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How To Make A Protection Jar (Ingredients & Spell)

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Protect your house, your family, and yourself with easy to make protection jars. This ancient form of witchcraft can be used to protect anything you want.

By putting herbs, crystals, written spells, magic water, and other ingredients into a spell jar, you can create a protection jar that can be kept on a windowsill or buried in your garden. These protection jars send out a sustained wall of magic to guard whatever it is meant to keep from harm.

We have found witch bottles and protection jars at Civil War sites! They may have been used to ward off evil spirits.

“It was this glass bottle full of nails, broken, but all there, near an old brick hearth,” said Joe Jones, director of the William & Mary Center for Archaeological Research (WMCAR). “We thought it was unusual, but weren’t sure what it was.” – Civil War-era bottle found on highway median may be rare ‘witch bottle.’

When I move to a new apartment or home, I like to make a new protection jar as my first spell. I set an intention for all the good things I want to happen in my new space and ward off anything harmful.

Then I bury the jar near my home. Of course, if you live in an apartment complex, you may want to do this without being seen. But if you have your own home, burying the jar anywhere on your property is fine.

Do you want to learn how to make a protection spell jar? Then keep reading!

ow to use spell jars to protect your home and family. Spell jars filled with herbs for protection and covered with fabric next to a cactus and dried herbs.
Stuff a jar full of herbs, crystals, and sigils for powerful protection magic that will benefit your whole family.

How Do Jar Spells Work?

This protection spell uses different ingredients like herbs and crystals for their protective magical correspondences.

Jar spells work by combining a set of ingredients, infusing those ingredients with your intention and then sealing the magick into the jar. Jar spells can be constantly re-charged and re-activated, which is one of the reasons they are extremely popular amongst witches. (

You can use any mixture of ingredients, so long as their magical correspondences are aligned with your intention.

Not every jar spell is buried, but I prefer to bury them for the protection of a home. You can determine what you want to do.

Do keep in mind that a buried spell jar has access to the earth’s natural stores of magic, so you won’t have to dig it up and recharge it over and over again. 

Protection jars on Etsy
Protection jars on Etsy

What Jars Should I Use?

If you want to use small jars, I sell those in my Etsy shop. These mini jars are perfect for making protection jar earrings or a protection jar necklace that are small and lightweight enough to wear without pain.

For spells that use larger ingredients, larger jars are best. Just keep in mind that the larger the container, the more you’ll have to dig to bury it!

Old pickle jars, spaghetti sauce jars, wine bottles, and baby food jars have been some of my favorites for jar spells. If you don’t have any of these jars ready to use, check out a local thrift store. They often sell jars that have been donated to them.

A simple spell for protection that you can bury in your garden. A witchy woman lighting a white candle with an herb wearing a black dress.
With candles and herbs you can craft a powerful but simple protection spell.

Protection Jar Ingredients Explained

You should always understand what is going into your spells. Aside from needing a glass jar, you will be adding a sigil, herbs, and crystals too. Here is why I chose to include each of the ingredients and tools.


A sigil is a personalized symbol draw on a piece of paper that is used to represent your intention. There are several methods of making a sigil, some easier than others. As you make more sigils, you will probably develop your own system using the alphabet, different fonts, and symbols like runes.

If you’ve never made a sigil before, read through Rune Soup’s ultimate guide to sigils before you do this spell.

You can create sigils for personal protection, the protection of children, the safety of your friends and loves, to gain the protection of a god or goddess, and for really any other goals you might have.

Writing sigils on a piece of paper and adding it to your spell jar is a great way to activate and use it. A protection sigil can be very powerful and personalized for the kind of protection you need.

Frankincense incense

Olibanum or frankincense is a resin used to make incense. It is a spiritually powerful scent that helps with meditation and centers us when we connect with spiritual realms.  It will also banish negative energy.

It is a scent often used for protection and purification, so it is popular when making spell jars of all kinds. In this spell, we use the smoke of frankincense incense to purify the jar we are using and fill it with protective energy.

1 black candle

Black candles are used for both offensive and defensive magic. In this case, we’re using it defensively to ward off negative energy and bad intentions. 

What is candle magick? Candle magic is a form of conjuring using candles. The magician uses a variety of techniques to manipulate reality with the candles or the flames.

The black candle wax is also used to seal the jar used in this spell.

Other color options include a green candle to protect your money, or a red candle to protect your heart or relationship.

