How to draw down the sun for your witchcraft and occult spells

Drawing Down the Sun

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I’m sure you’ve heard of drawing down the Moon.

The same can be done with the Sun with a simple mirror.

Try to get a round mirror, or one that is shaped like the Sun with rays of light.

Any size will do, though obviously smaller is easier to carry.

Cleanse your mirror in preparation for this spell as well.

Cleansing your mirror will remove any energy already tied to it and leave room to take in the Sun’s radiant energy.

Do this ritual immediately after waking, or during the sunrise if you’re an early bird.

It’s important that you get the sunlight from the first 3 hours of the day.

Don’t look into the mirror until the ritual is finished, and this shouldn’t be done near anything ‘dead’ and flammable like paper or dried leaves.

On a day where there is no chance of rain, and there are no clouds visible in the sky, take your mirror outside and at least ten feet away from your house.

Tilt it so that it catches the sunlight for ten seconds.

This mirror can now be used to make any spell and incantation more powerful.

It’s also useful for beauty spells, or simply for making yourself look more lovely than before.

Should you stand looking in the mirror for more than ten hours total, it will need to be charged again, and the power will fade after ten days.

Drawing down the Sun is an easy way to pull in powerful energy to be used in spells and magick for the future.

This basic concept can be used to draw in energy from other sources, as well, with a bit of tweaking.

The Sun’s radiant energy can be an important tool for witches that want to do blessings or beauty spells, but the energy is useful for almost anything.

If you’re dealing with depression during the winter, this drawing down spell can help you to bring more positive energy into your life.

Drawing down the sun for witchcraft and occult uses. Use a magickal mirror, you can empower it with the sun's energy to use in witch spells that work. #witchcraft #occult #pagan #wicca

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