever find one similar.

Its history will enhance the magick you perform, too.

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Buying Thrift Store Witch Tools Saves The Earth

Why should you become a thrift witch?

Well… You are probably a witch because you feel a deep connection with nature.

Why would you contribute to the destruction of the natural world by buying new when it’s not necessary?

Witches should try to reuse thrifted items whenever possible.

Buying new betrays the trust that the Earth has put in you to protect Her.

You have a responsibility to stop further pollution that producing new tools creates.

Bowls For Spells And Offerings

Thrift stores often have a wealth of bowls and plates that can be used in spells and on altars.

Wooden bowls are great for holding salt, ceramic bowls can hold herbal offerings.

Even beautiful and delicate teacups can be used as offering bowls.

Etsy Picks
Triple Moon Offering Bowl

Decorated with the triple moon goddess pentacle insignia, this lovely copper offering bowl is the perfect addition to your altar.

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Bells For Sound Clearing

I’m in the market for a bell, still! It can be hard to find one that still has the clapper inside, but the bells at thrift stores are often antiques with beautiful designs.

I’ve even found some genuine silver bells.

Too bad they didn’t have the clappers!

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Mirrors For Scrying

Mirrors have a hard time surviving the journey to the thrift store shelves, but sometimes you can find gorgeous antique hand mirrors that will be perfect for scrying or beauty spells.

Don’t overlook the larger ones, either!

Some of them are truly gorgeous.

Thrifted mirrors are the objects most likely to carry energy from past owners with them, so these items are on the must cleanse ASAP list.

Cleanse mirrors in multiple ways.

I like to cleanse them under flowing water and them leave them outside in sun and moonlight for a few weeks before using them.

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Cups For Offerings

You will be shocked by how many truly beautiful wine cups and chalices you can find at thrift stores.

These are great for altar offerings!

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Altar Cloths

Thrift stores have a wealth of scarves and clothes in different fabrics.

I have some in blue gauzy fabrics, some in thicker red fabrics, and everything in between.

Make sure you launder these in hot water before using, though.

You never know what nasties might be on the fabric you bring home from the thrift store.

Etsy Picks
Ritual Cloth

This beautiful cloth will protect your altar from wax drippings while giving it a stylish flair.

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Candle Holders

From tall candelabras to small shot glasses, you will come away from almost any thrift store with a handful of candle holders.

I like to look for candle holders that aren’t just standard glass, which is why I love the Himalayan salt candle holders I found.

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Art For Altars

The art at thrift stores can be hit or miss.

I can usually find some beautiful classical paintings in some gorgeous frames.

That means they’re ready to be hanged on my walls as soon as they come home!

I like to look for art that represents the seasons.

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Mason Jars

Of course, we witches need our mason jars.

Be careful you’re not overpaying for them, though.

Unfortunately some thrift stores are marking jars up because they know they’re popular!

I like to look for non-standard sizes, like smaller baby food jar sizes.

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Mortar & Pestles

If you deal with herbs at all, you need a good mortar and pestle.

I found a gorgeous set at my favorite thrift store for less than 2 dollars and it has lasted me for more than 10 years of heavy use.

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Don’t Forget To Cleanse Thrifted Objects Of Residual Energy!

There are a few different ways an item can be cleansed before being used in your rituals. Here are some options:

  • Wash the items under flowing water. A sink works fine, but you could also take it to a river or stream.
  • Cover the item in salt. Don’t do this with metal objects unless you know they can tolerate salt.
  • Use incense or smoke to cleanse them.
  • Place the item outside. You can leave them in a safe space to be cleansed by sun and moon.
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Budget witchcraft tips. Save money on your ritual tools by buying them at the thrift store. Don't forget to cleanse them of their residual energies! Being a pagan, wiccan, or witch doesn't have to break the bank. Decorate your witch altar, set up offering bowls, find cheap mason jars, mirrors for scrying, bells for sound cleansing, and more at your local thrift store. Be a frugal witch! #frugal #budget #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca #wiccan #paganism #frugalwitch #budgetwitch #occult #altar

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