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The Earth Element in Witchcraft, Magick, Paganism and the Occult

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Without the Earth element, there would be no life.

We all exist on the Earth, and from it all the other elements were born.

What does the Earth element represent?

The Earth element represents the material world, material desires, and the material realization of those desires.

The Earth Element In Astrology

The signs that are ruled by Earth are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Those born under these signs are practical people that value hard work, seeing a plan through to fruition, and material things.

If you’re wondering what the Earth element personality is like, think of any practical and organized person you know.

At their best, those with this element in their chart are tolerant, honest, trustworthy, and steadfast.

They seldom argue and seek out harmonious interactions, cooperation, and quiet environments.

At their worst, this element may cause people to be dull, slow to react, and they may have brain fog or get confused.

Earth Element Correspondences

Earth Element Animals: Most animals from forests and woods and animals that are active at night. Wolves, bears, etc.

Earth Element Colors: Olive, black, citrine, russet

Earth Element Court cards: Pages

Earth Element Function: Reliability, nurturing, empathy, stability, greedy, boring, materialistic.

Leprechauns: A type of Irish fairy sacred to Earth, sometimes known as the ‘wee folk’.

These aren’t the cute sort- they’re capable of great evil just as we are, and tend to be tricksters, lustful, and mean.

Leprechauns are said to drink heavily and are shoemakers.

If you can find a leprechaun and catch him, you can take his gold… unless you get tricked out of letting him go.

Yes, leprechauns are usually said to be males, and loners at that. Long ago, shoemakers were traditionally male, so for the culture it makes sense.

Earth Element Qualities: Cold, dry, excessively heavy. Unyielding, stubborn, passive, malleable, patient and ignorant.

Obscurity, excessive solidity, and rest or stillness.

Earth Element Sense: Touch

Earth Element Stones: Quartz, rock salt.

Earth Element Tarot trump: The Devil, The Empress, The Emperor, The World.

Earth Element Tibetan failing: Pride.

Earth Element Tibetan wisdom: The wisdom of equality.

Earth Element Time of day: Midnight.

Trolls: Quite the fearsome creatures, trolls.

Though in the modern day most trolls are nothing more than an online pest, this race from Norse mythology is related to “trolleri”, the Swedish name for a kind of magic intended to do harm.

They aren’t intelligent, but it’s clear one doesn’t need to be intelligent to cause harm.

They have tough skin and regeneration powers, and will eat anything including metal and bone.

The only way to stop them is to burn them, and their eating habits lead them to a disgusting sort of attack: vomiting on their target.

Earth Element Types of magick: Grounding, prosperity magick, ancestor worship, fertility, plant magic.

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

What is the Earth element in Feng Shui?

Every house should have all 5 feng shui elements to improve the well being of those that live there.

The Earth element in feng shui brings energies of nourishment, stability, support, and patience.

This element will make your home a sanctuary away from the hectic and disconnected chaos out in the world.

This element will help to center and ground you while you are in your home, calming and reassuring you at the same time.

This is a positive and stable support for all of the things you do, both inside and outside of the home.

Earth is especially important in the bedroom, where it brings a warm energy when combined with the Fire element.

It is a strong feminine energy that is comforting for all people as a reminder of motherhood or the calming women in our lives.

The Earth Element In Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, when the Earth element is in balance in your body you are a nurturing and empathetic person, but not in a way that overwhelms your own needs and desires.

When it is out of balance, however, your energy turns to meddling. You may hover over your loved ones, clinging to them.

Or you may become ambivalent towards them, uncaring of their needs and desires.

When this element is out of balance, you turn to self sacrifice rather than being helpful.

This element has control over the stomach and spleen energetic organ systems.

An out of balance Earth element in the body may lead to issues in these areas.

Fluid congestion and brain fog are tied to the Earth element.

The Earth Element In Wicca

In Wicca, the Earth element is the foundation of our lives.

Ever-present and versatile, this element is represented in soil, seed, growth, harvest, decay, regeneration, forests, fields, caves, rocks, valleys, and gardens.

Classically, this element is associated with prosperity, abundance, and strength. (source)

One can connect with the Earth element in a variety of ways:

  • Hiking
  • Walking through parks
  • Grounding with bare feet in the grass or soil
  • Gardening
  • Laying in the grass
  • Caring for house plants and potted plants
  • Cooking
  • Eating root vegetables and herbs
  • Using salt in food

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What does the Earth element mean? The Earth element and its correspondences in witchcraft. Find out what the Earth element means in astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, feng shui, herbalism, and the tarot. Earth element power. Earth element girl. Earth element female. Earth element virgo. Earth element woman. Earth element traits. Earth element characteristics. Earth element zodiac. Earth element nature. Earth element fantasy. Earth element quotes. #witchcraft #witch #pagan #wicca

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