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How To Become A Witch: 9 Amazing Tips For Baby Witches

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Learning how to become a witch is easy. Actually following through, learning about witchcraft, and becoming more powerful over time? That can be hard.

If you want to learn how to become a witch, the guide ahead will teach you what to study, how to find other witches, where to learn about witchcraft, what spells to start with, and so much more!

Be prepared, however. Witchcraft can be full of surprises, both good and bad. It’s not all about being a goddess worshipping, black cat owning hippie!

A witch’s life is many things, but it isn’t calm, and it is rarely easy. And it never comes close to the stereotypes that the media portrays.

Sometimes you have to face negative people or even negative entities. Sometimes it’s people bashing Wiccans. Other times it will be toxic members of your own coven.

Over time, you will learn how to overcome these problems, but you should be aware of them before learning how to become a witch!

If you are ready to face the negative aspects of a witch’s life, then let’s continue learning!

Book Of Shadows
How To Become A Witch: 9 Amazing Tips For Baby Witches

Are you a baby witch? Just starting on your journey in the occult?

This PDF has been formatted specifically for your Book Of Shadows. Print it out and read it even when you can't get online!

Learn 9 incredible tips that will help you as a beginner witch.

Unlock the secrets of witchcraft. Crystals on a gold and green altar cloth. A magical date book. Tarot cards. Essential oils and books on herbalism. A pendulum and pendulum board.
You can unlock the secrets of witchcraft. All you have to do is study!

Study Witchcraft

First and foremost, a witch studies.

A lot.

Most witches spend their lives with their noses in a book, learning more about the world, the gods, nature, magick, and more.

Witches ask questions, study different forms of witchcraft, research gods and goddesses, and make endless notes in their book of shadows.

But if you’re brand new to witchcraft, do you even know what you need to learn?

Learn What You Need To Learn

As a new witch, it can be hard to know what you need to research and study.

That’s why I wrote a blog post that reveals a few beginner topics that you can study, from the history of witchcraft to modern techniques and paths.

These are great topics to jump-start your learning and help you dive into the different witchcraft topics you might be interested in.

You can read that blog post here: Things That Every Beginner Witch Should Research.

The basics of what you want to research are:

HistoryThe witch trials, old grimoires, what ingredients in ancient spells actually were, the legal history of witchcraft, the beginnings of Wicca, archaeology, anthropology. The history of witchcraft is so much more than just Salem!
Modern witchcraftWitch paths, contemporary legal issues for witches, paganism, neopaganism, reconstruction religions
SpellsThe different kinds of spells, how to make your own spells, when you should use magick and when you shouldn’t, ethical concerns around spells
DivinationTarot cards, palmistry, tea leaf reading, dice reading, bone reading, scrying. Learn how to ask the right questions, too!
Folklore and mythologyAncient myths, modern myths, folklore, old wive’s tales
Cosmic cycles & astrologyMoon cycles, Sun cycles, planetary cycles, traditional astrology, Vedic astrology
HolidaysThe wheel of the year, ancient cultural holidays
Recognizing cultsThe BITE model, how to avoid joining cult-like covens
Tools and sacred spacesAltars, tools, candles, and other supplies for witchcraft
A table of basic research ideas for baby witches

Read the blog post linked above for more ideas of what you can research when you are just beginning as a witch.

And contrary to what your teachers told you, it’s OK to start with Wikipedia and other online sources!

7 types of witchy books you need to read to become a witch in 2021. An image for Pinterest with books on herbalism and witchcraft in a pile.
Read these essential book genres to become a witch in 2022.

Pick Up Books About Witchcraft

There was a time when books about witchcraft were relatively rare and hard to find.

Thanks to Lewellyn and other new age publishers, these books are more readily available than ever.

New books are published every month! And many of them are books for baby witches, so they are beginner-friendly.

You can find books on love spells, money spells, Wicca, chaos magick, or even Luciferian magick. And trust me, every real witch will spend her whole life reading!

  • There is a book to suit almost any witchy need. You’ll never run out of new things to learn!

So what kind of books are you looking for?

