Does fertility tea work? This pregnant woman in a pink outfit may know.

Does Fertility Tea Work? Fertility Tea For PCOS And To Help You Conceive

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Does fertility tea work? These remedies and herbal teas increase fertility. Try these natural fertility supplements.

Have you considered drinking fertility tea to help heal your infertility?

Infertility is one of the most painful and soul-destroying things someone can deal with. The months or years it can take to become pregnant naturally when there is a medical problem involved can leave a couple depressed, broke, and without any hope.

For my own infertility, I’ve decided to turn to fertility tea as one of my first steps (along with exercise and other diet changes). So far, my cycle has become more regular.

That may not seem like much, but without the tea I may only get a period every 3 to 6 months. Now that I have made these changes, I get a period every 1 to 2 months. It’s not perfect, but it is so much better than before!

A pregnant woman sitting and holding her hands on her belly in the shape of a heart
The best fertility tea to get pregnant will be mixed specifically for you by a master herbalist.

Where To Buy Fertility Tea?

There are many places where you can buy fertility tea. You can even mix your own with the right loose herbs.

Some of my favorite fertility teas have come from herbalists on Etsy. There are many options on Etsy, and I feel good knowing I am supporting a small business.

An added benefit is that these small businesses care more about me than some larger company ever will. If I have a question about their product, they answer my questions quickly and honestly.

I really suggest choosing homemade teas or those that come from individual herbalists.

Because I am dealing with secondary infertility, I have been using these teas to hopefully help regulate my cycle and give my son a little brother or sister.

But what is fertility tea, and how does it work?

A pregnant woman looking at and cradling her pregnant belly
Read fertility tea reviews before trying a tea to help you get pregnant.

What Is Fertility Tea?

Fertility tea is a combination of herbs and dried fruits that may affect the balance of your hormones or help heal some part of your reproductive system.

These teas purport to help improve someone’s fertility and support their reproductive health. The practice of using herbs for fertilities goes back centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

These teas are supposed to contain antioxidants, vitamins, and folic acid to promote that hormonal balance that is so necessary to fall pregnant.

Remember, though, that there are some teas you should avoid when trying to get pregnant!

a pregnant woman looking at her ultrasound with cute baby socks in her lap
Fertility tea for PCOS and other fertility problems may help you to get that BFP.

What Does Fertility Tea Do?

So how does fertility tea work? It’s all in the herbs used.

Red raspberry leaf, for instance, contains phyto-progesterone properties and may help to increase your body’s levels of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that is necessary for becoming pregnant and for whole body health.

Red raspberry leaf has also been shown to reduce inflammation and strengthen the uterine lining. A stronger uterine lining, fans of fertility teas say, may decrease the risk of miscarriage.

Red clover in tea is used by midwives to boost fertility and female health. This plant contains phytoestrogen or isoflavones, which is a less powerful form of estrogen than what humans naturally produce.

The research on red clover for fertility is inconclusive, but it does have a lot of nutrients that are necessary for fertility.

Ginger tea is good for fertility because it increases antral follicle count and implantation levels. (source)

The herbs and plants in the tea are what make it effective for fertility, though some are added simple for flavor like peppermint leaves.

A pregnant woman with an ultrasound, baby shoes, and a notebook
There are even green tea fertility success stories!

Who Might Need Fertility Tea?

Everyone can use fertility tea to boost their chances of becoming pregnant. But there are a few health issues that may make fertility tea more important for your fertility plan. Those health issues include:

  • PCOS
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Infrequent ovulation

Of course, these teas aren’t approved by the FDA as a treatment for fertility, and should be used under the guidance of your doctor.

But there is some good research on some of the herbs in these teas, and so long as there isn’t a medical reason to avoid them, I think it’s worth a try. Health begins with diet, and a tea that packs a nutritional punch is a great addition to a healthy diet when you’re trying to get pregnant.

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A pregnant woman relaxing in her bed
I prefer to use herbal teas to increase fertility.

How Often To Drink Fertility Tea

The general advice is to drink one to three cups of fertility tea a day.

Many teas claim you can drink them through your entire cycle, but some advise it may be better to start on the first day of your period and stop once you confirm ovulation with an ovulation predicting kit.

Fertility Tea Is Helping Me

I’m going to keep drinking the fertility teas from my favorite herbalists. Even if I am not destined to have more kids, I’m appreciating how it is helping to regulate my period.

Have you ever tried a fertility tea? Have they worked for you? Please let me know in the comments!

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