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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Dreams?

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During Mercury retrograde, everything feels off balance.

If you’re feeling like your whole life is in chaos, you’re not alone.

Everyone is feeling the clouds hanging over their heads!

Mercury retrograde is known for causing car problems, arguments, travel delays, and broken tech.

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But can it affect you at night while you sleep, too?

During Mercury retrograde, the planet Mercury seems to lose speed and go slower than the Earth when viewed from the Earth.

It’s an optical illusion, but it’s one that has a profound affect on all of us.

Since Mercury is the ruler of communication, it wreaks havoc in all the expected and obvious areas of life.

Causing arguments is one of the most common issues noted by those who feel unlucky during these trying times.

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Can Mercury Retrograde Affect Sleep?

Yep! Mercury retrograde can leave you lethargic, foggy brained, and unable to sleep no matter what you try.

Mercury rules over the nerves and brain, so every part of your body is likely to feel fried right now.

Your skin will be more sensitive, which can keep you awake thinking about how your usually comfortable sheets are too scratchy and hot.

And since it rules over your brain, you can count on yours to be going at a million miles an hour just when you want to go to sleep.

Insomnia will be a huge problem during Mercury retrograde.

Don’t count on sleeping pills to help much, either.

I’ve been going to bed late and waking up early since a few days before Mercury went retrograde.

So has my son! It’s wrecking the whole schedule in our house.

All of this leads to you feeling exhausted, but it also makes it more likely that you will experience strange or uncomfortable dreams.

Does Mercury Retrograde Cause Nightmares?

Nightmares are more common during Mercury retrograde.

Dreams about your past, stress dreams, and plain weird dreams will come up more often.

Your dreams may have people from your past or they may feature old arguments.

That’s because Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection.

This is when you’re supposed to think about the past instead of the future.

You may also experience more false awakenings, where you wake up from one dream only to find you’re in another.

These dreams are confusing and strange, which is par for the course for Mercury retrograde.

So yes, Mercury retrograde can mess with your dreams and cause uncomfortable nightmares.

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How To Deal With Weird Mercury Retrograde Dreams

How can you avoid these bad dreams?

Not getting enough sleep can really mess with our mental and physical health.

While you can’t control everything, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting restful sleep even when Mercury is retrograde.

I recommend trying relaxing teas, lavender oil in a diffuser, or dried lavender in a cloth pouch under your pillow.

Spending time in meditation to reflect on the past while awake may also help to settle your mind at night.

Feed into the energy of Mercury retrograde and go with the flow.

If you fight against the stars, you’ll probably find that your life is even more chaotic in the end!

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