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Etsy Christmas Gift Ideas For Pagans And Witches

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Yule is soon to be upon us, so why not grab some Etsy Christmas gift ideas? Pagans and witches love to celebrate during this holiday, just as much as anyone else!

If you have witchy or new age friends, something on this list is sure to make them gasp with joy.

From candles to crystals, jewelry to bath bombs, these Etsy Christmas gift ideas fit every witch niche. Your eclectic witch friends will be just as happy with them as your Wiccan or secular witch friends!

  1. Solid Sterling Silver Athame With Apple Wood Handle And Pentagram Design
  2. Solid Sterling Silver Athame With Apple Wood Handle And Pentagram Design

    Handmade 925 Solid sterling silver athame with an apple wood handle.

    Really beautiful piece handmade with a pentagram embossed on both sides of the blade.

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  3. Triple Moon Offering Bowl
  4. Triple Moon Offering Bowl

    Decorated with the triple moon goddess pentacle insignia, this lovely copper offering bowl is the perfect addition to your altar.

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  5. Ritual Cloth
  6. Ritual Cloth

    This beautiful cloth will protect your altar from wax drippings while giving it a stylish flair.

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  7. Handmade Resin Realistic Cat Skull Earrings
  8. Handmade Resin Realistic Cat Skull Earrings

    Handmade earrings using plastic/resin casts of realistic looking cat skulls. Metal colour can be personalised!

    Great for a gothic, quirky gift or simply to wear yourself. Skulls are solid plastic without being too heavy to wear from the ears.

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  9. Amethyst Pentacle Charm
  10. Amethyst Pentacle Charm

    I love this adorable sterling silver pentacle charm. The amethyst within it will help with your psychic advancement.

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  11. Owl Candle Holder
  12. Owl Candle Holder

    Honor Athena or Lilith with these black and silver glass candle holders shaped like owls.

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  13. Blessed Be Pagan Wiccan Decal
  14. Blessed Be Pagan Wiccan Decal

    Made from high quality vinyl, these stickers will last forever. Advertise your faith on your water bottles, laptops, and phones.

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  15. Witches Brew Cauldron Coffee or Tea Mug
  16. Witches Brew Cauldron Coffee or Tea Mug

    Snatch this adorable witch cauldron coffee mug before it's gone! It's so cute!

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  17. 1 Pound Of Healing Crystals
  18. 1 Pound Of Healing Crystals

    One pound of randomly selected healing crystals. This is the perfect gift box for your witchy friends, or to treat yourself!

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  19. Kawaii pastel goth ouija bord earrings
  20. Kawaii pastel goth ouija bord earrings

    These creepy cute ouija bord earrings are the perfect way to add a splash of color to your witch fashion.

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  21. Opal Branch Ring
  22. Opal Branch Ring

    Represent the moon on your hand with this lovely opal branch ring.

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  23. Silver Crescent Moon Necklace
  24. Silver Crescent Moon Necklace

    Beautiful handmade pendant, carved from wax and cast in sterling silver.

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  25. Sterling Silver Star Necklace
  26. Sterling Silver Star Necklace

    This necklace is made in 925 sterling silver, both the star charm and chain are 925 sterling silver so you can wear it everyday even in the shower. It is good for sensitive skin or for children.

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  27. Amethyst Crystal Tower
  28. Amethyst Crystal Tower

    Amethyst is a powerful crystal for psychics. This amethyst crystal tower will help you hone your psychic abilities.

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  29. Rose Quartz Crystal Tower
  30. Rose Quartz Crystal Tower

    Long rose quartz crystal towers that are made perfect for meditation and spiritual healing.

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  31. Rainbow Fluorite Tower
  32. Rainbow Fluorite Tower

    This beautiful, striped fluorite puts the universe in the palm of your hand. The galaxy aesthetic of the stripes and colors is impressive and gorgeous, making it the perfect magick wand for all space witches.

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  33. Crystal Goddess Statues
  34. Crystal Goddess Statues

    Your altar should feel like entering a spiritual haven. Honoring the deities you work with most and the archetypes that you wish to call upon through statues is one way to create a magical space.

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  35. String of Pearls Succulent
  36. String of Pearls Succulent

    String of pearls plants are drought tolerant. It's a creeping succulent that adds intrigue to your indoor plant collection.

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  37. Monstera Adansonii Plant
  38. Monstera Adansonii Plant

    Also known as the swiss cheese plant, Monstera adansonii plants are interesting plants with holes and cuts in the leaves.

