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5 Tailwind Tribes For Pagans, Wiccans, And Other New Age Bloggers

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It’s no secret that Tailwind is the secret to my success on Pinterest. Running a blog on witchcraft can be a disaster if you can’t find the right way to advertise your posts. Tailwind makes advertising on Pinterest simple and allows me to schedule many posts to Pinterest all at once.

Why should you join the Tailwind tribes below? If you run a new age, pagan, or witch blog, then these Tailwind tribes will help you to reach more people. Members of these tribes will repin your pins in exchange for you pinning theirs, meaning you will be able to reach their followers!

Tailwind and their tribes is how I grew my Pinterest account to over 10k followers in one year of blogging (even after taking a break from blogging for months!) The majority of my website traffic still comes from Pinterest, too!

So if you want to reach more people on Pinterest, you should join Tailwind today and join these tribes, too.

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Earth Based Spirituality: Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft Tailwind Tribe

This is my Tailwind tribe, recently started. My goal is to be an active admin, and of course I will repin content often!

About this Tribe:

New age, earth based spirituality posts. Products, blog posts, podcasts, and Youtube videos welcome. Focus on sharing your best, most beautiful pins.

Tribe rules:

  • Pin 2:1. For every pin you share, repin at least 2 pins from others.
  • Only pins about new age, pagan-related religions and practices are welcome. These include posts about: tarot, witchcraft, chakras, spells, paganism, wicca, crystals, divination, reiki, energy work, numerology, astrology, etc.
  • Please share only your best pins. Long pins work best. Look at some templates for Canva if you need help making prettier pins.
  • Be respectful to all members.
  • Inactive members will be removed. Please check back every month or so at least to share.
  • All posts must be directly related to earth based or new age spirituality topics. Please don’t share posts like “how to work from home” or recipes unrelated to these religions.
  • Include a title and description with all shared pins. Pins without a title and description may be removed.

Join this Tailwind tribe now

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Spirit with Siobhan Tailwind Tribe

About this Tribe:

Pin anything related to spirituality – but please make sure your pins do not contain violence or full frontal nudity. You can pin about: – witchcraft – Wicca, Asatru and other Pagan religions or beliefs – Psychics – Chakras – Tarot – Oracle Cards – Crystals – Meditation – Spirits – Essential Oils and anything that can conceivably fit! NOTE: This is NOT a diet or exercise (barring yoga and other meditative movement) Tribe, nor a business tribe. Pins that don’t fit will be deleted, and repeated rule breakers removed. Please play fair!

Tribe rules:

  • Unlimited pinning per day
  • You MUST pin 1:1, anyone not following this will be removed
  • Please pin no more than one pin per blog post, per week
  • Please wait a week before reposting the same pin

Join this Tailwind tribe now

Basic Witches Tailwind Tribe

About this Tribe:

All things witchcraft, crystals, tarot, essential oils, etc.

Tribe rules:

  • Unlimited pinning!
  • For every pin that you post, please repin one from someone else.
  • Please don’t spam the board with your content.
  • Relevant pins only.

Join this Tailwind tribe now

Decorative image of a woman typing on a laptop

Witchy Women Bloggers & Soulpreneurs Tailwind Tribe

About this Tribe:

Witchy Women supporting each other in blogging & spiritual business. This group is More Pagan than New Age. Topics include: Witchcraft, Paganism, New Age, Tarot, Astrology, Divination, Magick, Goddess Worship, Blogging, Spiritual Business, Soulpreneurs, Womenpreneurs, Pinterest tips, Instagram Tips, intersectional feminism, Dianic Witchcraft.

Tribe rules:

For every pin you submit, it is expected that you pin one from the Tribe. This is meant to be a supportive tribe to promote women & their spiritual business ventures. Hence, it goes without saying that one of the business owners MUST be female. No disrespect to males, but this is meant for witchy goddess-loving women promoting each other in our spiritual business ventures.

Join this Tailwind tribe now

“New Age” Bloggers and Sellers Tailwind Tribe

About this Tribe:

Metaphysical, Pagan, New Age, Lightworkers, Energy Workers, Shamans, Wiccan, Neo-Pagan, Witches, Angel Workers, Healers, Psychics, Spiritualists, and so many others fall under the umbrella of “New Age.” If you blog about—or sell products related to—the above, welcome!

Tribe rules:

  • Don’t submit duplicate pins more than once a week.
  • Try to submit only a few pins at once so we have a good mix of people.
  • Share on a 1:1 ratio (or always share more than you submit)
  • Please follow good pin guidelines (portrait orientation; large, easy-to-read text; visually pleasing; good keyword-rich descriptions with hashtags; etc.) This is good for everyone, your pin will be shared more.
  • Only submit “evergreen” content. That means nothing that is seasonal or time sensitive (sales etc.). Let’s make sure content is always share-worthy.

Join this Tailwind tribe now

Are You Running A Niche Blog About New Age Topics?

Signing up for Tailwind and joining one or all of these tribes will be your best bet to get traffic, fast. Pinterest loves content about witchcraft and paganism, so if you can get your posts to their feeds, you will grow your site quickly.

So go ahead, join Tailwind today and join one of these tribes. Especially my Tailwind tribe!

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