A witchy hand with scorched black fingers holding a white candle for Imbolc

Imbolc Blessing Spell

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Use this Imbolc blessing spell to bestow prosperity, happiness, and courage not only to yourself but to everyone you love. With bay leaves, you can write down specific blessings you wish to share with your loved ones.

I love this simple spell because it’s perfect for the beginner witch. It doesn’t even require working with a deity.

Many Imbolc spells involve the deity Brigid since the holiday is so closely associated with her.

However, beginner witches sometimes feel uncomfortable working with gods and goddesses. They can be unpredictable sometimes!

So this spell doesn’t rely on the blessing of a deity. Let’s learn why I chose the ingredients in this spell, and at the end, you’ll find the directions for the Imbolc blessing spell.

A witch with black nails and chain rings with a hand on her book of shadows and holding a white candle on a black wood table.
Bless all your loved ones with this simple spell for Imbolc.

What Is Imbolc?

Imbolc is an Irish fire festival dedicated to the goddess Brigid. The worship of Brigid was so widespread, and devotion to her so intense that the Christian church made her a saint. They simply couldn’t stop the local people from revering her.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

The Celtic goddess Brigid was said to visit homes during Imbolc. Some people make crosses for her or dollies that look like her during this time.

She was a fire goddess, so lighting candles and bonfires is typical at Imbolc. That’s part of why there’s a candle in this spell, because Imbolc is a fire festival!

If you decide to honor Brigid while doing this ritual, you could say the Smooring The Fire prayer from Alexander Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica. It’s a prayer dedicated to Brigid and the hearth fire.

THE sacred Three

To save,

To shield,

To surround

The hearth,

The house,

The household,

This eve,

This night,

Oh! this eve,

This night,

And every night,

Each single night.


Why Do We Use Bay Leaves In Witchcraft?

Bay leaves are associated with granting wishes and with prosperity and abundance. 

Many baby witches start out with a bay leaf wish spell: you write your wish on a bay leaf and then burn it.

This Imbolc blessing spell is a modification of that kind of magic. It allows you to charge many wishes at once.

What Does The Salt Around The Candle Do?

Salt removes negative energy from our home and altar. It cleanses and protects us. 

In this spell, the salt is being used to absorb any negative energy or bad luck surrounding the people we are blessing.

When you write their name on the bay leaf, it establishes a connection with them.

This connection allows you to manipulate the energy around them. You can send them good energy or bad energy. In this spell, of course, we’re sending them good things!

So we are using white salt, which will draw in any negativity around them. Make sure you throw this salt away after the spell is done! Don’t use it in cooking, or you will ingest all that bad energy.

A witch with blackened finger tips holding a lit white candle against a gray background. Imbolc blessing spell.
White candles represent spirituality and prayer.

Why Do We Use A White Candle?

White candles represent hope, purity, protection, spirituality, and spirits. They are also an all-purpose tool for spells when you don’t have a specific color to represent your desires.

In this spell, we use white to send hope and happiness to our loved ones. 

These candles are also used in healing spells, so if you are blessing someone who has been ill or is dealing with mental health issues, white is the best candle to choose.

Finally, white is associated with prayers and devotion. Both of these are important to evoke when making wishes for other people. You must devote yourself to their wellbeing and pray for good things to happen to them.

Imbolc Candle Blessing Spell

A witchy hand with scorched black fingers holding a white candle for Imbolc


  • A candle holder big enough for your candle to have about a half-inch of space around it
  • A white candle
  • Salt
  • Bay leaves
  • A marker
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A cauldron or fireproof and fire-safe container


  1. Put your candle in your candle holder, centering it as best you can.
  2. Fill the empty space around the candle with an inch or so of salt.
  3. Write one name of a person you love on a bay leaf, and then on the other side, write a wish or blessing for them.
  4. Do this as many times as you need to bless everyone you love.
  5. Then stick the bay leaves into the salt around the candle.
  6. Light the candle and let it entirely burn out. Or, light it for an hour or so every day until it burns out, making sure to snuff it out instead of blowing it out.
  7. Once the candle is finished, burn the bay leaves in your cauldron or fire-safe container.
A pagan woman over a fire celebrating Imbolc in the dark.
Imbolc is a fire festival for Brigid.

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