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How To Attract Love With Quartz Crystals

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Can you attract love with quartz crystals? Of course you can! With the rose quartz crystal, heart-expanding love can be found and self love is made easier.

Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency. That frequency changes the way the crystal looks. The way a crystal looks can tell us about how to use the crystal.

What do you see when you look at a rose quartz crystal?

Each quartz crystal can help you to work with different kinds of energy and information.

Crystals help us to explore different parts of ourselves, and heal ourselves with their vibrations. Wear a rose quartz necklace to heal your heart every day.

Crystals can protect us, free us from our past traumas, complement physical treatment for illnesses, develop our talents, and help to heal our emotions.

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Rose Quartz To Attract Love

Your best bet when trying to attract love will be rose quartz.

The energy and vibration of the rose quartz works with the heart chakra. It also creates unconditional love.

This crystal will be your ally in all matters of the heart.

Not only will this crystal draw love to you, it will help you to discover and understand the true essence of love.

When you need to purify your emotions and promote self love, rose quartz will be your guide.

You can also turn to this crystal to help calm heightened emotions and aid in emotional security.

Decorative image of a couple in love, embracing in a wheat field while the sun sets. They know how to attract love.

How To Use Rose Quartz

One simple way to use rose quartz is to put it under your pillow or near your bed.

Rose quartz is very effective, though. If your relationships start to move too fast for you, try adding some amethyst to calm things down a bit.

Amethyst adds clarity and intuition to all matters of the heart.

Rose quartz can be used to improve the relationships you already have, creating harmony and improving confidence for the couple.

Rose Quartz Benefits

Self loveRose quartz builds self esteem, promotes forgiveness of ourselves, and is a protective stone for the heart.
Eases heartacheRose quartz protects the heart, expands it, and helps it to heal from past hurts.
Promotes peaceThis crystal both promotes inner peace and improves the peacefulness of the world around us. Promotes forgiveness in relationships.
Draws in new loveIf you are looking for a new, good relationship, carrying both an amethyst and a rose quartz makes you irresistible and helps you to see who would be a good partner or a bad partner.
Reveals beautyRose quartz puts “rose colored glasses” on us, so that the world’s beauty can be revealed.
Decorative image of a table set for a romantic dinner

Ritual To Invoke Love

This ritual was adapted from Judy Hall’s book The Crystal Bible.


  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Amethyst crystal
  • 4 candles
  • Table covered with a silk cloth


  • Take your four candles and place them on the table in the four directions, North, South, East, and West.
  • Light the candles, asking for any deities or spirits you commune with to help protect you during this ritual.
  • Place the amethyst crystal on the table.
  • Take your rose quartz crystal into your hands and sit at the table.
  • For a moment, sit peacefully, feeling the weight and texture of the stone.
  • Close your eyes and tune into the vibrations of the crystal, allowing its energy to flow through you.
  • The energy will flow through your hands, up your arms, through your chest and into your heart.
  • Feel the crystal’s energy open your heart and expand not only with the possibility of love from others, but also with self love.
  • Sit with the feeling of this expansion. It may be uncomfortable at times, but think of it like stretching. This is good for you.
  • Say out loud, “I am a magnet of love. I welcome love into my heart.”
  • Put your rose quartz crystal on the table with your amethyst crystal.
  • Say out loud, “I welcome the love of my life.”
  • Sit for a few moments with the silence while gazing at the rose quartz and amethyst.
  • When you are ready to be done, stand up and snuff out the candles.
  • Leave the crystals on the table, or take them with you to your bed.

How To Attract A Specific Person With Rose Quartz

Attract your ideal partner using the beautiful energy of rose quartz! You can do this simply by placing a rose quartz crystal on a photo of the person you desire. The powerful energy that emanates from rose quartz will cause your intended lover to have feelings of happiness when they interact with you!

You can also use the power of positive thinking: simply hold your crystal as you imagine the person you desire coming to you and holding you, kissing you, while a pink energy surrounds you both. This will be romantic energy that fills both of you and binds you together.

Or you can use this pink crystal to transform your current partner into a more loving partner. Craft your ideal relationship and soften the heart of the person you are already with using this natural stone and the art of manifestation.

In a relationship with a lot of baggage, you can use rose quartz to bring deep healing and create a safe space for both partners to open their heart. The amazing energy of rose quartz can heal the heart, increase your sex drive, and help with acceptance of feminine energy.

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