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How To Hire A Reputable Psychic Online

When you want to hire a psychic online, what do you look for? And is an online psychic reading different from one that’s done in person?

When psychics and mediums first became popular in the Victorian era, a medium that charged for their gifts was seen as a fraud. Those that gave their gifts freely, however, were less likely to be scorned than those who were paid.

Why did this happen? It was a mix of cultural gender norms and the idea that a spiritual gift wasn’t worth payment.

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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Dreams?

How Mercury Retrograde affects your sleep and dreams. Mercury rules over the nerves and brain, so while communication is breaking down your body is too. Mercury retrograde 2019 will be a rough couple of days where everything goes wrong and you'll start to have nightmares. Dream interpretation will be harder. The effects of mercury retrograde explained. How to survive mercury retrograde insomnia. Mercury retrograde astrology facts and tips. #astrology #witchcraft #mercuryretrograde #pagan

During Mercury retrograde, everything feels off balance. If you’re feeling like your whole life is in chaos, you’re not alone. Everyone is feeling the clouds hanging over their heads!

Mercury retrograde is known for causing car problems, arguments, travel delays, and broken tech. But can it affect you at night while you sleep, too?

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The Best Books About Witchcraft On Scribd

Books about witchcraft

I’ve said before that I absolutely love Scribd. There’s just something about getting access to tons of books AND audiobooks (and more) for just one monthly price. But do they have books about witchcraft?

Yes! Actually, I think Scribd might be better than Amazon for ebooks and audiobooks about witchcraft, paganism, and the occult. This post will show you why!

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Ancestor Communication Spell For Ancestor Worship

What is ancestor worship? How can you venerate your ancestors? This blog post has an ancestor communication spell that will let you ask them a question. Witchcraft spells. Pagan rituals. Wiccan magick. Ancestor worship is a part of your shamanism journey. Learn more about shamanism spirituality. Occult witchcraft facts. Occult knowledge. Occult ritual. Occult witches. Occult magick. DIY occult history. Occult woman. Occult spells. Occult studies. #witchcraft #ancestors #shamanism #witch #pagan

We all, now and then, want to commune with our ancestors. For advice, or comfort, or just for the novelty of it. For that reason, ancestor worship is a common form of spirituality that is present in most religions around the world.

How can you communicate with your ancestors? Through prayer, sacrificial offerings, meditation, and ritual, you can bring your ancestors to the table and gain their insight on your life.

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The Earth Element in Witchcraft, Magick, Paganism and the Occult

The Earth element and its correspondences in witchcraft. Find out what the Earth element means in astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui, herbalism, and the tarot. Earth element tarot. Earth element meaning. Earth element witchcraft. Earth element uses. Earth element astrology. Earth element feng shui. Earth element crystals. Earth element Chinese medicine. Earth element aesthetic. Earth element magic. Earth element art. Earth element symbol. #earth #earthelement #magick #witch

Without the Earth element, there would be no life. We all exist on the Earth, and from it all the other elements were born.

What does the Earth element represent? The Earth element represents the material world, material desires, and the material realization of those desires.

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Mercury Retrograde 2019: The Pros and Cons of Mercury Retrograde & How To Survive It

What are the positive and negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde 2019? Mercury retrograde is around the corner. Learn the mercury retrograde meaning in this blog post and how to survive and thrive. Plus, Mercury retrograde dates for Mercury retrograde 2019, Mercury retrograde 2020, and Mercury retrograde 2021. Mercury retrograde in Leo. Mercury retrograde astrology. Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Mercury retrograde and relationships. #mercuryretrograde #astrology #leo #cancer #astro #mercury

We are halfway through the year and we are coming up to the second period of Mercury retrograde in 2019. From July 7 to July 31, we will be in a period of misunderstandings, tech and machines breaking down, and general bad luck. For instance, you may be dealing with a broken laptop right now!

This chaotic time will be especially hard for Leo personality (source) and Cancer personality types (source), who will feel distracted and thrown off course. Promises may be broken, things could be forgotten, and car problems are more likely. Travel safely!

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Herbs and Plants for Witchcraft: Fire Element Herbs

Start your gardening adventure right by learning the elemental correspondences of the plants you want to grow. Find the perfect indoor plants for Fire signs. Fire element zodiac signs love these house plants. Indoor and outdoor plants that are perfect for Fire element witchcraft spells that work. Make your own DIY spells and rituals for witches, pagans, and Wiccans. Cute plants, succulent plants, dandelions and more are listed here with their magickal correspondences. #plants #gardening #witch

These herbs are the perfect addition to spells for passion, lust, love, anger, curses, or energy. Fire is a dangerous element that is both creative and destructive.

DO NOT INGEST THESE PLANTS unless you know for sure that it isn’t poisonous, doesn’t have any pesticides on it, and won’t interact badly with anything else that you have taken or will take. Be smart and stay safe.

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Candle Colors and Their Meanings In Witchcraft

If you are a beginner witch, candle magick is a great place to start. This list of candle colors and their meanings in witchcraft will help you to start with candle magic for beginners. Learn the right color for your witch spells that work. Pink is a great candle color for love magic, black is for curses, orange is for creativity spells. Learn more in this quick blog post. Do some easy magick with candles! #witchcraft #witch #magick #spells #candles

Candles are a basic tool in witchcraft, one that even someone in the broom closet can get easy access to. And luckily, there are a ton of different colors of candles so you can always find one that will work with the spell you’re doing.

Candle magick is one of the oldest and simplest forms of magick, and one that beginner witches tend to start with.

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