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Yule Activities For Green Witches

Snowy evergreen trees

To the untrained eye, Yule in much of the world may seem devoid of the greenery that green witches so desperately need to feel connected with nature. But that’s not true! Greenery can be found even in the dead of winter.

In this gray and dull time, access to plants is essential for all people to be healthy and happy. For the green witch that wants to increase their access to plants or help their loved ones to beat the winter blues, these activities can be a great way to make Yule spiritually fulfilling.

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Is Thanksgiving Pagan?

There are many controversies surrounding the American holiday of Thanksgiving. From its racist and genocidal past, some find it hard to celebrate this holiday.

Thanksgiving is also controversial for some Christians because of its possible ties to certain pagan holidays. But do the similarities between two holidays make Thanksgiving pagan? Or do the similarities simply have to do with a common theme that is important to all humans?

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Call on Hekate To See The Future This Samhain

Looking up into the trees from the forest floor

Samhain is upon us, and one of the activities that witches do on this spooky holiday is try to divine the future. This spell asks Hekate to protect you while you try to see the future. Hekate’s power is especially strong at this time of year.

This spell does not need to be done on Halloween, as Samhain is more of a season than a specific day. You can perform this spell until mid-November and have exceptional results.

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Witchcraft Roundup For Samhain 2019

A smoking cauldron

What’s happening in the world of witchcraft for Samhain 2019? Check out these articles and blog posts before you party for Halloween!

Trump’s Presidency Has Spawned a New Generation of Witches

Wired – I wouldn’t say I agree with the premise of this article’s title, but I do think Trump has inspired a renewal in cultural magic. Witchcraft has been on the rise for years, but magic performed by large numbers of people wasn’t quite as common as it was when ancient pagans were practicing.

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