Books about crystalsCrystals are a common element in witchcraft and new age practices in general. These books will tell you the purposes of different crystals and how to use them in your magick.
Books about different pathsThere are many different witchcraft paths, which we will explore in more depth below. Books can cover folk magick, green magick, kitchen witchcraft, and more.
Books of spellsBooks of spells are a great way to get new ideas for your own personal spells, or even just easy spells for you to use as-is.
History booksThe history of witchcraft is rich and exciting. It’s worth learning about!
Mythological booksBooks of myths help us to connect with the gods and learn more about them. I love to read myths from cultures all around the world!
Books on herbalismHerbalism is another common aspect of witchcraft. Not only that, but it can help us to bolster our health!
Books of correspondences & symbolismBooks of correspondences help us to make our own spells. They list different planets, gods, herbs, crystals, symbols, and more. Then they teach us how those elements fit in with our magick so that we can mix and match to make our spells genuinely unique. These are important books to have!
Use this table to help you find books on witchcraft to begin your research

Read About Witchcraft Online

One of the many blessings of the internet age is the wide availability of information that would have been demonized and destroyed just 50 years ago.

For any topic, there are a hundred websites dedicated to research. You can become a real witch just with online studying!

You can learn in one day more than what your ancestors would have never known in their lives!

Of course, it’s essential to find good sources of information.

Two of my favorite websites dedicated to paganism and witchcraft are The Wild Hunt (for pagan news) and Patheos Pagan (for a roundup of pagan blogs in one space.

You can find quick information on Pinterest for almost any pagan path.

It’s also a great way to save spells and information as a digital book of shadows.

Many smaller blogs and websites are dedicated to witchcraft and paganism, most aimed at more niche topics.

Heck, my site is one of them!

All it takes is a little bit of time and the ability to search on Google to find blogs and websites to follow.

How to build a coven and community for witches. Three witchy women doing magic.
Should you build a coven or be a solitary witch?

Talk To Other Witches

You may find yourself wanting to learn not just facts and news but also how other witches practice witchcraft.

Speaking with other witches is a great way to deepen your own belief system and learn what you do and do not believe.

You Don’t Need A Coven

You don’t need to practice with other witches to learn from them!

Joining communities of witches doesn’t have to involve doing spell work or rituals.

Primarily online, you can find communities of witches that love to chat and teach others about witchcraft and paganism.

If you want to join a coven, try to wait until you have done enough research.

Most witches that have covens or are forming covens see new witches as a potential liability.

Because you may change your mind quickly and haven’t had the time to develop your own ethical and religious framework, joining a coven too soon can put the coven at risk. It also puts you at risk of entering a toxic coven with cult-like aspects.

A coven may or may not have a high priest and high priestess. Some covens don’t have a hierarchy at all! Every man is a priest, every woman a priestess.

Make sure you understand the politics and personalities in a coven before you join it. Leaving a coven is serious business and should never be done over small disagreements.

You can't learn how to become a witch without witch friends. How to make witch friends. Where should you go? Amino, Facebook, festivals, libraries, metaphysical stores, or Tumblr? Wire icons in white on a black background.
Where can a beginner witch find new friends?

Where To Find Other Witches

The question remains, where can you find other witches to talk to without having to join a coven?

Once again, the internet is here to help!

There are so many online spaces you can join to find a community of occultists to learn from.

And if you prefer to learn in-person, there are options for you too!

AminoAmino has many communities for witches and pagans of every flavor!
FacebookThere are so many great Facebook groups for witches.
TumblrI personally see this as a dying social network, but there is still useful information on here and people ready to chat and help you on your path.
LibrariesYou’ll be surprised at the meetups, book clubs, and communities that your local library hosts! If your library doesn’t currently have something for local witches, you could offer to start one yourself.
Metaphysical shopsThere are more and more of these every year, and they are a great place to meet local witches and find a community.
Where can you find other witches to talk to? Try all of these community spaces.

Watch Videos About Witchcraft

Do you learn better by watching videos?

Good news!

There has never been a better time to find videos about paganism and witchcraft.

Videos are great because you get a much better visual idea of how people practice, do their spellwork or set up their spaces.

You have the opportunity to learn from more advanced witches without having to leave your home or find a local community.

There are two great places to learn about witchcraft in video form: Youtube and TikTok.

Youtube has more long-form videos, and many channels have really slick editing and thought out videos.

TikTok is a bit less edited, but you can get great information really fast.

Both spaces have interesting personalities and a lot of information that can be easily accessed.

The best witches on Youtube. Eclectic witchcraft in a box. A faded background with a screencap from a Youtube search for witchcraft videos. Mexican witchcraft. The witch of wonderlust.
Learn about witchcraft with Youtube!

Witches On Youtube

For each channel recommendation below, I’ve included a video that will help you learn more about the channel and see if you like it.