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  39. Alternanthera "Party Time" Plant
  40. Alternanthera "Party Time" Plant

    Delight all that come into your home with this pretty plant. Alternanthera is a gorgeous tropical plant suitable for indoors.

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  41. Albuca Spiralis Plants
  42. Albuca Spiralis Plants

    The "Frizzle Sizzle" Albuca Spiralis plant will draw people in to ask about its odd curls. It's best grown on a sunny windowsill.

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  43. Green Witch Ritual Bath Soap
  44. Green Witch Ritual Bath Soap

    This soothing aloe herbal soap looks beautiful and is a great gift for the green witch that needs more self care ideas.

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  45. Witchcraft Organic Herb Starter Kit
  46. Witchcraft Organic Herb Starter Kit

    This starter kit of dried herbs is ready to be used in your herbal magic!

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  47. Green Witch Sticker Set
  48. Green Witch Sticker Set

    Pack of stickers perfect for notebooks, bullet journals, laptops and more!

    Each set comes with 16 stickers.

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  49. Witchcraft Grimoire Herbal Pages
  50. Witchcraft Grimoire Herbal Pages

    These printable grimoire pages are beautifully detailed and make for eccentric wall art.

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  51. Green Ritual Spell Altar Candle
  52. Green Ritual Spell Altar Candle

    Green candles stimulate all types of growth, of your garden, your crops, your finances, or the money in your wallet.

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  53. Herbal Packed Green Witch Candle
  54. Herbal Packed Green Witch Candle

    This packed candle is great to use for nature spells, money spells, and creativity spells.

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  55. Real Fern Pendant
  56. Real Fern Pendant

    Wear a real fern leaf around your neck for green witch vibes!

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  57. Green Aventurine Wire-Wrapped Ring
  58. Green Aventurine Wire-Wrapped Ring

    Like a mini crystal ball, these rings are wrapped delicately with a plated & coated copper wire, and are adorned with an 8mm bead.

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  59. Confidence Altar Kit
  60. Confidence Altar Kit

    Included in this kit are:

    • 1 Yellow/Orange Drip Spell Candle
    • 5+ Wax Melting Spell Lightning Bolts
    • 1 bottle lemon oil
    • 1 bottle White Quartz
    • 4 scallop or jingle shells
    • 1 oz red/orange sun spell salt
    • 15 dark seaglass shards
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  61. DIY Improve Your Sleep Talisman Kit
  62. DIY Improve Your Sleep Talisman Kit

    Comes with everything you need to make a talisman to help you sleep. Just follow the instructions in the kit and place the Talisman above your bed to help with insomnia, restless nights, and even bad dreams.

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  63. Amethyst Moon Crescent
  64. Amethyst Moon Crescent

    Cut straight from the rock, these moons are composed of the rock they are cut from, as well as the amethyst crystals that protrude from their backs.

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  65. Witch Sabbat Wheel
  66. Witch Sabbat Wheel

    Have a physical reminder of the wheel of the year and the holidays that many witches celebrate.

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  67. Money Draw Bath Bomb
  68. Money Draw Bath Bomb

    Corresponding with FAST results, soak in this blend of cotton, peppermint, patchouli, and cinnamon.

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  69. Witch Box For Beginners
  70. Witch Box For Beginners

    This mystery box will help beginner witches explore their craft, including herbalism and candle magick

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  71. Silver Pentacle Charms
  72. Silver Pentacle Charms

    Each point of the pentagram has its own meaning:

    ★ Upward point: Spirit

    ★ Upper left point: Air

    ★ Bottom left point: Earth

    ★ Upper right point: Water

    ★ Bottom right point: Fire

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  73. Dainty Triple Moon Necklace
  74. Dainty Triple Moon Necklace

    Very subtle way to display your dedication to witchcraft when out and about

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  75. Witches Bells with Key and Angel Aura Point for Angel Protection
  76. Witches Bells with Key and Angel Aura Point for Angel Protection

    Hang your witches bell on a door or anywhere you feel is the best place to block negativity.

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  77. Witchy Cloth Panty Liners
  78. Witchy Cloth Panty Liners

    Waterproof cloth pads with a witchy theme. Save the environment with stylish panty liners!

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  79. Blood Moon Crystal Hair Comb
  80. Blood Moon Crystal Hair Comb

    Three beautiful red crystal points and a brass crescent moon are attached to a bronze hair comb. The quartz has a gorgeous transparent blood red color and are attached to the comb with brass wire.

    These combs are made to slide into braids or buns for a lovely woodland look. They can be secured with hair pins for extra support.

