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How To Deal With Witch Burnout

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Witch burnout and exhaustion is a real thing, and it unfortunately drives a lot of talented witches away from the craft for years or for life!

If only those exhausted witches knew there were some easy ways to come out from under that fatigue and find the beauty in witchcraft again.

What leads to witch burnout?

A number of things, including:

  • Practicing too often, to the detriment of hobbies or self care
  • Expectations placed on us by others, including coven mates
  • A lack of recognizable outcomes
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • An emotional or physical hardship in our lives

I’ve gone through many periods of burnout, and each time I have to come back to the craft and relearn some things.

If I only took better care of myself so that I could avoid the witch burnout!

How To Avoid Witch Burnout

Identify The Current Source Of Your Burnout

The first thing you should do is figure out what is driving your fatigue or frustration.

There will probably be a lot of things that are causing the exhaustion, but there is probably just one thing that is really driving it.

Have you been sleeping well? How is your diet?

Did you just have a fight with a friend or family member? Did you pet recently die?

Did your last spell simply not work the way you wanted it to?

You have to figure out what is putting you into this witch funk.

Until you can identify what is draining you, you can’t avoid it in the future.

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Avoid Your Triggers

Once you have identified what is driving your burnout, you can avoid future problems by avoiding your triggers or finding ways to cope with them.

Instead of just assuming your spell didn’t work, perhaps you could keep an eye out for any signs that the spell is working and write them down in a journal.

If you’re going through a fight or other emotional situation, I would avoid working too much magic at those times.

But if it’s a physical problem like lack of sleep, then you should focus more on caring for yourself.

Take Preventative Measures

How can you protect yourself from future burnout? Here are a few ways:

Protect yourself from negative energy. Carry a crystal such as obsidian with you and allow it to absorb negativity throughout the day.

Make sure you cast a circle or egg of protection around you regularly, too.

Ground and center yourself. Dig your toes into the grass and dirt.

Meditate with calming music or a guided meditation podcast. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself grounded.

Use witch affirmations. These simple phrases can help to center yourself and remind you of how powerful you really are.

Find the fun in witchcraft. Try a new style of magic or cast a silly spell for some ice cream.

Do something fun! Make it feel exciting again.

Listen to your own needs. Never choose to practice magic over self care.

Your physical body and spiritual self are intrinsically linked in this life, and they will be until you pass on.

Read some fun books about witchcraft. Even a fiction book can make you excited to be a witch again!

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded witch burnout and keep making magic fun for yourself!

How do you avoid burnout? What do you do once that exhaustion sets in?

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