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Candle Colors and Their Meanings In Witchcraft

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Learning candle color meanings is the first step for most beginner witches. Candle magic is a staple for all beginner witches. By merely lighting a flame, one can draw in love, increase their prosperity, and speak to the gods. But what do candle colors mean?

Different candle colors represent life and death, money and love, or the god and the goddess. Choosing the right candle color can bring your magical intention to life when doing a spell.

You can find different colored candles online or at most stores. You can even use birthday candles! So grab a few candles and give them a try after you read this article.

Purple candles and hands. What is candle magic?
Learn red, black, and white candle meanings easily with this guide.

Why Do Witches Use Candles In Magic?

Candles are a basic tool in witchcraft. Even witches in the broom closet have easy access to them.

And luckily, there are a ton of different colors of candles, so you can always find one that will work with the spell you’re doing.

Candle magick is one of the oldest and simplest forms of magick, one that beginner witches tend to start with. Many beginner books on Wicca include candle magic to increase your psychic abilities or tap into your magical power.

Some form of candle magick can be found in almost all religions and spiritual practices worldwide, even those that claim to not practice witchcraft.

Because of this ubiquity, there’s no definitive answer on when candle magick first began.

It’s a form of natural magick utilizing time and the fire element with a focused intention to direct energy towards your desire.

A colorful swirl of dust. A witch in a blue toned scene wearing a witch hat with netting. She's holding a book and a wand. In the background is an occult skull and lantern. What is color magic?
Witches use color correspondences in their magic. These color correspondences are also popular in color psychology and branding design.

What Is Color Magic?

When you use the color spectrum to change the world, that’s color magic. Color can significantly impact the world, or it can be the cause of small changes in our lives. Colors invoke a magic response wherever they are used. That can come in the form of candles, lipstick, house paint, or branding.

Color magic is an integral part of Feng Shui, for instance. By placing different colored objects in various areas of your home, you can affect the flow of money, love, and good energy.

Candles come in a million different colors, and each one has a different magical vibration. Lighting a green candle can increase creativity or the flow of prosperity. A white candle, however, cleanses and heals.

Candles in orange, green, red, black and light blue. Lotus shaped candles floating on water. Learn the meaning of candle colors.
Candles can be used in prosperity magic, protection magic, and curses.

What Do Candle Colors Mean In Witchcraft?

Each color has a different meaning and use in magick, so knowing those meanings can help you buy the right one.

