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How To Become A Witch: Through Birth Or Intense Hard Work

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Chances are, if you’re visiting my website, you either are a witch or you’re looking to become a witch.

But how do you become a witch?

Are you born a witch, or can you learn how to be one through practice and education?

When I first wanted to become a witch, I was very young.

I had a very open mind, which was helpful for becoming a witch.

And open mind allows you to consider multiple points of view and belief systems. It doesn’t cause anxiety to think that others might be right.

Book Of Shadows
How To Become A Witch: Through Birth Or Intense Hard Work

Do you become a witch through birth? Or can you study and learn witchcraft? This PDF explores that topic.

Are Most Witches Hereditary Witches?

Some witches are born with intense powers. Some are born into a family of witches.

But that’s not the usual case!

Most witches are born into “normal” families and simply decide to become a witch.

They dedicate themselves to the hard work of learning about different magick systems.

How Are Witches Made?

Popular media often depicts witchcraft as something that is in the blood.

It’s passed on within witch families through many generations.

Take Charmed, for instance. Their witchcraft was passed down to them through their mother.

Or in Harry Potter, where it’s very odd for a witch or wizard to be born of Muggle parents.

In some stories, the witches are descended from one that escaped the Salem witch trials.

In others, they escaped the earlier witch hunts in Europe.

But is that a realistic representation of witches and witchcraft?

Or is there more to witchcraft than simple genetics and the random chance of birth into such a family?

The good news is, if you want to become a witch but you weren’t born into a witch family, you can still become a witch.

All you need is a willingness to work hard and study hard!

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How To Become A Witch

One can be born into a witch family (an increasingly common phenomenon now that witchcraft and paganism are very popular), and have spells and rituals passed down from parent to child.

Not having that kind of relationship, however, does not stop someone from becoming a witch.

All it takes is the time and effort to learn the craft.

The answer lies in the name of witchcraft itself.

A craft is something that one must do, practice, and learn as a skill.

Even those few born in a family with witches going back centuries, learning is a necessary part of the process.

It is true that such witch families exist, though they are incredibly rare due to persecution and the wide adoption of Christian religion and culture.

Such families pass down their spells in books or shadows or by word of mouth from parent to child.

It’s a sacred tradition for them, one that is taken very seriously. It’s also rarely shared with the outside world.

That means those traditions frequently go extinct, their lessons and magick dying with the family.

You don’t need to have such a familial relationship to the craft, however, to be a witch.

In fact, the vast majority of modern witches are self taught or taught by someone who was self taught.

All it takes to truly become a witch is time and effort, and a willingness to learn the craft.

Can Anyone Be A Witch?

If you want to become a witch, guess what! Anyone can become a witch!

Even if you don’t yet know how to tap into your magick, you have that spark within you. You can be an incredibly powerful witch.

Heck, even Tom Brady says his wife is a witch! If Gisele Bundchen is practicing witchcraft, it’s definitely more popular now than ever.

It’s not always easy to be a witch, though, and sometimes witches need to be discreet.

While attitudes around witchcraft have evolved over time and witchcraft has even become fashionable, it is still hard to be a witch in some communities.

This is even more true in other countries, where the culture is hostile to the point of murdering witches.

Still, some people find that they are born with certain abilities.

Perhaps it is an affinity for fire, or maybe a psychic ability.

These types of affinities can be honed, but not all of them can be learned by everyone.

In some cases, these abilities really are something you are born with.

An illustrated witch in a dark foggy forest

Similarly, you can ignore those abilities entirely.

The ability to see the history of an object by simply touching it can be a very uncomfortable one, so ignoring it so that it may be harder to do might be a good idea if you can’t handle it.

Perhaps you find that you are not very good at a type of magick that you were very interested in learning.

This is more common than you may think!

You should still take a year or so to try and practice that magick, be it kitchen magick, spirit work, or ceremonial magick.

But if the skill never comes to you, you may be better off finding a type of magick that works better for you naturally.

It is true that some people just don’t have the sense for any kind of magick.

For those people, they may like to try physical forms of magick that rely on ingredients over intention.

Potion magick and herbal magick are great options for such people.

Anything that is rooted in the physical rather than the spiritual may be just what they need.

Once they master those skills, more energy-based forms of magick may open up to them!

How I Became A Witch

I became a witch in middle school.

I did that by studying a lot, including starting a binder that I used as my book of shadows.

I shared information with some friends, read books, and spent a lot of time online.

A big part of my learning how to be a witch 15 years ago was actually doing spells.

I started with simple candle spells, and then found that my witch niche was intuitive magick.

I work with laser-focused intention most often, though I do also still practice magic with tools like candles and herbs.

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How Can You Become A Witch?

There’s a lot of advice out there about this topic.

Many witches are a fan of reading and learning about witchcraft for a year and a day before committing to it and actually beginning to practice.

I’m not such a huge fan of that advice. My advice is this: start small, and start now.

A simple cinnamon money tea with cinnamon sprinkled in it is one of my most potent money magick spells.

Any tea will do. Any kind of cinnamon will do.

Buy everything from the dollar store to save money if you need or want to.

It really can be that simple.

As you practice, you will learn.

As you learn, you’ll become more passionate about practicing.

Allow those two things to feed each other so that you never get bored.

I’m sorry to all who recommend reading and learning for a year and a day, but I can’t think of very much more boring than learning for that long without doing any kind of magick!

What are some easy spells you can start with? Try these:

Here’s my biggest piece of advice: the most powerful spell I’ve found is just one word tied to an intention.

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