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6 Easy Ways To Break A Magic Curse Or Hex

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Do you need to break a magic curse or hex? Is your life out of control and you can’t figure out why? Maybe you’ve got bad luck or a curse hanging over your head. Hexes and curses are real. You can break them by purifying yourself of negative energy.

If you are under a curse or hex, then you need to break it by using your own power. You can do this by using the right ingredients in curse-breaking spells. You can also ask the gods or ancestors for help, or use simple folk remedies like egg cleanses and magical poppets.

Methods to break a magic curse or hex. Woman holding a candle with black nails. A white star and moon are painted on one nail.

My first step when I suspect I’ve been cursed is a simple shower. For weaker curses cast by inexperienced witches, this should be enough to banish the bad energy. However, stronger curses sometimes require more specific spells to remove them.

I have found that casting these spells works best if you get rid of any objects associated with the person you think cursed you, such as gifts, pictures, etc., before casting the spell. This will prevent the curse from being recharged through contact with the object.

Negative energies are pretty easy to banish! It’s all about not giving the black magic spells any of your own energy to keep it fed, while increasing the positive energy around you. Try one of these remedies below and you’ll probably feel a lot better almost instantly.

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What Is A Curse

Hexes are spells cast on other people with malevolent intent. These are usually more formal than curses. A curse can be generational or personal and either can be broken.

A curse is a spell that causes harm to its target. There are many types of curses, but most can be grouped into two categories: entropy and chaos. Entropy curses increase the likelihood of harm to their targets. Chaos curses cause random events to occur.

Some people who use magick use it to dispense justice, regardless of the ethical considerations. The specific curse may be retributive and the caster often loves to make the punishment fit the crime.

So if the target is a thief, they will be stolen from. If you find yourself constantly being victimized by “your own medicine,” maybe you should look around for a nearby witch with a good-guy attitude.

Lemons. Lavender. Skulls. A book of shadows.

Remove Curses With Lemon And Sea Salt

This simple curse removal uses the cleansing and brightening energy of lemons with the banishing and cleansing properties of salt. 

All you have to do is cut your lemon in half, sprinkle it with sea salt on each half, and then sweep your whole body with each half one at a time. This will cleanse your aura and draw the negative energy into the lemon instead.

You obviously don’t want to keep that bad energy around you, so to finish this healing spell make sure to throw away that lemon! It’s as simple as throwing it in the trash.

You should feel better after just one time using this spell, but I’ve seen it suggested to do this for a week, 12 days, or 13 days. Do it as long as you think you need to rid yourself of the evil spirits and curses around you.

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Use Salt Water Baths To Break A Hex

Bath spells are very common for breaking curses. Bath magick is perfect for any form of spiritual cleansing. To perform this bath spell, you’ll need a few items:

  • 1 cup epsom salt
  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • A glass of water

It’s best to do this at night, during a waning moon. The waning moon has magical correspondences such as withdrawal, banishment, and removal of things from your life.

Stir counterclockwise as you add the salts and baking soda to a bath. Hold your hands in prayer pose before entering the tub, then visualize the water as filled and surround with blinding white light.

Get in the tub and stay in to soak for at least a half hour. Bath magick can be very dehydrating, so the glass of water will help you to stay hydrated and remove negative energy deep within you.

Once you’re done soaking, get out of the tub and dry off completely. Ask the moon to finish cleansing you of any curses and negative energy overnight. Mixing lunar magick and bath magick makes this spell especially powerful!

There are several ways to use sea salt to achieve magical results. Sea salt is a very cleansing and protective element in magic and has been used for a very long time for this purpose. The sea is also connected to the moon, so this increases the link between your banishing bath and lunar magick.

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Banish Negative Energy With The Help Of Your Gods, Angels, Or Ancestors

For many curses, it’s as simple as asking the entities and deities around you for their help. Prayer really can cause miracles! Whether it’s a demonic spirit or just and experienced spell caster causing you problems, your spirit guides, deities, angels and ancestors all want to help.

If you suspect an experienced spell caster has send black magic your way, pray to whoever or whatever you work with to remove the curse, bless you, and send the curse back to the witch.

If you suspect it’s a demonic spirit messing with you, the entities you work with should be able to help you with that too! If they can’t, try another entity or deity.

The more prayers you say, the easier it will be. It’s best to work prayer into your everyday life if you can, to build a very strong relationship with the entities you work with. The stronger the relationship, and the better you maintain it with love and attention, the more the gods and spirits can do for you.

In magic, if you work with spirits, prayer is always as good as a spell. Just make sure you maintain a healthy relationship with all of those guides. Don’t forget to thank them when they help you!

A big selenite wands. Hanging herbs by a window. A crystal ball. White candles. An animal skull. A witch.

