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15 Crystals To Tap Into The Power Of Angel Number 444

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Angel number 444 crystals: Crystal healing has become very popular over the past few years. People love crystals because they believe that they hold magical powers. Some even say that they can heal certain illnesses just by touching them.

Crystal Therapy is a great way to balance your energy and get rid of bad vibes. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with your angels and spirit guides.

Crystals are powerful tools that can help you tap into your intuition and get clarity on any situation. In this article, I’ll share 15 crystals that represent health, intuition, courage, integrity and inner wisdom. These crystals will help you connect with your angels and divine guidance.

What Does Angel Number 444 Represent?

Number 444 is urging you to follow your dreams and ambitions. If you see this number in your life, you’re on the right path. However, you still need to put in more effort to reach your full potential.

If you see this number, you’re being challenged to double down on your current efforts. You’re already doing the right thing, so now you need to put in even more effort to reach your goal.

You’re on the way to success, and your guardian angels are watching out for you. But don’t forget to stay positive and optimistic.

In addition, it shows that you are being watched over by angels, and that you are protected while pursuing your dreams. If you see this number, you should know that you are doing the right thing, and that nothing bad will happen to you.

1. Moldavite

Moldavite crystals possess healing properties. These stones are known to absorb negative energies, such as fear, anger, jealousy, and hatred. Moldavite helps to clear the mind and opens the third eye. Moldavite can also help to attract love and good fortune.

Witches turn to moldavite for its magical properties, including protection from evil spirits. They use these crystals to protect their homes and families.

2. Tanzanite

A crystal healer would find tanzanite useful for healing her clients’ emotional needs. She might also wish to place tanzanite under the pillow while sleeping so she can dream more clearly and have better access to messages sent via dreams.

As a talisman charm, she might wear a necklace made out of tanzanite, and keep the stone close to her heart so its protective energies will flow through her body to protect her from physical illness. It provides protection from psychic attack and psychic intrusion.

3. Painite

Painite can attract money, especially on Thursday. If you are having trouble making decisions, painite can help you find answers and clarity. Witches use painite crystals as an aid for divination, psychic communication, and spiritual enlightenment.

In addition, those using painite believe that it helps protect against psychic attack. This is probably connected to the fact that painite absorbs negativity.

4. Red Beryl

Witches believe that red beryl brings good luck. A crystal of red beryl helps to protect you from being harmed by dark forces. If you wear a ring that holds a piece of red beryl, then you’ll be protected against theft, kidnapping, and unwanted advances. Red beryl gives psychic insight, especially in matters of love, money, and relationships.

5. Black Opal

Black Opals represent a strong protective shield around the wearer or place where the crystal resides. It has been known to protect against psychic attack, as well as physical attacks from the dark side.

In occult lore, black opals are thought to possess healing properties, and they are sometimes worn to cure illness.

Black Opals are often used to increase psychic awareness, spiritual development, physical strength, and emotional balance. These stones are believed to enhance self-healing abilities.

They are also thought to purify negativity and provide protection.

When worn in prayer, black opals give insight into God’s plans for you.

6. Chiastolite

In crystal healing, chiastolite serves as a calming agent. Its ability to absorb negative energies allows it to provide protection from electromagnetic pollution. It is a good stone for balancing emotional imbalances as it helps release pent-up emotions that might otherwise be expressed physically.

Its metaphysical qualities include:

  • Protection
  • Love and friendship
  • Rejuvenating energy
  • Psychic powers

7. Seraphinite

Seraphinite crystals are known as being protective stones. It is believed that they are good luck charms. They are used frequently by Witches and Wiccans to protect themselves or loved ones. When worn as jewelry, they are often given to clients to ensure protection and success.

Seraphinite is a crystal which absorbs and transmits positive energies. It provides protection against negativity and gives insight into hidden aspects of ones self or situation. It is thought to contain protective elements from the four directions of the compass, east, south, west, and north.

According to a popular belief, Seraphinite crystals absorb negative energies and channel positive energies outwards, thus purifying the atmosphere around them.

8. Blue Siberian Quartz

Blue Siberian quartz metaphysical properties include acting like a psychic switchboard between the conscious and unconscious mind. It helps with intuitive learning, healing ailments, and self-healing of emotional trauma. It brings courage and strength. It can be used for protection against black magic and hexes.

When you hold Blue Siberian quartz crystals, you can receive messages from higher realms. If you ask your guides to show you something, then place the crystal close to your forehead, it helps you to find answers. It is a stone that connects us to our own spirit and allows us to channel information through the body.

