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Air Element Magic: Elemental Magic For Beginners

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The air element is a masculine energy that gives life to all things, moves them and fills them. As such, it was considered by ancient healers to be a medium or glue that holds everything together.

The element air is associated with the quality of darkness, thinness, and movement. It is the opposite of earth. Air corresponds to east, where dawn occurs. Air is associated with flying, intelligence, creativity and intellect.

Air element magic is the first topic of our elemental magic series. This element is one that has been a little bit mysterious for me over the years, and I rarely work with it.

With knowledge, however, comes the tools to improve our witchcraft. I hope this post will help both you and me to grow as witches.

Air element correspondences include birds, wind, dragonflies, memory, logic, and activism.

Air element magick is concerned with empathy, travel, and intelligence.

Book Of Shadows
Air Element Magic: Elemental Magic For Beginners

What are the magical correspondences of the element of air? How can you use the air element in witchcraft?

Air Element Correspondences

Positive aspectsSpeech, hearing and smell, breathing, the mind, imagination, spiritedness, life, prana, chi, poetry, flexibility, tastefulness, idealism, creative, tolerant
BodyThe arms, pelvis, kidneys, circulatory system, calves
Negative aspectsAir-headedness, boasting, memory problems, excessive talkativeness, easily bored, impatience, naive, superficial, indecidive, quick to fight, manipulative, thoughtlessness, cruelty, moodiness, gas, bloating, brain fog, shortness of breath, inability to understand, hurricanes, storms, drought
Elemental spiritsSylphs, griffons, sprites, light elves, veela, hyter sprites, auri nymphs
Deities Amun, Shu, Enlil, Ninlil, Pazuzu, Dogoda, Stribog, Egoi, Borrum, Kari, Njord, Aeolus, The Anemoi, Aura, Rudra, Vayu, Ilmarinen, Tuuletar, Szélatya, Szélanya, Bieggolmai, Fei Lian, Feng Po Po, Fūjin, Shinatsuhiko, Hine-Tu-Whenua, La’a Maomao, Pakaa
Decorative image of a woman with her head out of a car window with the air element blowing through it

About The Air Element

The element of air is attached to the astrological signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius and rules the Third, Seventh and Eleventh houses.

Air is associated with intellect, communication, analysis, invention, cleverness, balance, empathy, objective truths, cooperation, memory, logic, thinking about the past and future, and activism.

Those with an air sign require balance, and when they’re blown off kilter they can spiral like a tornado or fill the room with a chill.

In the animal world, the element of air is associated with all things that fly, from eagles to sparrows to robins.

Outside of birds, air is also associated with the butterfly, the bat, and the dragonfly.

Heavily scented flowers, king cards in playing card decks, the yellow sun at dawn, sky blue, and all pastels are favorites for air signs.

Plants related to air include aspen, clove, dill, lavender, mistletoe, pansy, primrose, verain and violets.

Air was, according to the ancient Greeks, associated with the hermaphrodite.

This is because they saw Air as both hot, which is masculine, and wet, which is feminine.

Should you find yourself needing to draw more from another gender, incorporating Air into your work should help.

The sense that creates the strongest emotions is smell, which is related to the element of air.

What do you think of when you smell strawberries? How about freshly cut grass?

Can you imagine almost perfectly how your father looked as he cut the grass, and the sound of ice clinking in a tall cup while your mom put together a drink to thank him for cutting it?

Scents are often one of the senses that get mixed up with those who have synesthesia.

A sound could smell like bread, or a color could smell like blueberries.

Decorative image of a woman sitting in a canyon with a ripped dress, air flowing through her hair

Since smell is something carried on the wind, you can use this in your magic.

When something goes well, spray a certain perfume. When something goes poorly, spray a different perfume.

You’ll condition yourself to see those scents as either a good scent or a bad one, and can then use that to control your behavior.

Air moves you. It’s the catalyst for change, and will be important to you any time you travel.

The air element is subtle. It’s obscuring, hot, wet and light. It is also free and wandering.

Stones that are lightweight, light in color, or transparent can be used to call on the element of air.

Topaz and chalcedony are specifically related to air.

Sylphs are Air elementals, beings that are intrinsically related to Air. They are sometimes depicted as cloud beings and are related to angels.

They’re also said to be related to the sidhe, similar to fairies or elves.

The earliest part of the morning, when the sun has only just kissed the sky again, is associate with Air.

Note: Much of my information for this elemental series comes from the huge, very informational book The Magician’s Companion by Bill Whitcomb. If you can get your hands on it, you won’t regret it.

Book Of Shadows
Air Element Plants: 30+ Divine Witch Herbs And Plants

Start your journal as a magical herbalist with this list of air element plants.

You can use these plants in travel spells, communication spells, and any spell that relies on the air element.

This PDF is formatted to fit your Book Of Shadows.

Air Energy Magic

Air energy is also known as “breath” in some traditions. In other traditions it is called “prana”, “chi”, “qi”, “ki”, “kundalini”, “life force”, “vitality”, and “energy”.

The element of air is used in magic to create change through breath work. Breathwork has been practiced for thousands of years by shamans, yogis, monks, nuns, priests, and others who believe that breath is the most powerful tool available to them.

Air is an essential element of life, and its power is often overlooked. Air is the element we breathe in and out of our bodies. It is the element that moves us. We are born into this element, but we must learn how to use it. We are exposed to this element more than any of the other four elements.

One of the amazing methods of using air in magic and witchcraft is the use of breath as a conduit for magical energies. This technique is sometimes called breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are a form of meditation where one focuses on their breath and uses it as a means of connecting with the spirit realm. 

Animal Guides For The Air Element

Animals associated with the air element include:

  • Eagle – symbolizes strength and freedom
  • Sparrow – symbolizes purity and innocence
  • Robin – symbolizes healing, spring time and transformation
  • Owl – symbolizes wisdom and knowledge
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