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Beginner Witch Research Topics eBook – Learn How To Become A Witch

You have no idea how simple it can be to become a witch…

YOU can become a witch, and it’s easier than ever! Find all the tips you need for self-directed at home learning about witchcraft in this affordable eBook.

Learn how to:

• Become a Witch with information on Sabbats, moon phases and other things you’ll need to know!
• Incorporate witch symbolism, color magic, crystals, divination and more into your tools and spells.
• Create and cast your own spells.
• Create a witchcraft journal to use as a guide for yourself, to make sense of your journey.

And much more!

This 99 cent eBook is exactly what you need to make the most of being a witch, whether you’re just beginning or have been practicing for years.

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Witches of all kinds will benefits from the tips in this book.

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Discover all of the topics that a witch needs to know.

Will you learn about the history of witchcraft? Or would you rather start by learning simple spells?

When you finish reading this eBook, you’ll be ready to crack open your book of shadows and start taking notes right away!

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