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Call on Hekate To See The Future This Samhain

Looking up into the trees from the forest floor

Samhain is upon us, and one of the activities that witches do on this spooky holiday is try to divine the future. This spell asks Hekate to protect you while you try to see the future. Hekate’s power is especially strong at this time of year.

This spell does not need to be done on Halloween, as Samhain is more of a season than a specific day. You can perform this spell until mid-November and have exceptional results.

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Witchcraft Roundup For Samhain 2019

A smoking cauldron

What’s happening in the world of witchcraft for Samhain 2019? Check out these articles and blog posts before you party for Halloween!

Trump’s Presidency Has Spawned a New Generation of Witches

Wired – I wouldn’t say I agree with the premise of this article’s title, but I do think Trump has inspired a renewal in cultural magic. Witchcraft has been on the rise for years, but magic performed by large numbers of people wasn’t quite as common as it was when ancient pagans were practicing.

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Halloween / Samhain Decor Ideas For Witches

A line of pumpkins painted for Halloween

Halloween is on its way! And the stores are really stepping up with decor this year. How are you witches going to decoration your home for Samhain?

I’ve collected a list of some great ideas that will tickle any witch’s fancy. You’ll cackle with delight at some of these decor options! Michaels has yoga skeletons and car trunk decorations. Joann Fabrics has oil slick dragons and potion beakers. And everywhere you’re seeing the witch aesthetic!

Without further explanation, let’s get into the Samhain decor ideas.

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Making Happy Halloween a Sacred Samhain

A witch stirring a cauldron

There are connections between the broader world and paganism all throughout the year, and a big part of that, no doubt, comes from the borrowing of early Pagan festivals by later religious practices (which shall remain nameless).

Even after those religious holidays became increasingly secular, it can help for Pagans and Wiccans to look back on those early festivals, and to look at the world around them, and see the Gods and Goddesses all around. Samhain is a sacred time, set aside for celebrating the gifts of the Gods and Goddesses and preparing for the winter ahead… is what I should say!

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Samhain Activities For Solitary Witches

Thinking of Samhain activities to do as a solitary witch can be hard!

Solitary witches can sometimes feel more like lazy witches. It’s not that we don’t do anything for our faith and practice, it’s just that we sometimes get overwhelmed with everything we CAN do.

So what are Samhain activities that solitary witches can do? Oh, there are a ton of options! From nature walks to DIY home decor, creating altars for the dead and meditating, the list of ways to celebrate Samhain as a solitary witch is endless.

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