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Easy Witch Practices For The Full Moon

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Every month has its full moon. We celebrate these natural events because we believe they are linked to our cycles of life and growth. They provide us with insights and opportunities to improve ourselves and our relationships.

A full moon affects our emotions and moods. During a full moon, we feel energetic, creative, euphoric, romantic, optimistic, and curious. This is a time of ultimate culmination.

The full moon has always had significance in the folklore of paganism and witchcraft. For witches it represented both a time of heightened potential and heightened danger.

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When the moon was waxing the possibilities were infinite, when waning the possibilities became limited. But when it’s full, it’s no longer about possibilities but outcomes.

A full moon is a wonderful time to begin any project. It provides motivation to keep working toward your goal.

This guide focuses on easy ideas that anyone can carry out without too much trouble.

Full moon witchcraft digital painting with witch, smoke, fog, night sky

Burn A Bay Leaf

Burning bay leaves is common practice amongst witches worldwide. Often it is done during a spell or ceremony.

Bay leaves are used in many magical traditions around the globe. They are burned in incense and ritual baths to purify spaces, banish negative energies, and send prayers to the heavens. To learn more about bay leaf magick, read on.

Bay Laurel is a shrub with aromatic green leaves. You may have used it in cooking, and maybe you’ve got some dried leaves in your spice cupboard. Its dry green leaves are good in soups and stew, and impart an herbal flavor.

Burning bay leaves is said to bring luck and happiness, and to attract good fortune and ensure prosperity. In addition to being a symbol of abundance, bay leaves are also associated with the god Apollo.

Burning bay leaves can be traced back to ancient times. It was practiced in Rome and Greece, and even today in parts of Europe.

In ancient Greece, the plant was used to purify temples. Bay leaves were placed around the doors of the temples to keep evil spirits out. However, these leaves were also used to ward off illness and bad luck.

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Collect Moon Water

Astrologers, Witches, and Mystics alike can all agree that the moon has powerful influence. This is reflected in their alignment with the lunar cycle. Aligning with the moon helps us tap into ancient lunar energies which can manifest any type of magical work. Making Moon Water is one very simple way of doing so.

Moon water is easy to collect, and can be used in all sorts of spells. It is also said to have magical properties.

Water is a symbol of renewal, healing, purification, love and fertility.

Once you’ve collected your moon water, it can be used for many purposes including love spells.

Your Moon water can be used for anything from watering your plants to bathing rituals to cleaning your bathroom. Adding intention and crystals will help to bring this water into being.

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Charge Your Crystals

Charging your crystals under the moon is another simple way to connect with this powerful celestial body.

Crystals are often used as tools for magic and manifestation, and some people use them to enhance their psychic abilities.

To cleanse a stone, take it outside under a bright full moon and allow it to soak up its energy. This will charge and re-set the crystal.

The simple placement of a single stone under the light of the moon is sufficient to bring about powerful results. This is especially true during the phases of the moon that are known for bringing forth new beginnings.

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Do Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the easiest forms of magick to do. You don’t need a lot of equipment.

Candles come in many sizes, shapes, and scents. You can choose from candles made of wax, beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, etc.

Candles can be used for healing, protection, divination, meditation, cleansing, purification, and other uses.

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Practice Tarot

Tarot cards are an excellent tool for exploring the mysteries of the universe. Tarot cards can help you understand yourself better, and can be used to gain insight into situations around you.

There are many decks available to purchase online and at bookstores. Some tarot decks are designed specifically for beginners. Others are geared toward experienced readers.

Check out this full moon tarot spread.

A Tarot Reading is a great way to connect with your own inner wisdom during this sacred time where you can celebrate who you really are.

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Meditate Under The Moon

Meditating under the moonlight is a very relaxing experience. When you meditate under the moonlight, you are able to tune in to your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom.

Many people find that doing this helps them to relax, and makes them more receptive to the messages that come through to them during meditation.

In general, we know that the Full Moon represents feminine energy. The Full Moon is associated with deep reflection, introspection, meditation. A time to celebrate the feminine energy that resides inside of us all.

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Read Poetry To Inspire Yourself

Poetry is a great source of inspiration. There are many books filled with inspiring poems. Reading poetry will give you strength and courage.

Poems can inspire us to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and make changes in our lives.

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If you’re just starting out with lunar magic, here are some additional activities you can add to your ritual schedule:

  1. Make a gratitude list. Write down five things you’re grateful for today.
  2. Update your manifestation mantras.
  3. Bullet journal.
  4. Create a vision board.
  5. Start a dream journal.
  6. Do a moon bath.
  7. Paint a picture of what you want to manifest.
  8. Take a walk by the ocean.
  9. Go to nature.
  10. Listen to soothing music.
  11. Dance.
  12. Meditate.
  13. Take a long hot shower.
  14. Cry.
  15. Have a candlelit dinner.
  16. Create a sacred space.
  17. Give thanks.
  18. Cook something delicious.
  19. Read a favorite book.
  20. Practice yoga.
  21. Clean up clutter.
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