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Call on Hekate To See The Future This Samhain

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See the future with the help of the witch’s goddess, Hekate.

Samhain is upon us, and one of the activities that witches do on this spooky holiday is try to divine the future.

Samhain is a time when we are all in a liminal space.

The veil between our realm and the realm of spirits and ghosts becomes thinner.

That makes divination and communication with spirits much easier than during other times of the year.

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Why Hekate Will Help You See The Future

Hekate is the patron goddess of witches and psychics.

On one hand, this is because she is a powerful witch herself.

But she can help us see the future for another reason.

Hekate is the goddess of paths and doorways, including those of our fates.

She knows all of the doors that are open and shut for us. She tries to guide us to the right ones.

And she can let us peak through the ones we are heading towards.

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Why You Should Have Hekate Help You See The Future

The first few times you try to divine the future, it can be scary.

Heck, it can even be downright dangerous.

Who knows how many entities there could be out there, waiting for you to open a door so that they can come in and ruin your life.

Hekate is a very protective deity, one that will keep you safe as she guides you through your ritual to see the future.

Having a guide like this is priceless. Especially if you don’t have some kind of spirit guide or even a human to help guide you.

You should still protect yourself in whatever way you can.

This can be done by drawing a circle, burning incense, cleansing the room you’re in with bells or singing bowls.

Or it can be done with a protection spell.

The point is, you don’t want to go into any psychic spell without someone or something keeping you safe.

Asking Hekate to guide you is one way to protect yourself from psychic attack.

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Ask Hekate To Help You See The Future

This spell asks Hekate to protect you while you try to see the future. Hekate’s power is especially strong at this time of year.

This spell does not need to be done on Halloween, as Samhain is more of a season than a specific day.

You can perform this spell until mid-November and have exceptional results.

The veil between realms is very thin until we come out of the liminal state of Samhain and enter Yule season.

Because of the thinner veil, it is easier to see the future through divination methods.

Before performing this spell, remember that divining the future isn’t straightforward.

You will have to notice signs, omens, and thoughts bubbling up from within you.

You can strengthen your intuition by carrying crystals like amethyst or by making a tea with herbs like mugwort, black tea, and chamomile.

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Hekate Divination Spell

Hekate Divination Spell

When you perform this spell, remember to be respectful of Hekate. She is a powerful goddess and should not be blasphemed or mocked.


  • Dog statue
  • Doorway that looks out into darkness (either into a dark room or out into the dark night)
  • Black candle
  • Black mirror
  • Somewhere to hang the mirror



    1. Place the dog statue on the other side of the door so that it will guard you and stop anything evil from entering your room.
    2. This dog will be Hekate's representative during this ritual. If you hear the howling of dogs, take that as a warning and shut the door and abandon your attempt to see the future.
    3. Place the mirror directly opposite of where you will be standing, so that you will be looking into it.
      Step back into the other room and grab your candle.
    4. Light your candle and hold it while you close your eyes and prepare yourself to look into the mirror. Turn off the light in the room you are standing in. You should be in complete darkness.
    5. Before looking into the mirror, direct your energy to the dog statue. Say to it, "Hekate, through this dog statue, protect me."
    6. Listen to your intuition. If you don't feel safe, do not continue with the spell.
    7. Gaze into the mirror with half lidded eyes and allow yourself to see whatever the mirror shows you.
    8. Feel your emotions, consider every thought that pops into your head.
    9. If no images appear, go to sleep. Your visions may come to you in your dreams, instead.

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Things To Remember

Divination isn’t an exact science. Sometimes it works well, other times it doesn’t.

If you don’t get a clear vision at first, try again in a few days.

If something bad happens, or you feel a dark energy around you after doing this ritual, cleanse the space with bells and carry crystals that banish negativity.

And finally, give the spell time to work. Hekate and other spirits work on their time, not yours.

You will receive your vision when you are most receptive to it.

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