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Happiness Spell: 2 Ingredients To Ward Off Depression

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I often turn to a happiness spell on my darker days. The days when nothing seems to go right, and I feel like the whole world is against me.

A good happiness spell is simple, since those most in need of it likely don’t have the energy to gather a million obscure ingredients.

This happiness spell is just that.

All you need is a candle, jasmine oil, and the ability to think or say a prayer.

And if you don’t have jasmine oil, you can skip using that. The spell will still be effective without it.

Happiness Spell

This happiness spell uses only 2 ingredients, and comes with a prayer that you can repeat throughout the day.

You can also download a simplified version of this spell for easy printing HERE.


  • 1 yellow candle
  • Jasmine oil (optional)


  • Anoint the candle with jasmine oil, rubbing it back and forth in your hands to warm it up. If you don’t have jasmine oil, simply warm the candle in your hands by rubbing it back and forth.
  • Say this prayer while you light the candle:
    The darkness can not penetrate me,
    From fear and pain my mind is free,
    As I will,
    So mote it be
  • Light the candle, and as it burns so too will the darkness in your life be burned away
Decorative image of a happy woman playing with her hair against a white background. Maybe she did a happiness spell!

What Does A Happiness Spell Do

A happiness doesn’t wash away all of our sadness immediately.

Unfortunately, it takes some time to do its work.

A happiness spell fights off the darkness of depression and anxiety, so that these negative emotions don’t build up within us.

It’s unwise to use happiness spells too often or for momentary bouts of sadness.

Sadness is a necessary human emotion that puts our lives into context.

Without that sadness, we couldn’t comprehend the happier parts of our lives.

No, these spells are much better suited for when we are depressed for longer periods of time.

For instance, after a love one dies, it would be better to feel your sadness, at least for a while.

After you have allowed yourself to process that sadness, then it would make sense to do a happiness spell.

Crystals And Herbs For Happiness

Aside from the happiness spell above, there are other tools you can use to magickally boost your mood.

The crystals and herbs in the table below all have the magick ability to improve your mood and bring joy into your life.

It’s important to remember, however, that the herbs listed here are for magickal purposes, not for ingestion.

If you intend to ingest any of these herbs, please do your full research first. Some may be poisonous, some may cause death.

Herbs for happinessApple blossom, lotus, celandine, calendula, butterbur, chervil, eyebright, oregano, marjoram, meadowsweet, bamboo, birds of paradise, cannabis
Herbs to banish depressionMelilot, sesame, cypress, celandine, hyacinth, calendula, thyme, basil, butterbur, chervil, comfrey, ginseng, lemon balm, milk thistle, St. John’s wort, chives, elecampane, cannabis, lavender, marjoram, oregano, sage, nepenthes, weeping willow
Decorative image of a black woman in a fashionable outfit who is very happy and celebrating

As for the crystals, for a daily mood boost you can simply carry them around with you.

Place one in your pocket, or your bra, to open your heart to happiness.

You can also choose to wear these as jewelry.

Jewelry has the ability to hold onto our magickal intentions, so make good use of the jewelry you wear.

Do your best not to wear jewelry made from fake materials, like glass that is made to look like a crystal.

They can still hold your intentions, but not as strongly as the real deal.

Aside from wearing crystals, you can also meditate with them.

Hold them in your hands, or in your lap while you meditate.

Doing this will allow their vibrations to more effectively change you, bringing more happiness into your life.

Crystals for happinessAmazonite, amethyst, ametrine, black tourmaline, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, yellow jasper
Crystals to banish depressionAmethyst, blue lace agate, rose quartz, clear quartz, black tourmaline, sodalite, lepidolite, shungite, bronzite, pink opal, yellow quartz, blue goldstone, rutilated quartz, carnelian, citrine, tiger’s eye

Working with plants and crystals to heal your spirit and bring more happiness into your life is a truly amazing experience.

These sources of energy are closely tied to Mother Earth, meaning her healing energy flows through them into our hearts.

I sincerely hope that this spell and these crystals and herbs can help you to find a more peaceful spirit.

Be well.

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