The Witch Of Wonderlust13 Tips for Beginner Witches || Witchcraft 101
Harmony NiceAll about Wicca
The Green WitchWhat Kind of Witch Are You? || Nine Types of Witches || Witchcraft 101
Temperance AldenThings Every Budget Beginner Witch Should Have || Witch Haul
Jessi HuntenburgAdvice for Beginner Witches
HearthWitchLitha – How to Celebrate
Owlvine GreenSolitary vs Coven | My First Coven Experience! || How To Manifest!
MintfaeryBecoming a Witch: A Quick Guide to Starting Your Journey
EdgeOfNightfall7 Reasons Why You Might Be a Witch And Not Even Know It…
Magickians100 Types of Witches! 100K Special!
HekteriosStopping Spells & the Dangers of Magick
The best Youtube channels for beginner witches to learn more about witchcraft
The best witch videos on TikTok. The witchtok hashtag on TikTok. Videos by witchy creators. The TikTok logo.
TikTok is a super fun place to watch videos about witchcraft!

Witches On TikTok

You can scroll the #witchtok tag on TikTok to find great information, but these are some of my favorite accounts below.

@chaoticwitchauntthis may be just me. but my herb jars double as anger management tools.
@moon.child_111An easy way to cast circles
@enchant_trezMy favorite form of divination
@c.est.bon.bonOn hexing figure heads
@madelineafordHow the law of attraction changed my life
@thatwitchblogWhat being a generational witch is like
The best TikTok accounts for witches

Practice Magick

You can’t be a witch without doing magick!

There are many different forms of magick and spellwork to choose from, but your best bet is to go with something easy as a beginner. Skip the hexes and curses for now.

Simple spells include tea spells, candle spells, some forms of divination, and using crystals.

When you’re first starting out, it can be tempting to try to go big, but this can backfire fast!

Visualization and energy work are fundamental techniques for most forms of magick and the law of attraction. Learning how to do this early will make your magick stronger later. Start by meditating!
Visualization can be an easy form of magic for the beginner witch to try.

Choose Easy Spells First

As I said above, a few kinds of spells are inherently easy and perfect for a beginner.

Trying these out will help you connect with your inner power and reveal your natural talents.

Candle magickCandle magick can be as simple as focusing on a candle’s flame and putting your intention into it. Another option: choose a candle color that suits your needs, carve your purpose into it, and let it burn until it goes out naturally.
DivinationUsing tarot cards, oracle cards, or scrying can help you develop your connection with the spirit world! Just make sure to protect yourself first if you’re scrying.
Tea spellsTea spells are a great intro to magickal herbalism. Simply find some herbs suitable for tea and fit your intention, brew it, and drink up!
CrystalsUsing crystals to manifest desires and focus your magick is a safe and straightforward way to start using magick.
VisualizationVisualization and energy work are fundamental techniques for most forms of magick and the law of attraction. Learning how to do this early will make your magick stronger later. Start by meditating!
SigilsSigils are drawn spells that help you to manifest something. They have the potential to go wrong, but I’ve rarely seen that happen myself.
Try some of these easy spells for beginner witches

Try Many Things

Did you come to witchcraft with the idea that you would be a green witch or a kitchen witch?

Hold on, because you may find that your interests change over time!

Especially if you start very young, you probably won’t always want to do the same kind of magick for the rest of your life.

That’s why I recommend dabbling with many forms of magic at first.

Try a few candle spells, test out chaos magick, see if you like meditating or not.

When you try many things, you give yourself the chance to find your real passions.

Passion is essential to creating strong magick!

Try To Write Your Own Spells

This is a skill I recommend that every witch should learn.

Writing your own spells empowers, and it means you will always be able to have a spell for any obscure situation.

Writing spells is as simple as adding different components with the same purpose together.

A spell can be as complicated or as simple as you want.

I wrote a blog post about the anatomy of a great spell that should give you a good intro on how to make your own spells.

Should witches do black magic? A witch with a knife hovering over playing cards and a smoldering candle.
You decide your own morality. Do you want to do black magic?

Should You Do Black Magick?

As a beginner witch, I think you should avoid malefic magic. Not forever, but until you have a solid understanding of witchcraft.

You don’t want to be slinging hexes and curses around before you understand your own skills. If they backfire, you’re in for a world of hurt. 

Remember that casting spells is a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games! Your spells can seriously hurt innocent people and you.

Over time, you will develop your own ethical system. Some people choose to never use curses; others are less strict.

