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How Hekate And Saturn Are Related In Witchcraft

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Hekate and Saturn are two very different deities but they actually have a lot in common! Both are associated with darkness and death, but they also preside over new beginnings. If you’re looking to work with some intense energy to help you grow and evolve spiritually, then these are the perfect deities for you. Here’s everything you need to know about how Hekate and Saturn are related in witchcraft!

Saturn, Lord of Time and Death, was worshipped from early times by the ancient Greeks. His role within our lives is one that should not be underestimated: he represents an essential part of our natural cycle; hibernation, death, and rebirth—the passing of time, darkness, change and growth. This can be seen in the way the ancients honored him at various seasons through rituals. His power could even bring peace to warring nations or heal disease and sickness.

Hekate is well established in the modern Western occult tradition as a powerful goddess who stands alongside other deities as a Goddess of the Moon. But did you know that Hekate is more than a lunar deity? She’s actually a god of beginnings. Hekate rules over everything we have mentioned above but her most important duty is guiding humanity on its spiritual path toward wisdom and self-understanding. Hekate also presides over magical knowledge and acts as an intermediary between humankind and the divine realm, where she embodies all aspects of divinity.

Although she may seem very different, there are many parallels with how modern pagans view and interact with Saturn and Hekate. They are both the lords of the dark side, ruling the powers of night, winter, coldness, pain, illness and decay. Both are deeply connected to death and rebirth in nature. It is no coincidence that witches across history revered them as their ancestors would have done long ago before their traditions were lost in mainstream religions.

Saturn, Hekate, And Justice

Both Saturn and Hekate are associated with justice. For some people, Hekate represents what they want from their lives—they wish to become more compassionate, wise or disciplined. But others might see her as something more like an enforcer—someone who punishes those who step out of line or break laws or social rules.

Hekate represents the more compassionate form of justice. Saturn, however, is more stern and a firm believer in punishment and harsh discipline. The way I understand it, these two forces act together.

Suffering can be transformative. Tough times make us stronger; without difficulty we wouldn’t grow and evolve. A sense of injustice can be unsettling because we don’t know how things will turn out for us in the end, but when we turn to Hekate and Saturn, we find that we are guided by divine providence.

When our own efforts have brought nothing but failure and disappointment, this may seem very hard to bear. Yet at the same time, Hekate shows us that she never forgets about us even if we have abandoned Her completely. Saturn gives us wisdom on how best to use the lessons we learn during difficult periods so as not to repeat mistakes.

Rulers Of The Dark Side

Saturn and Hekate both rule over darkness. This doesn’t mean that they are evil, but that they are associated with the hidden, the taboo and the things that we are afraid of.

They are the lords of the dark side because they can show us what we are afraid of and help us to face it. This is why they are often associated with death and rebirth. It is only through facing our fears that we can truly move on and grow.

Hekate is often seen as a crone goddess because she is associated with old age, wisdom and death. However, she is also a goddess of new beginnings. This is because she understands that death is a natural part of life and that we must all go through it in order to be reborn.

Saturn is often seen as a god of death because he is associated with endings and change. However, he also pushes us to grow through difficult experiences. We can avoid future hardship if we learn the lessons that he has to teach us.

Working With Saturn And Hekate

First of all, why would you want to work with deities with such heavy symbolism and scary ways of enforcing spiritual change? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for and where you are at in your spiritual journey.

For some people, working with Saturn and Hekate can be a way of coming to terms with their own mortality. They might be dealing with the death of a loved one or facing their own health issues. By working with these deities, they can learn to accept death as a natural part of life instead of something to be feared.

Others might seek out Saturn and Hekate when they are going through tough times in their lives. Their relationship might have ended, they could have lost their job or they may be struggling with addiction. These difficulties can seem insurmountable, but by calling on Saturn and Hekate for help, we can start to see them as challenges that we must overcome instead of roadblocks preventing us from reaching our goals.

Finally, some people work with these deities because they want to become more disciplined or self-controlled. If you find yourself constantly indulging in things that you know you shouldn’t, then it may be time to ask Saturn and Hekate for guidance on how best to use your willpower so that you can achieve your long-term goals instead of just satisfying short-term desires.

Illustration of the goddess Hekate: uncanny, beautiful goddess hekate with long black straight hair, purple eyes, dressed in chains and keys, large fiery maw, glowing eyes, goetic demonic, highly detailed, concept art

If you are thinking of working with Saturn and Hekate, then there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, their energy can be very intense so it is important to approach them with reverence and respect. Secondly, they will not hesitate to teach you some harsh lessons if they feel that it is necessary for your spiritual growth. Finally, be prepared to face your fears head-on because this is what these deities excel at helping us do. They love nothing better than pushing us out of our comfort zones until we have no choice but to grow up or die trying.

While these two can be scary to work with, they also bring many benefits that people don’t always think about. For example, Saturn brings discipline which helps people make good decisions and follow through with their plans; Hekate shows people where their boundaries lie and forces them to take responsibility for their actions.

Both deities allow witches to harness the power of the world and change the course of history using the strength and courage of the human spirit. This kind of raw magic can really help us when it comes time for us to stand against those who would try to hold us back—be it from without or within ourselves. It gives us a way to channel our own personal inner demons into something positive, as well as giving us the knowledge needed to put our enemies on trial to gain more personal forms of justice.

In short, by working with Saturn and Hekate we can learn to accept the darker aspects of life, but also use them to our advantage so that we can grow into our full potential as human beings.

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