Blue Siberian Quartz is also believed to stimulate the third eye—the area between your eyes where you see visions and perceive impressions from the astral plane. You might hear voices, read minds, or see signs and symbols in your mind.

9. Ruby Zoisite

When crystal healing is done properly, a person gains insights, intuitions, visions, and understanding gained in spiritual realms. It helps us find our calling, understand better relationships, gain peace, self-confidence, clarity of vision, and insight into past lives.

A ruby zoisite stone provides us with valuable information on the physical plane. Our angels wish to impart knowledge to us in order to give guidance in matters pertaining to our daily affairs. Sometimes, we do not understand why certain situations occur; however, our intuitive faculties reveal something deeper behind the scenes. We need to open ourselves up to new opportunities and possibilities, and accept the guidance offered to us.

Ruby zoisite stones are also used for emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger issues, fear, grief, and addictions.

10. Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite is known to be particularly protective, and the numbers 444 are thought to signify protection and inner strength. For those who are interested in using astrophyllite for purposes such as healing, meditation, psychic abilities, or anything else concerned with spirit communication, it might be useful to note that astrophyllite is an excellent conductor of angelic energies.

Astrophyllite is a crystal that is known for being able to amplify psychic abilities. It is believed to increase ones intuitive abilities, and can aid in accessing clairvoyance, telepathy, and mediumship.

11. Andalusite

It is believed that Andalusite helps improve the eyesight while enhancing the ability to concentrate, meditate, and dream lucidly. It is thought to activate and balance the chakra system, providing spiritual protection throughout the body.

Its metaphysical properties include being protective, inspiring, calming, creative and strengthening. It enhances meditation and prayer, improves memory, promotes self-healing, and helps with stress management. With its grounding properties, Andalusite can assist spiritual seekers in attaining higher states of consciousness.

In addition, it is thought to have a positive effect upon the subconscious mind, raising vibrations and enhancing clarity of thinking and expression. It offers a sense of calmness and balance, allowing us to transcend our fears and anxieties.

12. Albite

Albite crystals are known for having the ability to enhance psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. As such, albite can provide insight into the past, present, and future. It is believed that albite is able to bring clarity to situations where previous experiences have clouded judgment and provided insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

For instance, a person who has been abused might find that they no longer fear abuse; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t ever be hurt again.

In addition to enhancing psychic abilities, albite is connected with healing energies. Those who wear albite will find that their emotional state improves, and they begin to develop more confidence in themselves. Albite helps to overcome fears, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and indecision.

While albite is traditionally thought of as a crystal for psychic development, it is also sometimes used for personal protection, spiritual growth, transformation, self-healing, physical health, and relationships.

13. Chalcedony

Chalcedony represents good luck charms, protection, good judgment, truthfulness, innocence, purity, hope, healing, friendship, self-esteem and beauty. Because of its connection to the goddesses Isis and Aphrodite, chalcedony is sometimes called a “holy stone”.

In addition to using the crystal at the time of meditation, you might like to leave a piece of the gemstone around your apartment, such as under your pillow while sleeping. Or consider wearing one in a necklace or bracelet.

Here are some common applications for chalcedony:

  • To attract money and success
  • Help to heal emotional wounds
  • For a happy marriage

14. Coral

Coral represents strength, determination, faithfulness, loyalty, good luck, healing, and protection. It offers a way to manifest your dreams by tapping into the creative power of the universe and asking for guidance. Coral helps us understand the true value of our lives.

You can use it to gain insight into your own personal strengths and weaknesses, and learn to trust your own instincts and psychic abilities.

15. Cuprite

Finally, Cuprite is held to provide protection from psychic attacks, such as those carried out by malicious entities known as energy vampires (or other beings that steal our spiritual energy for sustenance). As such, Cuprite helps to dispel the feelings of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety brought on by such attacks.

In terms of magical applications, Cuprite is good for divination and psychic practices. It aids in the development of clairvoyance and clairsentience. It is useful for accessing the Akashic Records and for activating psychic abilities. It is believed to enhance the flow of chi in meditation and to boost the body’s energy levels. It helps us gain access to our higher selves, and allows us to receive guidance and inspiration from spiritual beings. Cuprite stones can be especially helpful in working with angels.

In conclusion, crystals have been used throughout history to heal, protect, and balance emotions. They are also known to bring clarity and insight when working with angel numbers. These crystals have many metaphysical properties, including being able to assist with finding answers to questions, helping us understand ourselves better, and bringing us closer to our higher self. Use these crystals to connect with your angels, and ask them to guide you toward the path of truth and understanding.

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