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Call On Bast To Bless Your Cats

Twitchy whiskers and tiny noses draw us to the sweet but ferocious cats that we call our familiars, our pets, and our family. There are over 62 million cats in the United States, and many of them live in homes with witches and pagans. Cats are a blessing to their owners. They bring us joy…


Simple Friendship Spell For Witches

Friendships require a constant effort to keep them alive. As friendships age and the people in them mature, sometimes the relationship can sour or they can grow apart. This simple friendship spell will help witches improve these important relationships alive. I recommend doing this pagan ritual as often as needed. If you feel like your…


Self Care Spell: Heal The Past

When memories of the past bring you grief or remind you of past trauma, this self care spell can help you to ease your mind. If the memory is too new or painful, it may be best to work with a therapist or discuss it with a trusted friend before doing this spell. Resurfacing trauma…


Have Psychic Dreams With This Dream Bag Spell

This psychic dream spell brings crystals, herbs, and your intention together to improve your psychic abilities and open your third eye. If you don’t have all of the herbs or crystals, you can find substitutes through research, but this mixture has been the most potent in my experience.


A Beauty Spell That Uses Your Magick Mirror

Let’s try a simple beauty spell! These spells can only do so much, but they do change how people perceive your physical appearance as well as your charisma and personality. There isn’t much danger to these sorts of spells, either, so they’re fun beginner spells. Who’s the Fairest? You can either use the charged mirror…


Drawing Down the Sun

I’m sure you’ve heard of drawing down the Moon. The same can be done with the Sun with a simple mirror. Try to get a round mirror, or one that is shaped like the Sun with rays of light. Any size will do, though obviously smaller is easier to carry. Cleanse your mirror in preparation…

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Magickally Cleaning Your Mirrors

How often are you cleaning your mirrors? Mirrors get dirty. Sure, they accumulate dust, but that’s not what I mean today. You can clean the toothpaste and dust from your mirrors easily with a wipe down. But what can you do if your mirror becomes spiritually dirty? How can you cleanse a mirror that is…