Candle ColorCandle Color Meaning
White candlesWhite candles, first and foremost, can be used for all magick. They are the blank sheet you can use when no other candle seems right, or you’re out of another candle color. White represents purity, positive energy, healing, remembrance, devotion, goodwill, prayers, spiritual growth, new beginnings, peace, conversations, clarity.
Black candlesBlack candles are perfect for banishing, absorbing negativity, protection, binding, destruction, cursing, chaos magick, stopping bad habits, changing lives and situations, healing disease, invisibility, and creating confusion. Place black candles with any other candle to remove negative energies. They remove all kinds of malefic magic like curses. Black colored candles can also be used for your own black magic.
Brown candlesChoose brown candles for home protection, animal magic, stability, family, material goods, grounding, emotional stability, balance, finding lost objects, construction, real estate, and trust. Brown candles represent a connection with the earth and with material goods. Light brown candles to protect animals and pets or to rid yourself of indecisiveness. Attractive to earth elementals and earth spirits. Choose brown candles if you are selling your home or work in real estate to tap into their influence over money and the earth. If you have done something wrong, light a brown candle and leave offerings to seek forgiveness. Use brown candles when doing earth magic.
Red candlesRed is an excellent choice for love spells, lust, vital energy, strength, passion, courage, charisma, energy, vigor, anger, eliminating pessimism, revenge, and determination. Red candles are used in spells for power over others and for passionate love. Use red candles to achieve your fame goals, win in legal battles, defeat political opponents, and draw in good luck. Burn a red candle with a black candle to return curses and malefic magic back to whoever sent it. Before you go for a job promotion, light a red candle, as it represents aggressive and self-centered energy that can make you seem more confident and competent.
Pink candlesUse pink candles for romantic love, emotional healing, friendship, caring, respect, attractiveness, understanding, reconciliation, spiritual love, sensitivity, protection of children, nurturing, self-love, beauty, glamor spells, sensuality, compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Burn pink candles during meditation to foster unconditional love for yourself and others. Hot pink candles are great for long term relationships that need to be spiced up. Dark pink candles represent flirtation and sexual confidence.
Orange candlesYou can invoke ambition, creativity, winning, and success with orange candles, new opportunities, justice, and positivity. It is a fabulous color for career spells or spells to assert your strength and individuality. Light an orange candle to lend yourself some energy. If you’re drained or too tired to work, an orange candle can help. These candles are excellent for career spells, spells for physical strength, and when you need to assert yourself. Increases happiness and enthusiasm.
Yellow candlesYellow candles are the choice for spells for intelligence, creativity, travel, charisma, imagination, focus, serenity, success at school, communication, focus, and intuition. Yellow candles help to strengthen your focus and can be used during meditation for that purpose. Associated with the air element, these candles open lines of communication with other people and with the gods and spirits around us. Burn a yellow candle to increase your success at school.
Green candlesGreen candles are the perfect choice for money spells, but they can be used for spells of growth, health, luck, rejuvenation, fertility, emotional healing, and nature too. Green candles represent the direction north and the earth element. These candles can be paired with brown candles to increase material gain and financial success. Green candles also heal our souls and calm our minds. A fun way to use these candles is in spells to create (or banish) jealousy in others.
Blue candlesUse blue candles for peace, patience, emotional healing, manipulation, truth, psychic awareness, organization, forgiveness, justice, and to hide the truth from others. Blue candles help to banish nightmares and anxiety. Light blue candles are associated with peace, tranquility, and calm. Light blue candles for harmony in your family or to emotionally heal from trauma. These candles will reveal the truth and help you pursue justice. Connected with the water element, these candles can help you work with spirits like undines and mermaids.
Purple candlesPurple candles are great for psychic powers, divination, astral travel, wishes, invocations, spiritual cleansing, seeking ancient wisdom, ambition, power, and authority. Purple is the color of royalty, psychic abilities, and mysteries. Purple should be used during meditation, whether by holding a purple amethyst or wearing the color purple. Light purple candles when you want to make others respect and honor you. They will also reduce stress and make divination easier.
Silver candlesSilver candles are associated with the moon and can be used for spells for psychic receptivity, love, rest, dreaming, healing, and represents goddesses. Do a candle spell with silver-colored candles to invoke feminine energy and female deities.
Gold candlesGold candles are associated with the sun and are useful for spells of confidence, willpower, optimism, generosity, and this candle can be used to represent gods. Do a candle spell with gold candles when you want to invoke a male deity.
A ledge with dark witchy candles in black, yellow, and white. on the wall is a homemade pentagram decor. Rustic candles on a table. A book with occult teachings about witchcraft or alchemy. A rusty key. A parchment paper and feather. A white candle that looks like it's bleeding. How to use candles in witchcraft.
Mix and match candle colors for powerful spellcasting.

Different Ways To Use Candles

Using candles for witchcraft is as simple as learning their correspondences. For instance, if you are doing a love spell to make your romance last for a long time, a pink candle should be used.

This is because pink candles help to return lost love, increase self-love, and foster the long-lasting feelings of love needed for a decades-long romance.

Candle spells come in many different forms. They can be used in more extensive rituals, or you can simply burn a candle. Here are some more ways to use candles in your witchcraft:

  • Burn sigils over a candle flame. Sigils can be powered up by burning. Increase the power of your sigils with a colored candle that fits its purpose.
  • Use the flame to focus your thoughts in meditation.
  • Practice your magic power by trying to control the movement of the candle flame.
  • Burn candles as a way to send out your wishes. This is the simplest candle spell. Make a wish while lighting the candle, and voila! Spellcasting has never been easier!
  • Carve your wishes into candles for easy spells. You can carve sigils or whole sentences into your candles before burning them.
  • Meditate with candles to increase your psychic power and focus.
  • Burn offerings to the gods with the flame of a candle. This is an effortless way to increase your relationship with the gods.
  • Read the wax for divination. How the wax melts can help tell the future!
  • Mix candle magic and essential oils by dressing the candles with them. All you must do is take some of the essential oil in your hands and rub the candle with it! This is a simple way to combine herbal magic and candle magic.
  • Candles are handy for quickly setting intentions. Carve your intention into the candle and let it burn, and your intention has been released into the hands of the universe / the gods.
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