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Cancer Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

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A Cancer sun (born June 21 – July 22) has a grandiose sense of importance about themselves as well as their relationships. They are likely to be described as being helpful or considerate, but they can also be manipulative and moody.

Cancerians’ deep emotions are often buried beneath layers of protection in an attempt to prevent them from being hurt. They are sensitive to criticism and thus put up a hard shell like the crabs that represent their sign.

They need to feel appreciated, treated with understanding and empathy, and they will work hard to avoid being seen as ungrateful.

They are nurturers with high levels of empathy. They often put others before themselves and would rather sacrifice their own best interests than let someone down. They may even sacrifice their ideals for the greater good of the group.

Here are 12 interesting facts about these crabby but loving people:

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A Cancer Sun Is In Tune With Their Emotions, And Yours Too

Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, these watery people will feel the flow of your emotions just as easily as they feel theirs. They are intuitive by nature, which means they will notice when your mood shifts.

Being tapped into everyone’s emotions can be hard on a Cancer, but it’s how they show their love, too. They are very in tune with human nature, even when it comes to people they don’t like.

They Prefer To Stay Comfy At Home

Going out partying will never be on a Cancer’s agenda. They prefer to stay at home in their pajamas and cuddle up with a good book or movie. They would rather stay in than travel the world, so don’t expect much adventure from these homebodies.

If you want to have a good time with a Cancer, plan a movie night or a candle lit dinner with them. Don’t expect any spontaneous trips, though a picnic at the park isn’t out of the question.

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Once A Cancer Is In A Stable Situation, They Handle Finances Well

While these crabs will freak out when finances are tight, once they have money they tend to use it responsibly. Sure, they might splurge now and then when they’re in a funk, but they’re the type to have a rainy day fund for just such a situation.

They will financially reward you by being more fiscally responsible than most other signs. They will learn how to manage money so they can provide you with comfort for years to come.

And if you try to push them to spend more than they’re comfortable with, they will be stubborn enough to stop you from making bad decisions.

Cancers Will Stress Eat, Stress Cook, And Stress Bake

Food is connected to comfort for Cancers. When times get tough, you’ll most likely find them in the kitchen. They comfort by making you a nice meal, whether you’re hungry or not.

They may also eat more ice cream, candy, chocolate, or other sugary treats to help them cope with stress. Don’t bother trying to stop them, because you’ll just stress them out even more.

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They Tend To Be Very Close To Their Moms, Or Wish They Were

For whatever reason, Cancers are more likely to be super close to their moms than other signs. They really love their moms, even when they might be a bad influence.

If a Cancer isn’t close to their mother, it can cause deep wounds that they will find it hard to recover from. They may seek out partners to mother them, which can be frustrating for their partners when they need their Cancer lovers to step up and be an adult.

Running Their Own Business Is Best For Cancers

Following orders really irritates these crabs. For a Cancer to be truly happy, they should work from home or be their own boss. If they are forced to work in a cubicle or office, they will feel stifled and annoyed.

Their efforts won’t go unnoticed, however. These workers will be appreciated for their determination and strength in the workplace. They tend to have great communication skills and pull a team together.

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Focusing Too Hard On How Everyone Else Feels Makes Them Introverted

These intuitive, empathic people will often get overwhelmed when too many people are around. They need time to unwind and quiet spaces after being around other people.

This is largely because they focus so hard on pleasing others, because they feel their emotions. When people around them are upset, Cancers will withdraw because of all the conflicting emotions that they can’t resolve.

Loyalty Is Extremely Important To These Crabs

Crabs are loyal creatures. They will stick with you if you’re kind to them. You might think they’re trying to control you, but they don’t really have any ulterior motives when they are being overprotective.

If you break their trust, though, it will be very hard to regain it. And they will remember what you did for a long time. If someone is cruel to them or their loved ones, they will not easily forget it.

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This Moon-Ruled Sign Is Extremely Intuitive

Cancerians have a great sixth sense about the world around them. They know when something bad is coming. Because they use their intuition to predict the future, they will sometimes seem impulsive.

With these powers of foresight, it’s no wonder that people trust and listen to them. They also know how to compensate for their failures because they can see right into the future and steer clear of disaster.

They are sensitive to the emotions of others and will pick up on what’s going on around them pretty quickly. You’ll have no trouble getting their attention if you’re hurting.

Cancers Can Be Moody And Withdrawn

These watery people will tend to be moody and distant when they feel stressed. If you need someone to speak their mind, Cancer is probably not the sign for you.

You’ll often be left in the dark as to what is upsetting them until they fix it on their own. If you’re friends with a Cancer, you will need to let them work it out on their own.

It’s easy for these emotionally driven individuals to get caught up in drama, but it’s hard for them to let go of the drama, too. They will need to find some middle ground and be willing to let things go if they want to stay happy.

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When Wronged, Cancers Are Very Vindictive

It’s easy for a Cancer to hold a grudge. If they feel wronged, it will be hard for them to let go of their feelings. They’ll serve their revenge cold, too, biding their time until the perfect opportunity presents itself.

This sign will dish out some hurt to those who hurt them, especially if it’s someone they love. It might seem extreme, but these crabs are capable of doing some really bad things to other people.

People Sometimes See Them As Very Suspicious

Because Cancers like to know everything about situations and their loved ones, they ask a lot of questions. This can make them seem like they are prying into your life, and might even make them seem like suspicious characters out to get you.

People see them as nosy and overly concerned with the hidden truth, but they’re actually just very aware of what’s going on in their lives. Cancers will often be the ones to start conversations about sensitive subjects with people they barely know.

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