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Gemini Sun In The Natal Chart: 12 Fast Facts

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Gemini Sun (born May 21 – June 20) is a sign of quick wit, social charm and intellectual agility. Intelligent and skillful at juggling many tasks, Gemini is great at getting people to open up and talk about themselves. They are also good at using diplomacy to avoid arguments.

A Gemini Sun tends to be interested in a wide range of subjects and topics and may decide to turn one into a passion and career. They are outgoing and charming, but can sometimes fall into the trap of talking too much. Geminis have a reputation for being flirtatious, but it’s more an innocent expression of their outgoing nature.

They also have a reputation for being two-faced, but that is more a result of them not wanting to hurt others’ feelings than dishonesty. In general, Geminis are happy people who enjoy life.

In short: Quick wit and social charm run in the family with the Gemini Sun sign. Here are 12 more facts about this mercurial sun sign.

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Geminis Are Info Hoarders That Love To Think

While some signs are focused on action, Gemini is more preoccupied with thought. They have an interest in all kinds of topics, so there is always something to talk about.

The thinking they do doesn’t have to be deep or complicated—it can just be about the latest trend, song or social media platform. Geminis are skillful at using their curiosity to steer a discussion towards their interests.

They also love to share information. This requires, of course, hoarding information to be shared later. If a Gemini seems to be prying into your life, that’s because they are. They just want more to discuss with you… and others.

They Are Talkative And Have Many Pet Obsessions

You will never meet someone more obsessive about their interests than a Gemini. They love to dive deep into a topic and tear it apart until they understand it totally and completely… and then talk about those interests endlessly.

They can talk about anything they’re interested in, but their most popular topics are travel, computers and social media apps. Geminis will read like crazy about their favorite subject and then they will share that info with you (and anyone else they care to!).

This makes them great friends to have around when you need someone to talk to! But Geminis will also go off on tangents about smaller subjects.

If you get stressed out by noisy people, Geminis will sometimes seem like they were sent to torture you. It’s not their fault, though! It’s just how they were born.

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Gemini Sun Natives Make Friends Easily But Sometimes Struggle To Keep Them

Geminis are such social butterflies that they can sometimes seem like they’re flirting when really they’re just being pleasant and friendly. It’s because Geminis don’t just stick with one group or one friend: They connect with people in groups and then move on to the next group.

They want to be friends with everyone and they’re very personable, so it’s not hard for them to meet new people. What they struggle with is keeping people around, because they can sometimes come off as duplicitous or manipulative.

Geminis Need Strong Mental Connections To Form Friendships Or Romances

Geminis love to talk, so they connect with others on an intellectual level. That’s not to say that Geminis can’t or won’t connect romantically with someone who isn’t known for their intellect, though. As long as they have strong mental connections, they can fall in love hard.

It’s all about finding common interests. Geminis are so chatty that they can talk to anyone, so there aren’t many people on Earth they can’t connect with.

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Small Details Never Go Unnoticed By A Gemini

Geminis don’t miss a thing. They notice every small detail and they find it interesting. This makes them seem very curious, but also very creepy. They’re not trying to be creepy, though! It’s just that everything is interesting to a Gemini and they can’t help but ask about it.

You’ll often be surprised by the small things a Gemini notices and remembers. They will never forget your favorite color or a dress you said you like, which means gifts from these mercurial lovers will always be from the heart.

They’ll notice things about you or your behavior that they think will predict your future behavior in relationships, so if you know a Gemini, be prepared for them to have a front row seat in your love life. It can also be unnerving when they start predicting things in a negative way.

They Can Come Off As Very Cool And Very Strange

Because of their many hobbies and interests, Geminis will always come off as very cool but also very eclectic. They can also seem very unconventional sometimes, but that’s just because they aren’t afraid to test the rules that others live by.

When a Gemini comes to you and begs you to do something a little bit odd, you should go along with it! They will always pull you into interesting activities. With a Gemini, you will rarely be bored!

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Geminis Prefer Long Term Serious Relationships

Don’t expect one night stands from a Gemini. They need to form deep bonds and real connections, so quick relationships without real love will leave them feeling gross.

They are intense, intense people. They need to know that someone cares enough to push them to be their best selves. If you’re not willing to give that, don’t expect a Gemini to stick around. Geminis are extremely loyal souls.

They Can Be Moody When They Become Bored

Geminis like to keep things interesting and they like to keep their minds busy with new hobbies, crazy conversations and social engagements.

If they are bored or frustrated, Geminis have a habit of becoming very moody. They are moody most often when out of work or out of social obligations. Keeping them busy puts that fast moving brain to good use.

If a Gemini sits still for too long, their brain will start to play tricks on them. They’ll feel overwhelmed but also under-stimulated.

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The Way To A Gemini’s Heart Is Through Laughter And Shared Interests

Geminis love to laugh and they love to be in the center of things. They hate taking things too seriously. Geminis can be emotional and passionate at times, but mostly they’re just hard workers who like to have a good time.

If you want to get closer to a Gemini, learn about their hobbies and what makes them laugh. They will have favorite books, movies, artists, foods and TV shows that they talk about often. If you want to know everything about them, just listen to what they love!

When Hurt Or Stressed, Geminis Can Shut Everyone Out

Geminis are emotional people. They’re constantly figuring out the best way to interact with other people and they can be very sensitive about how they’re perceived.

They want to be the center of attention but they hate to be rude. If you can understand their moods and figure out why they’re acting like that, you’ll end up becoming their favorite person on Earth! Geminis are great at hiding their feelings, though.

If they do shut you out or push you away, don’t give up on them immediately. Try to give them some space and come back with a plan of attack. They’ll appreciate the effort you put in to making them feel better.

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Geminis Are Secretly Manipulative

No one likes to hear this, but Geminis can be manipulative. Sometimes it’s harmless and sometimes they do it on purpose. But mostly they just do it because they’re so talkative and so charming. They can say things that make you feel special in a way that makes you want to do whatever they ask just to keep the love flowing.

They usually aren’t doing this on purpose. Geminis are just so full of love and they really enjoy gushing about the people they care about and making them feel good. They’re also just so curious and love to learn new things about people!

They hate conflict and they like making people happy, so if they’ve said something or acted a certain way and you got upset, they’ll feel terrible. Just try to not be too hard on them for little manipulative acts of kindness!

Contradictions And Opposing Opinions Don’t Bother Geminis

Geminis have no problem believing two contradictory things at the same time. Sometimes life is just that nuanced, and many Geminis enjoy that nuance. They enjoy seeing the gray areas in life and trying to find meaning in things.

If you need things to be black or white, instead of black AND white, Geminis may stress you out. But they’re genuine in their beliefs!

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