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Why You Should Go Out And Buy A New Crystal Right Now

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Sure, maybe your bedroom sparkles in the sunlight because of the many quartz crystals and amethysts you have lying around. Or maybe your pillow is feeling a little lumpy because of the obsidian stones you have in your pillow case.

But there are plenty of good reasons to go out and buy a new crystal even if you already have too many. First of all, there’s no such thing as too many crystals. Second of all, crystals have many benefits that can improve your life, your career, and your relationships!

A woman holding crystals in her hand
Holding crystals in your hand can have many benefits

You Can Increase Your Energy With Crystals

Katey Miller is a local witch that specializes in sacred stones. She says that “Crystals absorb, store, amplify and radiate out energies” which means that crystals can be useful for dealing with emotions as well as for spell work.

You can use them to help increase your day-to-day energy level and also use them to help with things like anxiety and sleep. “Crystals amplify our intentions,” which is why they’re so useful in healing practices. They’re more efficient at healing than you might think! This makes crystals essential for healing.

pendulum and crystals on wood
Many occultists and witches use crystals in their spiritual practices.

Crystals Help With Spirituality

Crystal stones can be used for different purposes in sacred rituals, magic and spells. The stone may be used for protection, attracting love or money, opening a portal to other worlds, or healing. “Crystals are used in many rituals for protection and to banish unwanted spirits, or to draw in positive energies,” said Miller.

They’re also used in spells and magical workings to help you get the outcome you want. For example, you can use amethysts as a tool for lucid dreaming. Or you can use a rose quartz to draw sweet, romantic love to you. Citrine can be used to conjure money into your life.

Crystals Can Help With Depression And Stress

Because crystals absorb and store energy, they can also help with depression and anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious about something happening at work or at home then you may want to try using clear quartz or selenite stones in your area for a few days to get them out of the way!

Selenite crystals have been used in witchcraft to help you deal with stress and anxiety. Selenite works by absorbing negative energy around you, so that you can relax. It’s good to use selenite for protection because it can help protect you from everyday stress that we all experience. Just make sure it doesn’t burn or get wet, as it can be toxic if it does.

quartz pendulum and stones on the chest of a woman going through spiritual healing
Heal your chakras and find peace with healing crystals

Crystals Can Be Used For Healing Practices

There are many different crystals that can be used for healing practices like meditation and reiki. “Amethyst crystals, which are violet stones, are the most popular crystals used for healing,” said Miller. “Amethyst crystals have been called the ‘stone of spirituality’ so they’re very useful to have around if you do a lot of spiritual work.”

Amethysts are especially good for meditation because it helps with things like lucid dreaming and astral travel. The crystal works by encouraging calmness and tranquility so it’s a great crystal to use if you’re feeling stressed out or anxious about something. If you’re looking to get into lucid dreaming, then amethysts can be a big help! Remember to hold the crystal in the palm of your hands as you fall asleep to help you on your way.

Another healing crystal you might try is lapis lazuli, which is used in witchcraft for healing and protection.

Crystals Can Help With Career Problems

Crystals can be used in all types of careers. For example, you might want to try using amber stones for success in school or business. Amber is also good for increasing your thinking skills when studying or writing papers.

When there are problems with coworkers, crystals like rose quartz can help to calm things down and open up the paths of communication. Rose quartz is a good crystal to have around the office. It helps you feel peaceful and it’s great as an energy cleanser, so it can help you get rid of negative energy in the work space to make it more productive.

A woman with a thumb ring holding a pink rose, a quartz crystal egg, and a rose quartz crystal egg.
Rose quartz is one of the most romantic crystals

Crystals Are Helpful In Relationships

Crystals that emit positive energies can be really helpful for your love life! The most used crystal for romance is a rose quartz ball. Rose quartz does a number of things for you when it comes to love! For example, it helps raise your mood, brings in abundance and makes you feel happier about yourself.

Another crystal that is perfect for improving relationships is aventurine, which has magical correspondences like increasing feelings of love, kindness and compassion. Aventurine is also helpful for getting rid of arguments and stress.

Crystals Can Fire Up Your Sexuality

Romantic magick is an ancient tradition that has so many benefits for you, and it can help to make your life better! If you’re not practicing romantic magick then you’re missing out on a lot of prosperous things in your life.

If you need to spice things up in the bedroom, consider bringing in fiery carnelian crystals. They can help you feel more passionate about your partner and open up your root chakra.

You Can Never Have Too Many Crystals

Now that you have many reasons to own crystals, I hope you will be going out and buying more of them! Crystals are so great for helping you with your everyday problems! All it takes is a few stones to get started, and soon you’ll have a whole collection.

Which crystals are your favorite?

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