Everyday Witchcraft

How To Deal With Witch Burnout

Witch burnout and exhaustion is a real thing, and it unfortunately drives a lot of talented witches away from the craft for years or for life! If only those exhausted witches knew there were some easy ways to come out from under that fatigue and find the beauty in witchcraft again. What leads to witch…

Everyday Witchcraft

Witch Affirmations That Work Quickly

When I first wrote about affirmations for witches, I was still pretty skeptical about them. Witch Affirmations are simple phrases that are worded to be positive and in the present tense with the goal of making a witch feel empowered, happier, and witchier than ever. They use the Law of Attraction to boost the confidence…

Everyday Witchcraft

Tips For Starting A Pagan Blog

I recently received an email from a young witch that wanted to know my tips for starting a pagan blog. I wrote them a long response, but it was admittedly chaotic at the time. I decided that, to help other witches and occultists to start their own blogs, I would organize my thoughts and expand…


Have Psychic Dreams With This Dream Bag Spell

This psychic dream spell brings crystals, herbs, and your intention together to improve your psychic abilities and open your third eye. If you don’t have all of the herbs or crystals, you can find substitutes through research, but this mixture has been the most potent in my experience.


Learn Herbalism: The 10 Best Herbalist Books

If you’re anything like me, you are dying to learn herbalism. Not only is herbalism an incredible way to deepen your witchcraft and magick expertise, but it can help you to care for and heal your family, your community, and yourself. Two of the best ways to learn herbalism is through books and videos on…

Pagan Holidays

Samhain Activities For Solitary Witches

Thinking of Samhain activities to do as a solitary witch can be hard! Solitary witches can sometimes feel more like lazy witches. It’s not that we don’t do anything for our faith and practice, it’s just that we sometimes get overwhelmed with everything we CAN do. So what are Samhain activities that solitary witches can…