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Full Moon Divination

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Full Moon Divination: During the full moon, we all have heightened senses and increased powers. We can sense emotions from others and feel them as well. The moon’s pull is strong during this time, so use your intuition to guide you through this ritual.

The full moon phase is known for its influence in dreams, psychic phenomena, and even physical changes. It is widely believed that the moon affects human mood, behavior, and emotions. There are several theories explaining why this might happen, but no one really knows.

Because of this, it is important to pay attention to any unusual feelings or sensations, since you might be able to gain valuable insight from them.

So try this full moon divination ritual. You may find yourself seeing someone who has just passed away, or perhaps experiencing some strange sensation. 

You can do this ritual anywhere, but ideally choose an area where there isn’t much activity going on. If you want to do it indoors, make sure that you have plenty of space to move around without bumping into things.

The Energy Of The Full Moon

The full moon has helped many people throughout history to connect with the divine. During the full moon, there is an energy boost which helps one achieve clarity in their thoughts and actions.

The moon represents the feminine and the female principle. She is a mother figure, giving life and nurturing. Her light is loving and compassionate while her dark side shows aggression and control.

The moon is also connected to fertility, rebirth and menstruation. In shamanic tradition, the moon is said to bring forth visions and heal wounds.

The full moon has been associated with wisdom and insight since ancient times. During the full phase of the Moon, our energy levels are higher and we feel more energized and alive.

This is considered a good time to perform rituals or do anything related to magic. Magicians often agree that the moon enhances our intentions, so many say that planning spells and rituals during the full moon is best.

The full moon washes away negativity, bringing you new insights and inspiration.

During this lunar cycle, magic works particularly well. Divination becomes easier. You can see things during this period that would otherwise be invisible. Use this energy wisely.

A lot of people believe that the full moon brings out the best in us, especially if we plan ahead.

The Full Moon Ritual

You will need a bowl or chalice that is completely black on the inside. Add some salt to the bottom of the bowl and fill it with water. Catch the moonlight reflected in the water.

Light two candles for illumination. Sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths and relax. Feel yourself sinking into the chair. Imagine that you are floating on a cloud.

Once you are relaxed, visualize the moon rising over your head. It is like a large ball of white light. As it rises, imagine that it gets bigger and brighter. When it reaches the top of your head, it turns red and then begins to grow smaller. Finally, it disappears behind the clouds.

Now take another breath and let go of any stress you might be holding onto. Once again, picture the moon. Now imagine that it grows larger, getting closer to you . At first, it appears to be only a small circle of light, but soon it fills up almost half of your vision.

Feel the pull of the moon and allow it to calm your body and mind.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine the moon glowing white, like a candle flame. As you breathe in, imagine the moonlight filling your lungs. Breathe out slowly and let go of any negative feelings.

“I call upon thee, O Moon Goddess. I ask thee to reveal my future.”

Then say:

“Moon Goddess, I call upon thee. Reveal thy secrets to me”.

Ask your questions now. Here are some suggestions of what to ask the moon:

  1. Are there people who wish me ill?
  2. Will I find love?
  3. What is my destiny?
  4. Does someone have an evil eye on me?
  5. What do I need to change to live a better life?
  6. What do you wish to teach me?
  7. Who am I destined to meet?

Visualize the moon growing larger and brighter still. See it as a radiant orb of light. Then look into the water of the bowl. You may see images, or you may just be given emotions and feelings. Trust your intuition with the information you receive.

If something seems out of place, try to discern whether it is a warning or a blessing. If it feels like a curse, you need to find ways to protect yourself. If it feels like an omen, then you can ask questions such as how you should prepare yourself for the upcoming changes.

After gazing into the bowl, you should then pour the water onto the ground. This will banish any entities that may try to come through the reflection in the water.

What If I Don’t See Anything?

It’s possible that nothing happens during this ritual, or maybe you just miss the signs. 

Pull out an oracle deck and tarot card deck to clarify anything you saw or to reveal any clues you missed. Tarot cards have a long history of working in this way. They’ve also been shown to be effective tools for healing, and for helping people process their emotions and painful thoughts.

Think about how you can apply these insights to your current situation. Are there ways you can improve your relationships with family members, coworkers, or romantic partners? How can you better care for yourself, both physically and emotionally?

In conclusion, if you’d like to find out what the future holds for you, why not take advantage of this divination technique? This practice will give you insight into your own personal destiny and where you should direct your energies next. If nothing else, it’s a wonderful way to connect with the moon and the divine feminine.

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