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Best Starter Crystals For Protection: Correspondences For Protection

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Since we are now in the dark part of the year, I thought it was important to write up a list of the best starter crystals for protection.

The best starter crystals with correspondences for protection are Black Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Pyrite, Malachite, Fluorite, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black Jade, Smithsonite, Jet, Labradorite, Apache Tea, Infinite, Staurolyte, and Spirit Quartz. You’ll read more about them below.

These crystals obviously have more than just correspondences for protection. They will fight off unwanted energy, help you to set boundaries, and strengthen your inner will.

I love working with crystals and learning how to best utilize their energy. If you feel the same, read on and learn more with me!

Clear quartz on a peach background
Choose the right crystals to fight off energy vampires in relationships and at work.

Why Use Crystals For Protection

Protective crystals can help you deal with and avoid stress. Some of them make outside energy bounce off of you, so you’re not effected by it. Other protective crystals absorb that energy instead.

Instead of choosing one or the other variety, you should try to choose both. That way you can protect yourself from any energetic attack.

Crystals also help us to conserve our energy. Instead of tiring ourselves out with spells for protection and warding, we can rely on crystals to do the work for us.

They are easy to wear and carry. You can either wear the crystals on a ring or necklace, or simply carry some in your purse or pocket.

That means that you can inconspicuously protect yourself from outside influences easily, no matter where you are.

Crystals are also great for helping us to set boundaries and strengthen our resolve. Many of the secondary correspondences for these crystals include inner strength, increasing our willpower, and setting up healthy boundaries.

When you can set up those boundaries, you are less susceptible to psychic attack or bad vibes.

Purple crystal clusters
There are many protection stones for empaths. Make sure to choose the right ones.

What Are You Protecting Yourself From?

Do you know what you’re trying to protect yourself from with these crystals? Even the best starter crystals for protection are useless if they don’t have a purpose.

Consider some of the possibilities listed below, and keep them in mind when you choose the right crystals for you.

Negative Energy

We all know that negative energy can screw up your magical work and just make your life worse.

Almost all of the crystals listed below will help you to fight off this negative energy.

Bad energy can come from people, entities, or even from objects with a negative history. This is especially a problem for empaths, who feel emotions and energies more acutely than others.

Aquamarine cluster
These crystals are great energy vampire protection.

Energy Vampires

Sounds spooky, right? Energy vampires are simply people that thrive off of and suck up the energy from other people.

Most of them don’t do it on purpose. They’re like empaths, but instead of being overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of others, they feed off of them.

If you want to avoid giving your energy to these people, the crystals below will block their attempts at siphoning your energy.

Negative Spirits

Ghosts, malevolent fairies, and even demons can sometimes turn their attention to us witches. Because we are tapped into powerful magic, they like to torment us or steal our energy.

Crystals with correspondences for protection stop these entities in their tracks.

If you are reaching out to deities, it is very important that you protect yourself with crystals and other protective spells. Negative entities like to disguise themselves as deities like Hekate, Hera, Lucifer, and Zeus.

A naïve or beginner witch might fall under the spell of these negative entities, which leads to things like young witches believing they are married to deities. In fact, they are usually being sucked dry by some ghost or demon.

Yellow crystals on a table
Learn how to arrange crystals in your home for protection, abundance, and more.

Curses And Hexes

This is what most people think they need to protect themselves from. While curses and hexes are much more rare than some seem to think, it is still a good idea to protect yourself from them.

Protective crystals like the ones below will either absorb the curses or reflect them back to whoever sent them.

Backfiring Spells

We all deal with backfiring spells from time to time. If you want a leg up in dealing with this annoyance, protect yourself from them with charmed jewelry, protective crystals, and protective spells.

Because these spells were cast by you, you will probably still feel some of the effects of it backfiring.

Think of these protections as your white blood cells: when you get an infection that acts like something natural in your body, your white blood cells don’t fight it off as well.

Amethyst, quartz, and rose quartz crystals
If you’re feeling drained around someone, they may be an energy vampire that is pulling energy from others.

Crystals With Correspondences For Protection

Now we can get to what you came here for: the crystals.

Remember to consider all of the correspondences that these crystals have. Some will be better suited for your situation than others.

Black Tourmaline

Guard yourself from psychic attacks, negative energy, and even EMF radiation with black tourmaline.

This crystal will also help you to release fear and anxiety that is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

This is an essential crystal to shield yourself from energy vampires.

Fluorite crystals
How to deal with energy vampires? Protect yourself from them. Choose the right gemstones for love and protection.

Black Kyanite

This healing crystal helps to clear chakra blockages and opens new pathways in our lives.

Black Kyanite creates a barrier around you to protect your own psychic abilities. It acts like barbed wire around your aura for fierce protection.


Pyrite protects us from negative energy by shielding us. The negative energy thus bounces away from us and hopefully back to whoever sent it.

This crystal also protects us from environmental dangers and enhances our strong minds and willpower.

Yellow crystals in a sunset
Protection crystals for empaths are very important to avoid becoming emotionally overwhelmed.


When you are dealing with negative entities, turn to malachite for protection.

This crystal is also great for increasing your psychic powers, improving creativity, and putting up a protective barrier around you.


Fluorite will protect you from mind control and other outside influences.

Keep fluorite with you when contacting deities to avoid a malevolent entity attaching to you.

It also purifies and cleanses the physical body.

Rose quartz and other crystals on a flat lay with a taurus journal
You can make your own negative energy protection necklace with the right stones.


Carnelian’s powerful relationship with the fire element will burn away all negative energy sent your way.

It will stop those that wish you ill, drive away evil, and guard yourself from those that would try to read your mind.

My Pick
Tiny Carnelian Ring

Sparkly with shine from a multiple day tumble hand created using solid sterling silver round wire that is hand formed cut and soldered. Then a solid pure silver bezel is hand shortened to expose the gorgeous nature of this simple yet elegant gemstone.

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Clear Quartz

Clear quartz protects those that hold or wear it from anyone that doesn’t mean you well.

It will naturally banish negative energy so that you can keep your own vibes up.

This is also a great protection stone for your home. Placing clear quartz by your windows and doors will lend strong protection from negative energy.

Angel aura crystal clusters
The right crystals can protect you at work, protect you from jealousy, and more.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian jewelry is a stunning gothic choice. It will also protect you from lies and those that want to harm you.

Black obsidian properties reveal the truth of any situation. Wearing black obsidian will also cause you to be more truthful.

Black Jade

Black jade helps to hide you from those that would seek to harm you. From entities to people, this crystal will block you from their sights.

This is a grounding and healing stone, as well, so it is perfect for those that have been harmed by others.