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Witch Burnout: How To Ground And Center Yourself When Exhausted

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Witch burnout and exhaustion is a real thing. Unfortunately, it drives a lot of talented witches away from the craft for years or for life!

The good news is you can fix witch burnout by grounding and centering yourself, taking some time away from witchcraft, enjoying other hobbies, and re-engaging with the parts of witchcraft that bring you joy.

If only those exhausted witches knew there were easy ways to fix it! Come out from under that fatigue and find the beauty in witchcraft again.

The many causes of witch burnout: an illustrative list of why you might get sick of being a witch from Eclectic Witchcraft
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What Causes Witch Burnout?

Several things can cause the stress that is at the root of burnout, including:

  • Practicing witchcraft too often, to the detriment of hobbies or self-care
  • Expectations placed on us by others, including coven mates
  • A lack of recognizable outcomes
  • Negative energy in our homes, relationships, or workplaces
  • Unaligned chakras
  • Having to practice witchcraft in secret
  • Mental wellness issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • An emotional or physical hardship in our lives

I’ve gone through many periods of burnout, and each time I have to come back to the craft and relearn some things. Negative energy affects us all. We all need to learn how to manage our stress levels!

When we take better care of ourselves and focus on self-care, every aspect of our lives benefits.

Your mental health is vital, too. Anxiety disorders affect more than 18% of people in the US. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t forget to see a doctor.

Bye bye, stress! With a cute witch cartoon holding a pumpkin and broom or besom.
How to deal with burnout when you’re a witch. Witch burnout isn’t much different from burnout at work or with hobbies.

How To Avoid Witch Burnout

Energy collects within all of our bodies. When we are filled mostly with positive energy, our lives seem easier, and we never become burned out on our favorite activities. 

But when bad vibes collect within us, our lives become darker. Everything we loved to do becomes too much of a hassle.

The biggest tip for avoiding burnout is to get in touch with your true self. Learn what you need to feel balanced. Avoid things that trigger you or cause you to be sad, mad, or stressed.

With just a few changes, you can avoid burning out while studying and practicing witchcraft! Let’s get this negative energy out of your life the right way:

Identify What Is Stressing You Out

The first thing you should do is figure out what is driving your fatigue or frustration.

There will probably be many things that are causing the exhaustion, but there is perhaps just one thing that is really driving it.

Have you been sleeping well? How is your diet?

Did you just have a fight with a friend or family member? Did your pet recently die?

Did your last spell simply not work the way you wanted it to?

You have to figure out what is putting you into this witch funk.

Until you can identify what is draining you, you can’t avoid it in the future.

A list of burnout triggers, such as too much caffeine, feeling powerless, and not experiencing rewarding outcomes
What causes burnout? Learning your triggers can help you to stay interested in witchcraft for the long haul.

Avoid Your Stress Triggers

Once you have identified what is driving your burnout, you can avoid future problems by avoiding your triggers or finding ways to cope with them.

Instead of just assuming your spell didn’t work, perhaps you could keep an eye out for any signs that the spell is working and write them down in a journal.

If you’re going through a fight or other emotional situation, I would avoid working too much magic at those times.

But if it’s a physical problem like lack of sleep, you should focus more on caring for yourself.

Take Preventative Measures

How can you protect yourself from future burnout? There are many habits you can form, but it’s necessary to learn your own limits.

When I get in the mood to research something, it’s all I can think about for days. I often skip meals, don’t speak to anyone but family, and basically refuse to focus on anything but my interests.

Obviously, that’s not healthy or acceptable. 

So I needed to learn how to tell myself no. It’s not easy to tear myself away from something I really want to do, but I had to build up the willpower to force myself to go outside, eat good meals, and spend time with friends.

What are the other ways you can prevent burnout as a witch?

Why negative energy will lead to you burning out from being a witch. Avoid negative energy.
Negative energy ruins your mood, causes burnout, and makes it harder to succeed with your spells and magic.

Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Carry a crystal such as obsidian with you and allow it to absorb or block negativity throughout the day.

