Blue Tiger's Eye Stone Bracelet

Hawk’s Eye Or Blue Tiger’s Eye Crystal Correspondences

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Blue tiger’s eye or hawk’s eye is a stunning crystal with many magickal correspondences. It’s a highly reflective, chatoyant stone that looks stunning when made into jewelry or charms.

Blue tiger’s eye is a soothing crystal with magickal purposes ranging from increasing luck, opening communication, revealing the truth, enhancing psychic powers, and improving self-discipline. Everyone will find a use for this beautiful crystal!

Found all over the world, this crystal is most common in Namibia, India, Canada, and Brazil. Its other names are silicified crocidolite, falcon’s eye, and rodusite.

Anyone dealing with stress should keep this stone near them to improve their health and reduce anxiety. It’s also a vital crystal for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Let’s look at this fantastic crystal and its magickal meanings in different areas of your life.

Blue tiger's eye crystals and beads
Blue tiger’s eye crystals help with eye health and strengthen then body.

Blue Tiger’s Eye For Health

Following the doctrine of signatures, we can see that all forms of tiger’s eye crystals are helpful for eye problems. Place the crystal over the eyes to relieve headaches.

The healing energy will release tension through your whole body.

When feeling weak, carrying hawk’s eye crystals can boost the endocrine system and restore the body’s balance. 

For those who find it hard to gain weight due to an overactive metabolism, a blue tiger’s eye can slow it down to a healthy level.

Wear in your pants pockets to stimulate the reproductive system and enhance fertility.

If you deal with brain fog, blue tiger’s eye crystals can bring back mental clarity and focus. Use this crystal while studying for school to keep your mind clear and focused.

Some say this crystal helps to relieve angina and asthma attacks. You should still take your medicine and work with a doctor, though!

Blue tiger's eye crystals
Land the job of your dreams by carrying blue tiger’s eye crystals.

Hawk’s Eye For Wealth

Carry this lucky stone with you to job interviews to improve your chances of landing the job. You can control the flow of money by keeping a small hawk’s eye crystal in your wallet.

If you are your own boss, this crystal will improve your self-discipline. It should be on the desk of all entrepreneurs and freelancers, especially those that struggle with procrastination.

This crystal draws good luck and prosperity to all who use it.

Its effect on psychic abilities will reveal good choices, and when you should take a business risk.

Because this crystal helps you to release your fears, it will enable you to take smart risks.

Hawk's eye crystal worry stones to rub in your palm while anxious
Enhance your spiritual gifts with blue hawk’s eye crystals.

Blue Tiger’s Eye For Spirituality

Boost your psychic gifts with this crystal! You can make your psychic abilities stronger and more accurate while wearing jewelry made from hawk’s eye.

Clairvoyance, remote viewing, astral projection, and divination are all improved by using this crystal.

The focus and clear-headed action of this crystal will help you while practicing with your psychic abilities, too! Any time you are trying to see into the spiritual world or perhaps tell the future, keep this crystal nearby.

Psychic visions received while using this crystal will have deeper insights.

Astral travel can be difficult for some people. Put this crystal below your pillow at night, and try using the crystal in combination with drinking mugwort tea. This combination will make it easier to project into the astral realm.

Blue tiger's eye crystal bead bracelet
Improve your love life with the communication metaphysical properties of hawk’s eye crystals.

Blue Tiger’s Eye For In Your Personal Relationships

This is a crystal of healthy communication. When lovers are trying to openly communicate, blue tiger’s eye can ease the tension and help the truth be revealed in calm and gentle ways.

Calm your hot temper by holding this crystal in your palm while taking deep breaths. It will give you a happier perspective on life and reveal all your blessings.

Relationships that lack balance can be significantly helped by this soothing stone. It has balancing properties that will make both parties seek parity in what they do for one another.

Seeking harmony in a stormy relationship? Both partners should carry this stone with them until the issues are resolved.

Emotional balance is vital in all relationships and is an essential building block of effective communication. This blue crystal will help everyone involved to meet in the middle and react with love.

Fears and worry can make any relationship sour. Work with hawk’s eye crystals to release fears and emotional blockages.

Gorgeous blue tiger's eye crystals
Calm and balance yourself with hawk’s eye crystals.

Hawk’s Eye Magick Properties And Correspondences

This beautiful blue crystal is a calming and balancing healing crystal. It works with our intuition and helps us to manifest our desires.

When we are going into stressful situations, wearing this crystal can help us to release fear. When we feel blue, placing the crystal above our heart or our third eye chakra will relieve depression.

This crystal is both grounded and high vibration. Some high vibe crystals can make us anxious because they don’t ground us, but blue tiger’s eye does not have that problem.

If you feel disconnected from your personal power, this crystal will help to rebuild that connection. Hawk’s eye will also strengthen your confidence and resolve.

Hawk’s eye crystals enhance psychic abilities and aid in astral projection. Keep one under your pillow for psychic dreams. 

Blue tiger's eye crystal necklace strand
Wear blue tiger’s eye jewelry to enhance your psychic abilities.

How To Use Blue Tiger’s Eye

As with all crystals, blue tiger’s eye is easy to carry around or wear as jewelry. This is such a lovely stone that everyone will admire it, and no one will suspect you are a witch if you’re still in the broom closet.

Wearing this stone as a necklace will help you to work with your throat chakra. This is especially helpful for anyone shy or reluctant to stand up for themselves. Reveal your truth and confidence with hawk’s eye!

A blue tiger’s eye crystal necklace will also strengthen your focus. If you tend to daydream or indulge in wishful thinking, this crystal will bring you back down to earth.

Merely holding the crystal while meditating can help to sharpen your intuition. Or, lay down and place the crystal on your third eye chakra.

But tiger's eye metaphysical properties for magick and witchcraft
The metaphysical properties of blue tiger’s eye crystals.

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