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Can Chakras Be Permanently Damaged?

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Can chakras be destroyed?

The energy of chakras can be blocked, leading us to work to unblock that vital energy.

But is there anything that can permanently damage our chakras?

There have been some reports by people that they feel a hole or an absence where one of their chakras should be.

In this case, we could call this situation a “broken” chakra, and without the proper work, it may very well be permanently broken.

Chakras are an energy source, so that energy is never destroyed but merely misplaced somewhere else in our bodies.

Those who feel they have a broken chakra will probably find that another of their chakras is actually over active at the same time.

Most of the time, though, our chakras are just in a diminished state and need to us to focus our attention on them.

If you feel that absence where a chakra should be, visiting a shaman may be a good first step.

Some shamans may be able to re-energize your chakras and bring them all back into alignment.

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What Does A Damaged Chakra Feel Like?

A damaged or diminished chakra will manifest in physical, emotional, and spiritual problems.

What chakra is damaged will change what effects you will experience.

Root chakra: Feeling stuck or sluggish, stress about your life, financial problems, self hatred, body dysmorphia

Sacral chakra: Sexual and intimacy problems, low sex drive or a fear of sex, confusion, distrust, toxic relationships

Solar plexus chakra: Powerlessness, feeling like a victim, hopelessness, stomach pains, people pleasing to a fault

Heart chakra: Fear of relationships and commitment, unable to let your guard down, holding grudges, heart disease, asthma, allergies

Throat chakra: A fear of speaking up, problems expressing emotions and thoughts, sore throats, not being heard by others

Third eye chakra: Lack of intuition, lacking a meaning for your life, indecision, no spiritual path, headaches and eyebrow tension

Crown chakra: Loneliness, aimlessness, materialism, migraines and tension headaches, feeling like the gods have abandoned you

What Can Damage Chakras?

Most often, chakras are unbalanced or damaged by not being true to ourselves.

This can happen because of abuse, trauma, or a self-imposed change in your behavior.

For instance, if we want to fit in with a new group of friends, we may try to behave more like them and less like ourselves.

This can unbalance our chakras in many way.

For instance, if you’re an introvert but pretending to be an extrovert, you can put a strain on your throat chakra and eventually deplete it of energy.

To find ways that chakras can be damaged, we should look for clues in how chakras behave.

For instance, the crown chakra can be damaged by focusing too much on the material world or shutting yourself off from other people.

The heart chakra can be damaged by holding grudges and letting your fear of commitment ruin your relationships.

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How To Heal Damaged Chakras

There are a few easy ways to balance and heal your chakras when they’re out of alignment.

The first step is to use visualization.

Go into a quiet space filled with only you.

It’s easy to get into this space by just looking at a picture or a drawing in your mind of a beautiful scene: a serene, peaceful woman at a shrine or a picture of yourself in your home or work setting, holding the same peaceful posture and attitude as you do now.

Keep the thoughts calm and let everything be peaceful. Once you’re in that space, start concentrating on a few images.

One of the first things that happens is you get the impression of everything being balanced in your space, the world and your heart.

You start to see the world and yourself, as if they all just fit in as one.

This sort of visualization is a good way to nourish your soul and chakras.

Eat healthy food. Good foods nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.

When you eat from a rainbow of foods, that helps to heal our chakras as well, since different chakras react to different colors.

A full spectrum of colors will nourish your energy and help you to connect with your higher self, and allow you to be more open to connection with your divine spark.

Regular exercise helps us to align our bodies.

Yoga is especially helpful in this because of its reminder to align our spines through all movements.

Hold crystals that correspond with the colors and purposes of the chakra you are trying to heal.

Amethyst for the third eye chakra, and rose quartz for the crown chakra are two examples.

Wear colors that correspond to the chakras you are trying to empower. Wearing red will help to heal your root chakra, and green will help to heal your heart chakra.

However, some people have different colors that correspond to their chakras.

In this case, you should use the colors that make the most sense to you and for your body.

Use sound. Listen to calming music specifically created to heal your chakras, or focus on these specific notes:

Root chakra: C

Sacral chakra: D

Solar plexus chakra: E

Heart chakra: F

Throat chakra: G

Third eye chakra: A

Crown chakra: B

Spend time in nature. Nature heals all things in the right conditions.

A quiet nature walk or picnic in the park can be enough to align your chakras over time.

If your chakras are out of alignment because of seclusion, make sure to invite friends!

Try using affirmations to help calm and center you.

Aromatherapy. Essential oils can be used to direct positive vibrations to whatever chakra is ailing.

You might also wish to use tea tree oil/chamomile to open your chakras.

This will cause more positive vibrations and a natural, gentle calming effect through your body .

Meditation. This is going to be your strongest, sharpest weapon against unbalanced and damaged chakras.

Regular visualization and meditation is easiest when done with a guided meditation.

One study even shows that loving kindness meditation can help you better connect to others.

This change is especially helpful for the throat and heart chakras.

Woman sitting in a meditative pose with chakras lit up on her body

Take Good Care Of Your Chakras

The chakras and the energy that flows in and out of the chakras are vital for our health, our spiritual progress, and for our success as human beings.

They are the natural bridge between our physical body and our higher spiritual selves and the universe as a whole.

If we are to survive as a people, as a species, and to be successful as we move towards peace and prosperity, then we must get our chakras well cared for and well nourished.

We must also develop a deep understanding of the power and function of our own subtle energy within.

What colors heal chakras? Can you use crystals to heal your unbalanced chakras? How are chakras damaged? The answers to these questions can help you to understand the basics of your physical body and of life in general. To better understand, you need to get to know how the body processes energy and energy changes. There is no one way to "heal" chakras. #chakras #chakrahealing #spirituality #boho #hippie #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca

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