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13 Devotional Acts For Apollo

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Devotional Acts For Apollo: Apollo is a divine messenger. His messages come in dreams, visions, and prophecies. He gives people advice and guidance. He is often portrayed as having golden hair and wearing a laurel wreath.

Apollo is one of the greatest of the Greek gods. He is the son of Zeus and Leto, and he is known for his role as the god of prophecy, healing, music, archery, and the arts. He is also the protector of youth and children.

As a celestial deity, Apollo is closely tied to the sun, but he can manifest in any number of ways. 

Greek myth art

1) Learn to play the lyre

Apollo plays the lyre, and he is known for playing the most beautiful melodies. He is also responsible for inspiring poets and musicians throughout history.

2) Write poetry, songs or music

Immediately after his birth Apollo demanded a lyre, invented the paean and became the god of Music.

Apollo is a god of poetry, song, and harmony. He loves to hear himself sing. If you’re feeling inspired, write down your thoughts and emotions.

He was the patron of the arts, especially poetry and music. Plato believed that the innate ability of human beings to appreciate music, rhythm and harmony was the gift of Apollo and the Muses.

3) Read books about him

Read books about Apollo to learn more about him and to get closer to his energy.

Greek myth art

4) Study his history and mythology

Learn about Apollo’s life story and how it relates to yours. You can find out about Apollo’s birth, his feats, and other important information.

The Homeric and Orphic hymns are always helpful for prayer and information about the gods. I highly recommend them. They are an excellent resource for Apollo and any other pagan deities you might be interested in.

The Delphic maxims are another source of information. They are commonly regarded as the moral code of Hellenic paganism.

5) Learn about his temples

Visit temples dedicated to Apollo so you can connect with his spirit. Or simply read about them and what activities took place there.

The Temple of Apollo was an important center of religious activity during antiquity and played a crucial role in Greek mythology and culture.

According to legend, the sacred chasm beneath emitted vapors, which were believed to induce prophetic visions. These vapors were inhaled by the Pythia, the oracle who spoke for the god Apollo at Delphi.

Greek myth art

6) Learn boxing

Boxing was also enjoyed among the ancients. The patron god of this sport was Apollo, the Son of Zeus. He defeated Ares, the god who rules war, in a boxing match. Apollo also defeated Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, in a race. This shows that he had excellent speed and agility.

7) Practice divination

As god of divination and lord of the oracle at Delphi, Apollo has many things to teach us through his oracles.

Apollo was known as Apollo Moiragetes, referring to Apollo as a god of fate. Apollo in a prophetic function is associated with plagues, purification and truth.

His prophecies were often ambiguous, but he never told a lie.

Greek myth art

8) Spend time in the sun

Apollo can be found in the sunlight. Spend your days outside so you can see him clearly.

Apollon is the God of Light and Truth. He is often depicted as a sun god, wearing a crown of rays and holding a bow and arrow. 

9) Support LGBT groups or attend Pride

The sun god, among many things, was very promiscuous. He was also involved in a number of affairs including an affair with a Macedonian prince named Hyakinthos and male Thracian singer Thamyris.

10) Attend a concert

As god of music, Apollo can be found in the atmosphere and sounds of a concert.

At a concert, Apollo is present in the air, the instruments, and the audience. His presence is felt in the sound of the instruments, as well as the tone of the voice of the musicians, and the mood of the audience.

Greek myth art

11) Give money to street artists

Honor Apollo by helping street musicians and other artists to live and feed themselves off their work. As the patron saint of the arts, Apollo will bless you for doing so.

12) Read the Iliad

The gods’ interference plays a role throughout the story, but Apollos actions, though seemingly disconnected from the main war, play an integral part in how the plot unfolds. His anger plays out into an important point in the story that carries through the entire book and ultimately leads to the downfall of many of the epic’s main characters.

13) Take an archery lesson

Apollo was a great archer. He had a special bow that was used to shoot arrows with pinpoint accuracy.

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