Even positive magick can have negative ramifications.

Speak with other witches that you trust, meditate on the topic, and discuss it with any deities you work with.

You will come to your own position in time.

Learn Correspondences

Comprehending magical correspondences will help you write your own spells. You’ll also be able to break apart and reverse engineer another witch’s spell with this skill.

Correspondences are usually handed to us through generations of witches and occultists that did the hard work of trial and error for you.

These ancestors learned the best uses for different crystals, herbs, deities, and symbols. They foster a connection with nature, and they can improve your spiritual growth.

With the information passed down to us, we can easily switch out mint for basil in a money spell, for instance.

Here are some elemental and herbal correspondences to get you started on this journey:


Meditation is a skill that helps witches to develop even more skills.

When you train your mind to be calm, you open both your mundane life and magickal life up to remarkable changes!

Meditation also teaches us to listen to our intuition, enhancing our psychic abilities.

Plus, there is nothing better than meditation to help train our focus so that our minds wander less when trying to visualize or manifest something.

When you are meditating, you are opening yourself up to experience the divine.

The emptiness that meditation creates leaves space for deities, spirits, and other entities to visit you.

This is also an essential practice for those that are into divination.

When you enter this space, you will probably find that your access to the future is much stronger and within your control.

Use Binaural Beats

Binaural beats use different frequencies to affect the brain (and other parts of the body!).

Some people find that binaural beats help induce altered states, improve healing, and help with meditation.

They are also said to:

  • Improve relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help with focus and concentration.
  • Lower stress
  • Manage pain
  • Promote creativity
  • Help to enter a “flow state.”
  • Increase positive moods

Binaural beats are best experienced with headphones on.

Some small studies provide evidence of the benefits of binaural beats.

One study found that binaural beats in the beta range improved performance when performing a given task.

It also showed that they can reduce negative moods.

I recently started a Youtube channel where I will post binaural beat meditations to help witches with magick (among other things).

Meet Your Spirit Guides And Familiars

Spirit guide meditation is a powerful way to meet your spirit guides and converse with them.

If you are still searching for a spirit guide, meditation is a great place to start.

Keep in mind that your spirit guide may hide at first, to test you as well as to see how you react.

This process usually isn’t fast, and you will probably have to meditate multiple times before your guide comes to you in its authentic form.

A spirit guide is meant to teach you and help you throughout life, so many beginner witches want to meet theirs as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this desire can leave you open to being used by malevolent entities.

Ensure you cast a protective circle around you while meditating, especially when trying to contact a spirit guide.

Meeting your familiar through meditation is a similar process.

It can take multiple sessions before your familiar reveals itself to you.

Always remember to be patient, and never try to rush a spiritual relationship.

What are familiars and spirit guides? A black cat with long whiskers and yellow eyes.
Do you work with a familiar or spirit guide in your witchcraft?

Protect Yourself

There is always the possibility of negative energies trying to influence you while meditating.

These entities may want to feed off of your fear, anger, or other negative emotions.

Or, they may want to convince you they are a deity, spirit guide, or familiar.

If they succeed, they can feed off of you for a longer time.

You can clean your meditation space with bells (this is called sound cleansing), incense, or through visualization.

Visualization just requires you to focus on a white light growing from your heart to fill and cleanse the whole room.

After cleansing, you can choose to protect yourself with more incense, a ring of salt, or drawing a protective circle.

Choose A Witchcraft Path

What kind of witchcraft do you want to do?

As you learn how to become a witch, you may change your answer to this.

In time, though, you will settle on a path that brings you joy and spiritual fulfillment.

There Are Many Paths In Witchcraft

There are so many ways to be a witch!

Some witches are atheists, while others are devout polytheists. Some are Wiccans, while others are eclectic witches.

The path you choose will reflect your interests, desires, and spiritual talents.

If you genuinely have a black thumb, you probably won’t become a green witch.

But you could easily be a kitchen witch!

Solitary Or Coven?

There are benefits in both being a solitary witch and joining a coven.

My advice here is to do what you think is best, and when that stops working, try the other option.

Many find that they outgrow their coven or that their practice stagnates after years of working alone.

As with most things in magick, you cannot assume your work will always be the same.

Should you be a solitary witch or join a coven? A witch in a foggy forest wearing a gothic chic dress and necklace looking quite sad
There are benefits to joining a coven, but you should still do solitary work.

Types Of Witchcraft

There are many different varieties of witches and witchcraft.