The science and magic of spell jars. Jars lining a wall in a purple haze.
Learn the ingredients you can use to make a witch bottle for protection.


Basil is most often known for its use in money and prosperity magic, but it is a protective herb. In some cultures, basil is thought to appease deities and protect against evil. Basil is one of the best herbs for protection in magic!


Wreaths of marigold are sometimes hung over a door to keep evil and negativity out of a home. Adding it to this spell jar for protection will give you extra protection.

An added benefit is that this flower is associated with love, filling a home with a lasting love for the whole family.


Sage is well known for smoke cleansing in a house. It is associated with immortality, protection, purification, success, and wisdom.

If you prefer not to use white sage, any other variety of sage is perfectly acceptable to use.

Sage will also ward the home from sorrow and death.


This ingredient is used in witchcraft for cleansing, strength, protection, and memory. It is associated with the sun and will bring the sun’s protection to your home.

For students, spell jars made with rosemary will help with all learning and school work.


Cloves invoke protection as well as prosperity and purification. This herb exorcises negative entities like ghosts and demons from people and homes.

Cloves in a protection jar will prevent others from gossiping about you or your family. It will also banish negativity.


Chamomile is linked to the sun’s power and strong sun deities like Cernunnos, Helios, and Ra. 

Chamomile in this spell jar will ward you and your home against spiritual attacks. Hexes, curses, and psychic attacks will not be able to touch you.


This herb is protective and purifying. It also helps witches to communicate with spirits and draw in love.

Adding parsley to this magic jar will draw in fertility, luck, strength, rebirth, and protection. It is also used to ward off evil spirits.

Protect your home with spell jars. Easy to make!!! Purple candles.
Protecting your home with witchcraft has never been easier.

Small Amethyst

Spiritually and physically protect yourself and your home with a small amethyst crystal added to your protection jar spell. It will ward off curses, hexes, and unfriendly energy. This will be one of the best protection crystals you can use!

Amethyst is a stone associated with healing and protection, and is full of positive energies. It is believed to be an excellent protector against evil spirits. It is also said to help one find love and happiness.

Small Obsidian

This crystal was used during the Middle Ages to ward off demons and evil spirits. It is a protective stone that heals and protects us from negativity.

Obsidian is an extremely hard volcanic glass that was used for cutting tools, weapons, jewelry, and even mirrors. Witches use obsidian to make talismans and amulets, as well as tools such as knives and daggers.

Black Salt

Black salt is a protective salt that banishes unwanted energies. This salt is ruled by the planet Saturn and is used in uncrossing, repelling evil, and getting rid of emotional baggage.

Witch jars on Etsy
Witch jars on Etsy

How To Use Your Protection Jar

A protection spell jar can be used in many ways. As I’ve already said, I prefer to bury my jars if I am trying to protect my home.

But if your protection spell jar is to protect you, you can wear or carry the jars with you. This is obviously more realistic if your spell jar is smaller.

You can place your spell jars on a windowsill to be charged by the sun and moon. Or you can put them under your bed to protect you from nightmares.

A protection jar can be given to someone as a gift, and it will protect them. Make sure to tell them where you think their spell jar should go, whether it should be buried, worn, or put under the bed.

If you want to give a protection jar to someone who has a specific problem, like a bad habit, then you might want to include some herbs that help break those habits.

How To Make A Protection Jar Spell

Magical spell jars filled with herbs to protect the home, family, and loved ones next to a cactus and hanging herbs on the wall.


  • 1 jar with lid or cork
  • Frankincense incense
  • 1 black candle
  • Basil
  • Calendula
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Cloves
  • Chamomile
  • Parsley
  • Small amethyst
  • Small obsidian
  • Paper
  • Pen


  1. With the paper and pen, create a sigil for protection.
  2. Light the black candle and incense.
  3. Hold the jar over the candle.
  4. Tip the jar over and hold its opening over the incense. Fill the jar with smoke.
  5. Add basil, calendula, sage, rosemary, clove, chamomile, parsley, a small amethyst crystal, black salt, and a small obsidian crystal.
  6. If using a small jar, you may want to grind the herbs up and use a funnel to get them into the opening.
  7. Add your sigil to the jar.
  8. Close the jar.
  9. Cover the opening of the jar with wax from the black candle.
  10. Snuff the candle. It can be used for future protection jars.
  11. Place your protection jar somewhere safe or bury it near whatever you are protecting.
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