    The whole piece measures about 2 1/2 inches tall and 1 inch wide with the crystals measuring about 1 to 1 1/2 inches. You can order one single comb or a pair. Beautiful and magical!

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  81. Black Suede Witch Hat
  82. Black Suede Witch Hat

    This hat is classically shaped with a rustic, rough and tumble appeal. It is handmade by a fellow nature lover in the mountains of Colorado.

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  83. Dragon's Blood Magical Ink
  84. Dragon's Blood Magical Ink

    Good for protection, energy, and purification. Adds power to any spell, incantation, or other charm. Increases potency of your spells.

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  85. Fu*k Mercury Retrograde Ritual Candle
  86. Fu*k Mercury Retrograde Ritual Candle

    This FU*K MECURY RETROGRADE Good Luck Spell Candle will help navigate the effects of Mercury in Retrograde, while attracting good luck into your life. Light this spell candle and let the magick do the rest!

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  87. Pentacle Tear Drop Necklace With Colored Glass Bead
  88. Pentacle Tear Drop Necklace With Colored Glass Bead

    A delicate glass teardrop in green has been wire wrapped by hand in bronze tone wire and combined with a matching bronze pentacle before being set to dangle from a matching bronze chain in this handmade Pagan teardrop necklace.

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  89. Tiny Carnelian Ring
  90. Tiny Carnelian Ring

    Sparkly with shine from a multiple day tumble hand created using solid sterling silver round wire that is hand formed cut and soldered. Then a solid pure silver bezel is hand shortened to expose the gorgeous nature of this simple yet elegant gemstone.

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  91. Fertile Mama: Herbal Tea Blend to Support Women's Reproductive Health
  92. Fertile Mama: Herbal Tea Blend to Support Women's Reproductive Health

    Organic Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Red Clover Flowers, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Lady's Mantle, Black Cohosh, Dang Gui, Passion Flower, Ginger, Dried Pomegranate, Goji Berries

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  93. Ceramic Odin Statue
  94. Ceramic Odin Statue

    This is a 10cm handcrafted statue of Odin made from ceramics (clay). It can be ordered by itself, with a sun post, or with a stone post.

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  95. The New Year Blessing's Box
  96. The New Year Blessing's Box

    Attract all the blessings that you deserve on this new year coming up.

    The New Year Blessing's Esoterica Box is the perfect bundle for you to start the year off on the right foot.

    The NYB box is the perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love during these holidays.

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  97. A Historical Account of the Belief in Witchcraft in Scotland
  98. A Historical Account of the Belief in Witchcraft in Scotland

    This book, with explanatory footnotes and illustrations, will bring to life the history of witchcraft in Scotland.

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  99. Bones, Teeth, & Claws Mystery Mix
  100. Bones, Teeth, & Claws Mystery Mix

    With this mix of 20 bones, you can easily start your journey with bone divination.

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  101. Ancestral Dreams Tea
  102. Ancestral Dreams Tea

    Lucid dreaming isn't always easy. A tea mix like the Ancestral Dreams Tea can help ease you into it. Give it a try, it's awesome!

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  103. Healing Crystal Set
  104. Healing Crystal Set

    These intuitively chosen crystal sets are perfect gifts for beginner witches. They are an affordable and fun way to get into crystal healing.

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  105. Purple Triple Moon Athame
  106. Purple Triple Moon Athame

    This incredible athame will look perfect on your altar. Check out the details on the blade itself. It's truly stunning.

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  107. 2021 Pagan Planner
  108. 2021 Pagan Planner

    Keep track of the wheel of the year and never miss another esbat or sabbat again. This printable pagan planner is lovingly designed and will be useful even for the mundane parts of your life.

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  109. Laser Engraved Ouija Board
  110. Laser Engraved Ouija Board

    I am so impressed by this talking board. Any witch would be jealous of whoever owned this beauty!

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  111. Learn Astrology Cheat Sheet
  112. Learn Astrology Cheat Sheet

    Learn about astrology easily with these cheat sheets. Never be confused again!

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  113. Wheel Of The Year Altar Decor
  114. Wheel Of The Year Altar Decor

    Made from natural beech wood, this high quality wheel of the year is perfect to decorate your altar. This is an especially good gift for Norse pagans.

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  115. Small Black Kerchief Bandana
  116. Small Black Kerchief Bandana

    This is an adorable black scarf. Wearing it on your head will protect you from negative influences. Head coverings like this are essential for empaths.

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  117. Black Medieval Dress
  118. Black Medieval Dress

    This stunning dark magic dress is made in soft velveteen cotton (100% cotton) in black, with trumpet sleeves and underlines waist.

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