It would be impossible to write them all down here on this blog post, but this table will give you a quick overview of the options:

Type of witchcraftWhat they do
Traditional witchTraditional witches tend to use ceremonial magick and base their beliefs and practices on historical information.
Gardnerian witchThese are Wiccan witches that follow the teachings of Gerald Gardner. These witches are initiated into a Gardnerian order and follow a structured system of learning and advancement.
Alexandrian witchAlexandrian witches follow the teachings of Alex and Maxine Sanders. It’s similar to Gardnerian witchcraft, but with elements of the Qabalah and more ceremonial magick. They often believe in using whatever magick work.
Correllian witchFounded by Caroline High Correll, this form of witchcraft is eclectic and universalist. It’s one of the more widespread versions of Wicca.
Chaos witchChaos witches rely on the elements of chaos magick for their witchcraft, including sigils and sex magick. They often also believe that if something works, you should use it.
Hedge witchHedge witches study plants and the natural world and try to be in tune with the natural order of things. They form relationships with spirits of the land and plants around them, making them very focused on local spirits.
Satanic witchA satanic witch works with demons and “darker” deities like Satan, Lucifer, and Lilith.
Green witchGreen witches work very closely with plants, and much of their magick is rooted in herbalism. They are often in their gardens growing or harvesting something.
Kitchen witchKitchen witches put magick into the food they create, building up the health and happiness of those they love most.
Techno witchTechno witches use technology in their witchcraft. They can still be very tied to the earth, but they see technology as an asset for their witchcraft instead of a hindrance.
Elemental witchElemental witches work with the traditional elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water (and Spirit). Their magick uses elemental correspondences of plants, crystals, and tools.
Dianic witchDianic witches follow Dianic Wicca, a form of Wicca where only goddesses are honored. This form of witchcraft has its controversies, but it is also a beautiful tradition.
Hereditary witchA hereditary witch is one that actually comes from a line of witches. They were taught by their mom/dad at the very least, though some have traditions going back farther than that. Many practice folk magick and have very unique customs and beliefs. You cannot become a hereditary witch. You must be born into it.
Cosmic witchCosmic witches work with the stars and astrology for most of their witchcraft. They also follow the moon and sun cycles.
Secular witchA secular witch does not worship any deities, instead deriving their spiritual power from within themselves.
Christian witchA Christian witch blends Christian traditions with witchcraft, often incorporating prayers and even spells from within the Bible in their practice.
Polytheist witchPolytheist witches often call themselves simply pagans. These witches work with and believe in many deities. They may focus only on one culture’s pantheon, or they may be more eclectic in the gods they work with and worship.
Solitary witchA solitary witch works alone, rarely or never working magick within a group setting.
Coven witchA coven witch has been initiated into a group of witches. They do magick together, but most still have a solitary practice as well.
Eclectic witchAn eclectic witch will blend the traditions and beliefs from many other paths to form a unique system. They do only what works and leave useless or outdated beliefs and practices behind.
Crystal witchCrystal witches rely on crystals for much of their magick. Many form deep relationships with crystals and the spirits within them.
Faery witchFaery witches work with the Fae (goblins, faeries, sprites, elves, and other spirits). This can often be dangerous work since the Fae can be capricious, jealous, and sometimes downright sinister.
Folk witchA folk witch uses folk magick, passed down through their family or through mentors. Their magick is often very unique, and different regions will have different characteristics.

Set Up A Spiritual Spot In Your Home

One thing that I think all baby witches should do is create sacred space in their homes.

A small area where you feel safe meditating, communing with spirits and the gods, and practicing magick can be a powerful ally.

A sacred space can be as simple as a table with a candle or as elaborate as a whole room dedicated to magick.

They can be portable and made out of Altoids tins, or they can be a locked drawer in a desk.

Having space explicitly meant for witchcraft helps you to get your mind into a focused and relaxed state that makes magick possible.

Let’s explore sacred spaces more.

Persephone Altar Supplies

Persephone altar supplies include dark candles, pomegranates, roses, and obsidian. These items should be placed in a bowl, or on a table covered with a cloth. Get these handmade supplies for your Persephone altar on Etsy. The site also has other offerings, including incense, perfumes, crystals, stones, herbs, spices, oils, and artwork that would fit a Persephone altar.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Why Create A Sacred Space?

A sacred space can have many purposes, but in essence, it is a part of your home where you feel safe and comfortable enough to open up your mind to experience magick.

