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Becoming A Family Herbalist: How Herbal Remedies Serve Your Family

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There is much joy and wisdom to be had when you start your journey as an herbalist. Becoming a family herbalist gives you the tools to heal your family with herbal remedies even when you don’t have insurance or your doctor is out of town.

Becoming a family herbalist is important because herbal remedies and an herbal materia medica leave you prepared to help others in any situation. The family herbalist is an essential member of any community.

Every witch should learn at least the basics of making herbal remedies.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

Every person in the world should learn the basics of making herbal remedies!

From the homemaker to the construction worker, every person can find value in the healing power of plants.

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The Family Herbalist Is Never At The Mercy Of Others

When I was a new mom, I saw how scared and confused other moms were.

They didn’t know if a simple rash needed care, or if a cough meant their baby was on the brink of death.

It was a sad and scary thing to witness, but it’s understandable. New moms don’t get handed a manual that teaches them about a baby’s health.

It’s all guess work, so frequent visits to the doctor is very common.

But what of mothers without health insurance, or without a way to see the doctor more often?

Rural mothers without a car need to care for their children, too.

Learning about herbalism comes with learning about our bodies and how they work.

Through this constant process of learning, we come to understand when something needs immediate evaluation by a doctor, and when some issue is better left to resolve on its own or with herbal support.

So while I always urge new moms to call their doctor or visit when they are scared or concerned, knowing that you are not at the mercy of that doctor’s availability can calm everyone’s nerves.

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She Cares About Informed Consent

It’s unfortunate that some allopathic doctors don’t care enough about informed consent.

I have heard so many stories of women that felt pushed to agree to a medical intervention without knowing what it was or what it entailed.

I experienced this lack of interest in my informed consent when I was pregnant, too. I look back at those experiences and I am so mad at myself for not standing up for my rights.

A good family herbalist makes decisions based on facts and knowledge rather than fear and manipulation, which leads to a healthier family in the end.

And when you know that you have other options, you are more likely to take your time and consider whether you should actually consent to a procedure or not.

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The Family Herbalist Blesses Her Family

There are few blessings greater than being able to care for a sick family member.

When your husband has a cold but he can’t afford to skip work, he knows he can turn to his family herbalist, and she will have a remedy ready for him.

Herbal remedies also help her children by strengthening their growing and developing immune systems, making them healthier as adults.

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The Family Herbalist Helps Her Community

I am sure you know many people in your neighborhood that cannot afford health insurance or doctor’s visits.

If not, you likely know someone with an ongoing condition that isn’t being helped by conventional medicine.

Once the family herbalist branches outside of her home and connects with her community, she will quickly find that she is called on to help those in need.

You can be a real blessing to those that cannot find help elsewhere.

This kind of activity not only helps the individual, but it brings the community together.

As neighbors grow to trust their local herbalist, they come to know one another as well.

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Herbal Remedies Are A Great Side Hustle

While I do recommend offering some herbal help for free, for those in need, herbalism can also be a great side hustle that brings in money that can be invested or used to pay household bills.

What many herbalists choose to do is simply accept donations, thereby allowing others to pay what they are comfortable paying.

Others have a sliding scale based on income and other factors.

Choose what works best for you, and you will surely bring in enough money to cover the supplies for your herbalist crafts plus some.

Charging for your work also shows others that your work has real value.

It’s unfortunate, but something given for free is often taken for granted.

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The Family Herbalist Is Connected With Nature

These days you rarely run into someone that loves to be outside. We are becoming sicker as we become less attached to the earth.

This isn’t some woo I’m spouting here: Spending time outside is good for us.

Becoming an herbalist includes spending time outside and learning to listen to nature.

Gardening is just the beginning. Foraging and simply sitting in nature will make you a better herbalist as well as a healthier, happier person.

Connecting with nature is a revolutionary act that upsets the status quo of “work – eat – sleep – consume – die”.

When you connect with nature again, you step outside of the unhealthy consumerist cycle that is driving all of us to heart attacks and detaching us from the world and one another.

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The Family Herbalist Empowers Others To Learn About Their Body And Their Rights

A good family herbalist is intent on teaching others how to take control of their own lives, health, and bodies.

When everyone in your community knows they have the right to heal themselves, the whole community takes a step closer to resilience and self sufficiency.

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Family Herbalists Model A Spirit Of Constant, Joyful Learning

Kids learn a lot of things by copying what we do.

When mom and dad spend time learning new things every day, kids learn that education doesn’t stop at school or at a certain age.

Family herbalists must always be curious and looking for more information on how to improve the lives of others around her.

This active learning will inspire not only her own children, but their friends as well, to continue learning for the rest of their lives.

As you fill out your herbal materia medica, you are creating a resource for generations of learning.

A well laid out materia medica will be passed down for generations.

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The Best Books For The Family Herbalist

I recently expanded by own collection of books on herbalism.

I love these books and now that I have them, I could never part with the information within them.

If you are interested in learning more about herbalism, or at least having that information ready when you need it, these books should be on your shelves.

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