Use A Selenite Wand For Spiritual Cleansing

Selenite is a great crystal for cleansing the body and your house of negative energy and black magic. To begin, open your window so that the negativity has somewhere to go. Many witches have the bad habit of keeping the window closed when they cleanse, which just infects their house with what they’re trying to remove.

Once the window is open, sweep the selenite wand over your body and then in one motion, out the window. This will push the bad juju out the window and away from you.

Once you’ve done this to your satisfaction, shut your window and take another crystal of your choice. Sweep it over your body with a blessing intention. For instance, rose quartz would be best for an intention of self love or new love. 

Choose a crystal that fits your needs and fills the spiritual “hole” left by the curse. If you think the curse was infecting your business, a crystal meant for abundance like fool’s gold or citrine would be a good choice.

Selenite is a mineral with a variety of uses. Selenite has been used for thousands of years due to its healing properties. This stone is associated with psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy. In addition, selenite is also considered to be protective against evil spirits and negative energies.

Selenite is said to be a powerful healer and helps to balance emotions. Selenite is believed to help with depression, anxiety, grief, stress, anger, fear, confusion, and loneliness. Selenite is also said to help with insomnia, nightmares, and sleep disorders.

Eggs. Books. Skulls. Magic potions.

Limpia Con Huevo Or Spiritual Egg Cleansing To Remove The Evil Eye And Other Curses

The evil eye is one of the most common curses in the world. It is believed that the evil eye is caused by envy, jealousy, hatred, anger, resentment, or malice. In addition to this, there are many different types of evil eyes. Some people believe that the evil eye is a type of magic spell cast by someone who wants to harm you. Others believe that the evil eye comes from the devil himself. There are many ways to get rid of the evil eye. 

One popular way to remove the evil eye and other curses is to use spiritual egg cleansing. This egg cleanse, or limpia con huevo, will suck all the bad energy away from you and into the egg. 

The way I do this is by standing in front of my altar and asking my deities to put all curses into the egg. Then I rub the egg up and down my body, focusing on any areas where there is pain or a feeling of unease.

Then I say, three times:

“May all negative energies, curses and hexes leave me now!”

Once I feel that the egg has taken all it can, I then get a jar of water and crack the egg into it. From there, I read the egg to see what was afflicting me.

This is more of an art than a science, but generally spikes in the water represent curses taken from you. The different shapes can be read. You may see a grim reaper, a flower, or even a baby in the water.

Once you’re finished inspecting the egg in the water, flush it down the toilet to get rid of it.

When I do spiritual egg cleansing, I feel literal chills as I rub the egg around my body. I don’t know why there’s such a strong reaction, but I’m not the only one who has said this!

A poppet or voodoo doll. Burning sigils. Herbs. A blurry witch.

Using A Magical Poppet To Banish Negative Magick

A poppet is a small doll made from clay, wax, paper, cloth, wood, etc., used in witchcraft rituals. A poppet was often given life through magic spells. It could represent anything from a person to an animal to an object. In some cases, a poppet would be made to represent a spirit who had died and needed to be avenged.

The poppets were sometimes kept in a box, cradle, or casket. Some witches believed that if they did not keep their poppets close to them, they would lose their powers.

You can use a magical poppet to represent you, and this doppelganger will take on any spells directed at you. 

To make a poppet to redirect baneful magic sent your way, sew a small doll. When you stuff it with cotton, include an item to represent you. This could be a photo, a small trinket, jewelry, or anything tied to your energy. 

Once you’ve done this, take the doll to a mirror and, looking into its eyes in the reflection, chant: “This doll is me, and all evil I receive goes into it.”

Leave the doll somewhere safe and it will absorb all the negative magick sent your way. You’ll probably notice any bad dreams or bad luck you’ve been experiencing go away pretty fast after!

White and black candles. Runes on amethyst stones. A potion. A wet altar.

Burn White And Black Candles To Remove Evil Forces

Black is associated with death, evil, and darkness. It represents the absence of light, which is why it is often used to represent night. In some cultures, black is associated with mourning and grief.

White represents purity, innocence, spirituality, light, truth, goodness, peace, love, harmony, balance, and unity. It is associated with the moon, stars, angels, and God. White is the color of the soul.

In candle magic, you can mix these two colors to absorb negative influences while filling the space with positivity and blessings.

All you need to do is burn a white candle and a black candle near one another. Say a prayer before them, explaining what you wish to be rid of and what you wish to gain. Let the candles burn all the way out, never blow them out or your spell may not be completed.

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What Happens If You Can’t Break The Curse?

If you find that the bad luck or evil energy around you isn’t alleviated by any of these methods, it may be time to turn to an experienced spell caster. A more advanced witch will be able to diagnose and banish whatever energy is plaguing you.

There’s also the chance you aren’t cursed at all, but it’s just fate or a string of random bad luck. Focusing on blessing spells for yourself should help if this is the case.

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