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Drawing Down the Sun

How to draw down the sun for your witchcraft and occult spells

I’m sure you’ve heard of drawing down the Moon. The same can be done with the Sun with a simple mirror. Try to get a round mirror, or one that is shaped like the Sun with rays of light. Any size will do, though obviously smaller is easier to carry.

Cleanse your mirror in preparation for this spell as well. Cleansing your mirror will remove any energy already tied to it and leave room to take in the Sun’s radiant energy.

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Magickally Cleaning Your Mirrors

How to cleanse a mirror used in witchcraft

How often are you cleaning your mirrors? Mirrors get dirty. Sure, they accumulate dust, but that’s not what I mean today. You can clean the toothpaste and dust from your mirrors easily with a wipe down.

But what can you do if your mirror becomes spiritually dirty? How can you cleanse a mirror that is harboring negativity and malevolent spirits?

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Spell to find lost memories

As we get older, memories fade and can be lost to time. Sometimes they will resurface with the correct trigger, but other times those memories will never come back.

This spell, which uses the element of air, may help a lost memory to resurface. This is useful if you’re trying to remember something from childhood, but it may also help with things like tests at school where you need to remember information. If you’re doing this for a test, do it the morning before.

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