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Magick Bells In Witchcraft And Paganism

Using bells in witchcraft and magick to raise the vibration of your home

I am on the hunt for a ritual bell. I don’t want to buy a new one, I’m being called to buy a used one. When I go to a thrift store, I hope to find one there to use in my witchcraft.

Why do I want a bell for witchcraft? Because they’re the best tool for sound clearing out there. The bell is a feminine symbol of creative force. It’s used to invoke a goddess or the four elements. Evil spirits hate the clear sounds of high pitched bells.

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1 Easy Self Love Spell: How To Have Self Confidence and Inner Strength Even When Mercury Is In Retrograde And Everything Sucks

Why do we need to perform a self love spell?

One Easy Self Love Spell For Tired, Anxious Witches

As we work through this Mercury retrograde, you may be feeling frustrated and sick of it all. I know that I’m not only sick of everyone else, but I’m pretty sick of myself. I keep making mistakes that are easy to avoid, which is just making my whole life absolutely chaotic.

But beating myself up isn’t helping anything. Actually, being too hard on yourself during trying times will only make you more likely to make mistakes! Let’s all take a step back and really love ourselves.

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