A sacred space:

  • Allows for deeper meditation
  • Helps you to enter a state of flow
  • Is an oasis in an otherwise crazy world
  • Enhances healing
  • Is perfect for journaling
  • Is where you can place offerings to the gods

A sacred space is a physical representation of the peace and spirituality you are trying to build within yourself.

It’s an external reminder that you are more than just a physical person in a material world.

Types Of Sacred Space

AltarAn altar is a sacred space that is traditional for witches. You can place tarot cards, offerings, crystals, candles, and more on your altar.
Locked drawerA good option if you have access to a drawer that you can lock. Especially if you’re a witch still in the broom closet, this private space is a good idea.
PortableA small, portable altar means that you can take your sacred space with you wherever you go! This is another excellent option for someone still in the broom closet.
Meditation spaceA pillow, some singing bowls, a few crystals… you don’t need much to create a meditation space. This might be a safer option for someone living in a home hostile to witchcraft.
OutdoorsIf you leave near woods or have an outdoor space that you know won’t be disturbed, you can set up an altar to go to when the weather permits. This is a fabulous option for green witches!
Any space can become a sacred space. These are some of the most common kinds.
What is a sacred space? Altars and meditation space in witchcraft. A witch altar with a pendulum, pendulum board, and oracle cards.
Make your sacred space work for you by adding decor that speaks to your soul.

Get or Make Witch Tools

Tools play a role in most witchcraft traditions, so it’s essential to learn what tools witches use and why.

There are ritual tools, like knives and chalices.

Some tools are used in more everyday magic, like herbs, spoons, and measuring cups.

Some tools, like salt, have multiple purposes and should be stocked up on.

The tools for witchcraft play a role in ritual, spell work, and have correspondences of their own that make them powerful elements in magic.

Do You Need Witch Tools?

Aside from spell ingredients, witch tools aren’t technically necessary.

They are useful in representing specific ideas or themes, but you can do without a dedicated wand or athame.

I still recommend getting the basic tools, however.

Some spells do require them, and you may find that you love using them.

What Are The Most Common Witch Tools?

The most common witch tools have been used in rituals and ceremonies since the beginning of witchcraft.

I don’t go over tools such as herbs and crystals in this table, just the ceremonial tools.

PentacleProtection. Represents the 5 elements.All 5 elements, but especially earth.
AthameCeremonial and ritual cutting. Rarely used to cut something physical.Fire element or air element.
BolinePhysical cutting, useful for herbs, rope, thread, and other ritual ingredients that may need to be cut.Same as athame.
WandDirects energy and summons spirits. Represents the divine masculine.Fire element. Masculine energy.
ChaliceHolds offerings, represents the divine feminine.Water element. Feminine energy.
BesomA traditionally made broom. Used for both physical and spiritual cleansing.Air element and earth element.
The most commonly used witch tools

Where To Buy Witch Tools

Witch tools don’t have to be expensive!

My blog post, 9 Witch Tools Commonly Found At The Thrift Store, shows you how you can build up your supplies without spending a ton of money.

I get a lot of my tools from thrift stores and dollar stores.

When I want to buy something more expensive, I look online first.

I try not to buy on Amazon for ethical reasons, but metaphysical shops online and in-person will have most or all of the tools you need.

You can also find groups online to swap tools and supplies with other witches!

This is a great way to reduce your waste and bless other witches that are just beginning their journey, too.

Layout of tarot cards from a deck, these feature amazing artist sketch details and bright, vibrant colors, displayed on a vintage wood table.
Tarot cards and other witch tools can be found in metaphysical shops, book stores, and sometimes in second hand shops.

How To Make Your Tools

If you’d rather make your ceremonial and ritual tools, then that is also a great choice!

Tools can be made from almost any material, but keep in mind that different materials have different correspondences and purposes.

A wand made from oak wood will behave very differently from a wand made of plastic, glass, or pine wood.

Check out these how-to guides:

How To Become A Witch

Odds are, if you’re visiting my website, you either are a witch, or you’re looking to become one.

But how do you become a witch?

Are you born a witch, or can you learn how to be one through practice and education?

When I first wanted to become a witch, I was very young.

I had a very open mind, which helped me become a witch.

An open mind enables you to consider multiple points of view and belief systems. It doesn’t cause anxiety to think that others might be right.

Are Most Witches Hereditary Witches?

Some witches are born with intense powers. Some are born into a family of witches.

But that’s not the usual case!