One good crystal for absorbing negative energy is clear quartz. It is a deeply cleansing and protective crystal that you should carry if you’re susceptible to stress. Visualize it to be like a sponge, absorbing all of the bad vibes you encounter every day.

Make sure you cast a circle or egg of protection around you regularly, too. This will block out the energy from others and also stop energy vampires from siphoning your positive energy.

Ground And Center Yourself

Dig your toes into the grass and dirt. Connecting with the earth is one of the best ways to relieve stress and reconnect with the universe.

Whenever you find yourself becoming stressed out, angry, or sad, try grounding and centering yourself. Sit under a tree, or simply plant your bare feet into the lawn.

During the winter, dig those toes into the snow. A few minutes in the snow won’t give you frostbite in most situations! 

Don’t forget to ground and center yourself before and after doing any spells or rituals.

Can’t get outside? You can still center yourself.

Meditate with calming music or a guided meditation podcast. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself grounded.

This work is an essential element of witchcraft. It balances you, your physical body, and your spiritual body. Plus, learning these techniques will help in mundane situations at work or with your relationships.

How to ground and center yourself, and why you should do it as a witch.
How to avoid witch burnout by practicing basic self-care.

How To Ground Yourself

When you have feelings of anxiety, and your blood pressure is raised, take the time to ground yourself.

Also known as earthing, connecting your physical body to the earth rebalances our electrical system. You connect to the land like a wire connects to an electrical outlet. Grounding techniques balance and redistribute the energy you are storing, helping you to release negative energy.

The earth’s energy is (usually) calming. It also acts as a massive battery refilled by the sun and heat from within its core.

Touching skin to earth isn’t the only way to ground yourself, though! Try some of these techniques.

Put your hands in a bowl of water and connect with the water element . It can be warm or cold water, depending on which will be most soothing for you.

You could even take a shower or bath to remove distressing and painful feelings.

Hold and meditate with crystals. These crystals came from the earth (with a few exceptions) and still can balance our energy. If you’re stuck inside, keeping crystals near you can help you avoid the anxiety that can cause burnout.

Walking barefoot, even in the house, can ground you. It’s best to get outside, but taking off your shoes while at home is one excellent way to start any self-care routine.

Use Witch Affirmations

These simple phrases can help to center yourself and remind you of how powerful you really are.

There’s a reason so many people promote the use of positive affirmations. These little phrases can improve your mindset, encourage positive change, and boost self-esteem.

While positive affirmations may seem like woo, it’s actually based on psychological theory and is widely accepted in the field of psychology.

It’s crucial to choose affirmations that are relevant to your own anxieties and insecurities. Don’t go ultra-positive, either. Choose realistic but uplifting affirmations.

Positive affirmations that work well sound like: 

  • I love exploring witchcraft
  • Witchcraft brings me joy and peace 
  • Being a witch is fun!

Positive thinking can transform your whole life into something better. They have the added benefit of being an intrinsic part of the Law Of Attraction!

Find The Fun In Witchcraft

Try a new style of magic or cast a silly spell for some ice cream.

Do something fun! Make it feel exciting again. Try using essential oils to make a magical scent. Try new ingredients for that money potion.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for witchcraft. You get to choose your path. I hope that your path is one where you get to belly laugh with coven mates and try new ideas without fretting about doing it wrong.

Putting yourself into a box as a witch can increase your negative feelings, leading to burnout.

Listen To Your Own Needs

Never choose to practice magic over self-care. You need body awareness and mental health awareness.

Your physical body and spiritual self are intrinsically linked in this life, and they will be until you pass on.

bath spell is one dependable way to do self-care while still practicing witchcraft.

But if you need to take time away from the magical world, that’s fine too! Make sure you stay hydrated, eat healthy and yummy foods, listen to good music, take a (mundane) relaxing bath.

Take a break from spell casting. You can always come back to it when you’re feeling better.

Stop Being An Exhausted Witch

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded witch burnout and keep making magic fun for yourself!

How do you avoid burnout? What do you do once that exhaustion sets in? Take the time to enjoy life with intention and take a deep breath before the stress overwhelms you.

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