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Candle Colors and Their Meanings In Witchcraft

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Candles are a basic tool in witchcraft, one that even someone in the broom closet can get easy access to.

And luckily, there are a ton of different colors of candles so you can always find one that will work with the spell you’re doing.

Candle magick is one of the oldest and simplest forms of magick, and one that beginner witches tend to start with.

Some form of candle magick can be found in almost all religions and spiritual practices around the world, even those that claim to not practice witchcraft.

Because of this ubiquity, there’s no definitive answer on when candle magick first began.

It’s a form of natural magick utilizing time and the fire element with a focused intention to direct energy towards your desire.

Each color has a different meaning and use in magick, so knowing those meanings can help you buy the right one.

Candle ColorCandle Color Meaning
White candlesWhite candles, first and foremost, can be used for all magick. They are the blank sheet you can use when no other candle seems right, or you’re out of another candle color.
Black candlesBlack candles are perfect for banishing, absorbing negativity, protection, binding, destruction, cursing, chaos magick, and creating confusion.
Brown candlesChoose brown candles for home protection, animal spells, stability, family, material goods, grounding, emotional stability, balance, and trust.
Red candlesRed is a great choice for love spells, lust, vital energy, strength, passion, courage, charisma, energy, vigor, anger, eliminating pessimism, revenge, and determination.
Pink candlesUse pink candles for romantic love, emotional healing, friendship, caring, nurturing, self love, beauty, glamor spells, sensuality, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.
Orange candlesWith orange candles you can invoke ambition, creativity, and positivity and it is a great color for career spells or spells to assert your strength and individuality.
Yellow candlesYellow candles are the choice for spells for intelligence, success at school, communication, focus, and intuition.
Green candlesGreen candles are the perfect choice for money spells, but they can be used for spells of growth, health, luck, and nature too.
Blue candlesUse blue candles for peace, patience, emotional healing, manipulation, truth, justice, and to hide the truth from others.
Purple candlesPurple candles are great for psychic powers, divination, astral travel, wishes, ambition, power, and authority.
Silver candlesSilver candles are associated with the moon, and can be used for spells for psychic receptivity, love, rest, dreaming, healing, and represents goddesses.
Gold candlesGold candles are associated with the sun and are useful for spells of confidence, willpower, optimism, generosity, and this candle can be used to represent gods.

Different Ways To Use Candles

  • Burn sigils over a candle frame
  • Use the flame to focus your thoughts
  • Practice your magic power by trying to control the movement of the candle flame
  • Burn candles as a way to send out your wishes
  • Carve your wishes into candles for easy spells
  • Meditate with candles
  • Burn offerings to the gods
  • Read the wax for divination
  • Read the way that the candle burns for divination

Candles are especially useful for quickly setting intentions. Carve your intention into the candle and let it burn, and your intention has been released into the hands of the universe / the gods.

If you are a beginner witch, candle magick is a great place to start. This list of candle colors and their meanings in witchcraft will help you to start with candle magic for beginners. Learn the right color for your witch spells that work. Pink is a great candle color for love magic, black is for curses, orange is for creativity spells. Learn more in this quick blog post. Do some easy magick with candles! #witchcraft #witch #magick #spells #candles

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