Most witches are born into “normal” families and simply decide to become a witch.

They dedicate themselves to the hard work of learning about different magic systems.

How to become a witch in 2022. A witch with symbols on her hat and wearing keys on her belt uses a branch for witchcraft on a lilac background.
It’s easier than ever to become a witch in 2022.

How Are Witches Made?

Popular media often depicts witchcraft as something that is in the blood.

It’s passed on within witch families through many generations.

Take Charmed, for instance. Their witchcraft was passed down to them through their mother.

Or in Harry Potter, where it’s very odd for a witch or wizard to be born of Muggle parents.

In some stories, the witches are descended from one that escaped the Salem witch trials.

In others, they escaped the previous witch hunts in Europe.

But is that a realistic representation of witches and witchcraft?

Or is there more to witchcraft than simple genetics and the random chance of birth into such a family?

The good news is, if you want to become a witch but you weren’t born into a witch family, you can still become a witch.

All you need is a willingness to work hard and study hard!

How To Become A Witch

One can be born into a witch family (an increasingly common phenomenon now that witchcraft and paganism are very popular) and have spells and rituals passed down from parent to child.

Not having that kind of relationship, however, does not stop someone from becoming a witch.

It only takes time and energy to learn the craft.

The answer lies in the name of witchcraft itself.

A craft is something that one must do, practice, and learn as a skill.

Even those few born in a family with witches going back centuries, learning is a necessary part of the process.

It is true that such witch families exist, though they are scarce due to persecution and the wide adoption of Christian religion and culture.

Such families pass down their spells in books or shadows or word of mouth from parent to child.

It’s a sacred tradition for them, one that is taken very seriously. It’s also rarely shared with the outside world.

That means those traditions frequently go extinct, their lessons and magick dying with the family.

However, you don’t need to have such a familial relationship to the craft to be a witch.

In fact, the vast majority of modern witches are self-taught or taught by someone self-taught.

All it takes to truly become a witch is time and effort, and a willingness to learn the craft.

Can anyone become a witch in 2021? A woodcut of a witch with stars around her as she flies on her broom.
Anyone can become a witch!

Can Anyone Be A Witch?

If you want to become a witch, guess what! Anyone can become a witch!

Even if you don’t yet know how to tap into your magick, you have that spark within you. You can be a mighty witch.

Heck, even Tom Brady says his wife is a witch! If Gisele Bundchen is practicing witchcraft, it’s definitely more popular now than ever.

It’s not always easy to be a witch, though, and sometimes witches need to be discreet.

While attitudes around witchcraft have evolved over time and witchcraft has become fashionable, it is still hard to be a witch in some communities.

This is even more true in other countries, where the culture is hostile to the point of murdering witches.

Still, some people find that they are born with peculiar abilities.

Perhaps it is an affinity for fire, or maybe a psychic ability.

These types of affinities can be honed, but not all of them can be learned by everyone.

In some cases, these abilities really are something you are born with.

Similarly, you can ignore those abilities entirely.

The ability to see an object’s history by merely touching it can be a very uncomfortable one, so ignoring it so that it may be harder to do might be a good idea if you can’t handle it.

Perhaps you are not very good at a type of magick you were very interested in learning.

This is more common than you may think!

You should still take a year to try and practice that magic, be it kitchen magick, spirit work, or ceremonial magick.

But if the skill never comes to you, you may be better off finding a type of magick that works better for you naturally.

It is true that some people just don’t have the sense for any kind of magick.

They may like to try physical forms of magick that rely on ingredients over intention and energy manipulation.

Potion magick and herbal magick are great options for such people.

Anything that is rooted in the physical rather than the spiritual may be just what they need.

Once they master those skills, more energy-based forms of magick may open up to them!

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How I Became A Witch

I became a witch in middle school.

I studied a lot, including starting a binder that I used as my book of shadows.

I shared information with some friends, read books, and spent a lot of time online.

A big part of my learning how to be a witch 15 years ago was actually doing spells.

I started with simple candle spells and then found that my witch niche was intuitive magick.

I work with laser-focused intention most often, though I do also still practice magic with tools like candles and herbs.

How I became a witch. An illustrated witch holding an energy ball in her hand. She has a third eye and blushing cheeks. She is in black and white with constellations and stars on her frilly witch dress. Her hair is long and flowing.
I have been a witch for more than half of my life!

How Can You Become A Witch?

There’s a lot of advice out there about this topic.

