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Tips For The Solitary Witch

A woman outside with a purple witch hat crouching over a candle holder

While there are so many benefits of being a solitary witch, it also comes with hurdles that must be overcome. I am a solitary witch, so I know that it can be hard to perform magic without a group of people to work with! You might also lose sight of your beliefs or magical practice, or hit a research block. The tips below should help you to overcome these problems.

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Things That Every Beginner Witch Should Research

Are you a beginner witch? When you’re new to something, not only do you not know anything, you don’t know what you don’t know! Witchcraft is a huge topic with so many different aspects and things to research.

I write my blog in the hopes of helping witches to learn their craft. However, I am only one person (with the occasional help of my husband or friends) and I can only write so fast.

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Beautiful Pagan Jewelry And Accessories And How Jewelry Can Make Life More Magickal

I often wonder at the amount of pagan jewelry other witches wear. I’m not one for wearing jewelry, but I do find it very beautiful. But I wonder sometimes why some pagans will have rings on every finger and arms covered in bracelets.

And there’s a reason that Wiccans and pagans wear so much jewelry! Every piece has an energy that can protect, banish, bless, or hold a spell for future use.

But why do spiritual people wear so much jewelry? Can jewelry help your spiritual practice, or is it just part of the boho new age aesthetic? In this post, I’ll explain why you (and I!) should try to wear more jewelry.

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What Is The Difference Between Magick, Paganism, and Wicca?

Differences between magick wicca and paganism

Do you know the difference between Witch Magick, Paganism, and Wicca?

One of the first things I wondered, when I started on this magickal journey, was what the big deal about Wicca was. Of course, I’d heard it so many times. I’d seen people on television who called themselves Wiccan and seemed very silly. I’d seen people who were very smart and called themselves Wiccan, too. But one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is not to trust portrayals of anything on TV.

Wicca intersects between two related subjects: paganism and magick. And they intersect with each other, as well. But if they’re so similar… what’s the difference between magick, paganism, and Wicca?

Well, let’s start by making the clearest distinction, the one between paganism, and between magick.

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Why Do People Get Into Witchcraft?

Occult magick for beginners. Why did you become a witch? Includes a list of 15 reasons to be a witch. Magick for beginners. #witchcraft #witch #pagan #wicca #occult #magick #blog #blogpost

The reasons that people get into witchcraft is such an interesting topic. There is such a large variation in the answers, because everyone has a different reason.

Witches are real, and they practice magick. But why people get into this way of life can reveal their life goals, their personalities, and how they think of religion.

While some might fear becoming a witch because of the stereotypes, most of them are false or overblown. You won’t get green skin or warts, you don’t (have to) eat children, and magick doesn’t spiral out of control and ruin your life when you practice it!

So, let’s dive into some reasons people get into witchcraft.

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Why The Pentacle Is The Strongest Pagan Symbol In The World

The power of the pentacle in witchcraft: discover why this symbol has endured for 8000 years.

For those who have never been part of a witch community, or never had a witchy friend, the pentacle might seem scary. Through popular media and religious discrimination, this ancient symbol has been twisted into a symbol of evil.

What does the pentacle stand for or symbolize? The pentacle represents the elements, manifestation, the divine feminine, the human form, celestial power, and protection.

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Do witches actually exist?

Are witches real? Is magic real?

We live in a more secular world, where faith and magick are scoffed at and ridiculed. Many people think witches and magick are fake, which is frustrating to those who believe in them.

Are witches real? YES! Witches really do exist, and we really do practice witchcraft. Often when people claim that witches don’t exist, they are really claiming that magick doesn’t work, but I know it does because I have experienced the life changing effects of my spells.

Admittedly, all I have on that matter is anecdotes, but I have experienced too many of those anecdotes to ignore them. I truly believe magick is immensely powerful, that my spells actually work, and that I am a real witch.

That’s not to say that my magick resembles that which is found in Hollywood. I think we all know that isn’t the case. Mine is more subtle. It relies more on a watchful eye to see the magick in action. There are no sparkles, no puffs of smoke, and rarely demons to speak with.

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