Many witches are fans of reading and learning about witchcraft for a year and a day before committing to it and actually beginning to practice.

I’m not such a huge fan of that advice. My advice is this: start small, and start now.

A simple cinnamon money tea with cinnamon sprinkled in is one of my most potent money magick spells.

Any tea will do. Any kind of cinnamon will do.

Buy everything from the dollar store to save money if you need or want to.

It really can be that simple.

As you practice, you will learn.

As you learn, you’ll become more passionate about practicing.

Allow those two things to feed each other so that you never get bored.

I’m sorry to all who recommend reading and learning for a year and a day, but I can’t think of anything much more boring than learning for that long without doing any kind of magick!

What are some easy spells you can start with? Try these:

I hope that this guide has helped to guide you into your new life as a witch.

Witchcraft is a very fulfilling practice that can be as big a part of your life as you want.

Witchcraft will definitely reflect your own desires, interests, hobbies, and habits.

It’s a spectacular way to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

My wish is that, in time, you will help other people learn how to become a witch, too!


How do I become a witch?

Becoming a witch involves developing your spirituality, learning about magic and witchcraft, and practicing your craft regularly. You can start by researching different paths and traditions, reading books, and finding a community to connect with.

Can anyone become a witch?

Yes, anyone can become a witch regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or religious background. However, it’s important to remember that being a witch is not about following a set of rules or joining a specific religion, but rather it’s about connecting with nature and the divine in your own unique way.

Do I need to have special powers to be a witch?

No, you don’t need to have any special powers to be a witch. Witchcraft is a practice that can be learned and developed over time through dedication, study, and practice.

What kind of tools do I need to start practicing witchcraft?

There is no set list of tools that every witch needs, but some common items include a wand, athame, candles, crystals, and herbs. However, these tools are not necessary, and you can start practicing witchcraft with just your intention and your own personal power.

Is witchcraft dangerous or evil?

No, witchcraft is not inherently dangerous or evil. It’s a practice that is focused on personal growth, self-discovery, and connecting with the natural world. Like any practice, it’s important to approach it with respect and responsibility, and to always keep in mind the ethics of harm none.

Do I need to worship a specific deity to be a witch?

No, you don’t need to worship any specific deity to be a witch. Many witches draw inspiration from a variety of mythologies and pantheons, but ultimately, the practice of witchcraft is about connecting with the divine in a way that feels authentic to you.

Can I be a witch if I don’t have a coven or a community?

Yes, you can absolutely practice witchcraft on your own. While many witches find strength and support in a community, it’s not a requirement. There are many resources and online communities that can help you learn and grow as a solitary practitioner.

Can I practice witchcraft if I have a different religion?

Yes, you can practice witchcraft regardless of your religion. Many witches come from different religious backgrounds and incorporate their beliefs into their practice. The most important thing is to find a way to practice that feels authentic to you and aligns with your personal beliefs.

How can I protect myself while practicing witchcraft?

It’s important to remember that witchcraft is a practice of personal empowerment and responsibility. You can protect yourself by setting clear intentions, practicing grounding and centering techniques, and working with protective spells and talismans. It’s also important to approach your practice with caution and respect, and to always consider the potential consequences of your actions.

What are magical correspondences?

Magical correspondences are associations between certain objects, colors, animals, elements, and other symbols with specific magical properties or intentions. These correspondences can be used in various magical practices, including spell work, ritual, and divination.

How can I incorporate magical correspondences into my witchcraft practice?

You can incorporate magical correspondences into your witchcraft practice by researching and learning about the various correspondences and experimenting with how they can be used in your magical work. You can also create your own correspondences based on your personal experiences and associations.

What are some common correspondences and their magical properties?

Some common magical correspondences include:
Colors: Red for love and passion, green for prosperity and abundance, and blue for communication and clarity.
Herbs: Lavender for relaxation and peace, rosemary for memory and clarity, and sage for purification and protection.
Crystals: Amethyst for spirituality and intuition, clear quartz for clarity and amplification, and rose quartz for love and emotional healing.
Elements: Fire for passion and energy, water for emotions and intuition, and earth for grounding and stability.

How do I know if I’m on the right path to becoming a witch?

Becoming a witch is a personal journey and there is no right or wrong way to practice. Trust your intuition and experiment with different techniques and practices to find what works best for you. Surround yourself with a supportive community and continue to learn and grow on your path. Remember, there is no one “right” way to be a witch – trust yourself and your own unique journey.

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