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17 Kid Friendly Full Moon Activities

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Kid Friendly Full Moon Activities: The full moon is coming soon, and we’ve got tons of fun activities planned for the occasion. If you’d like to learn more about the full moon, check out our post on how to plan a kid friendly full moon party.

There are tons of fun activities you can do with your kids during a full moon night. In this post, I’ll share 17 kid friendly full moon activities that will help you bond with your children while teaching them something new.

Even if a child knows about the moon, new facts come up and new questions arise. Your children won’t remember everything you taught them, but they’ll retain some things forever. Plus, it’s fun to learn something new!

I’ve included everything from simple crafts to science experiments to outdoor adventures. All of these ideas are perfect for families who enjoy spending quality time together. You can all learn about the lunar cycle and what people believed about the moon in ancient times.

Here’s a list of kid friendly activities that you can do during the full moon…

1. Painting Under The Moon

When I was 9 years old, I went camping with my family. While we were out by the lake, my mom came to me with an easel and some paints, and we painted the moon and landscape together.

That moment is one I look back on often. It was so fun, and that painting is still hanging in her house to this very day.

Painting under the moon can infuse the whole experience in magic and mystery. While painting, you and your children will notice small details in the night. You might see shooting stars or hear crickets.

Take in every sensory experience you can during this activity. You’ll come away fully charged with full moon blessings.

2. Full Moon Meditation

The full moon is the perfect time to start your meditation practice. Meditation is a great way to connect with nature and yourself. If you’re looking for something different to do at the full moon, try meditation.

You don’t need any special equipment to meditate. All you need is a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Find somewhere comfortable outside under the light of the moon. Focus on your breathing and feel the energy coming off of the moon. As a result, you’ll feel more connected to nature and yourself.

If you want to get started right away, here are some tips to add meditation to your moon rituals:

1. Sit in a comfortable position. You can sit cross-legged or lie down.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Breathe deeply and slowly. Feel the air going into your lungs and out through your nose.

4. Repeat a mantra (a word or phrase) over and over again. For example, “I am loved by the gods.”

5. When you’re ready, open your eyes.

3. Collecting Moon Water

Lunar water is full of magical energy. “Moon Water” is an ancient symbol associated with the lunar cycle. Use this powerful water to empower your intentions, manifest your dreams, and bring your desires to fruition. Plus, it’s a great way to get in touch with your inner child! And all you need is a jar and some water to get started.

Moon water is often one of the first moon rituals people try. The full moon’s energy encompasses completion, renewal, and rebirth. This is why many cultures believe that the full moon brings good luck.

I like to add some ingredients to my full moon water. To make my moon water, fill a glass jar with fresh water. Add 1/8 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of rose petals. Place the lid on top and shake vigorously, and then place it under the moon. 

The salt is for protection, the rose petals for gentle manifestation of love and self love.

After leaving the water out under the moon for a few hours, I bring it in and strain it. This water is usually used up within a week of collecting it. I put it into potions and magical baths. Speaking of baths…

4. Moon Water Bubble Bath

Adding a bit of the moon water you collected to your bubble bath can cleanse and heal your soul as it cleanses your body. Kids love bubble baths, and you can tell them that they’re sitting in a hug magic potion meant to make them happier!

5. Read Moon Myths

According to a famous legend, if Christmas was celebrated on a dark moon, the following year’s crops would be great. They also believe that a waxing moon at Christmas means an abundant harvest the next year, but a waning moon indicates that the harvest will be poor.

There are so many lunar myths you can tell your children! Open them up to a world of wonder with these myths:

Lunar legends: A trail of myths and stories from around the world

Myths About the Moon

6. Go On A Night Time Nature Walk

Full moon hikes can provide a unique opportunity to commune with nature and gain insight into how our own minds work. As the moon moves through her phases, she offers us a window into our inner workings. She represents the feminine principle, and her cycles represent the cyclical nature of life. By observing the moon’s movements, we can learn to better understand ourselves and our relationships with others. We can also use the moon to help us navigate our lives and find balance between our personal needs and responsibilities.

For this reason, full moon hikes are often paired with spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation. It is important to note that while hiking under the full moon is certainly beneficial, it is not necessary. One can hike any time of the year, but the benefits are greater when the moon is full.

7. Teach Your Kids How To Feel Lunar Energy

Meditation and energy work help children to understand how we can be connected to a celestial body so far away. Children need to learn how to use their minds to access cosmic energies. It helps them to develop self-control and discipline.

Lunar energy is a kind of energy that comes from the moon. It can help witches do things like casting spells or making potions. Witches use lunar energy to protect themselves and their families.

Meditation and energy work help children understand how we can be affected by forces outside our bodies. They teach us how to use our minds to access cosmic energies, and how to use them to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

We can use our minds to tap into lunar energy. By doing so, we can gain protection from harmful influences and influence the environment around us.

Energy Coaching For Kids

Energy Work for Children

8. Make A Glowing Moon Shirt

DIY Candy has this craft for a super cute shirt for your kiddos that will glow in the dark!

Glow in the dark t-shirts are pretty cool. They look awesome when you wear them out at night! But how hard would it be to make? Luckily, it’s really simple!

This craft is perfect for kids who love astronomy. They can wear their creations during full moon rituals and sleepovers.

9. Moon Phases Watercolor Activity

This interesting activity from Chalk Academy has the added benefit of teaching your kids another language if you want to!

All you need for this moon activity is watercolor paint, watercolor paper, glue, puffy paint, a paintbrush, a pencil, and a circle stencil.

10. Make A Phases Of The Moon Wreath

This cute wreath craft from 3 Dinosaurs is maybe one of my favorite activities on this list.

Wreaths are fun to decorate with, but they can also serve important functions. Wreaths are symbolic decorations that represent the cycle of the seasons, and the phases of the moon. These decorations are especially useful for children, since they allow them to express their creativity while learning valuable lessons about the world around them.

11. Make Moon Dust

From Play Inspired Mum, this craft can teach your kids how the craters on the moon formed. It can be messy, though, so maybe do this one outside!

Moon Sand is a simple recipe that can be used for sensory play. It requires no unusual ingredients and no expensive equipment. 

12. Bake Moon Cookies

These moon esbat cookies from Moody Moons look so yummy!

Make this recipe and enjoy it during the flower moon, midsummer celebrations or any moon festivities. A beautiful cookie made with real, dried flowers, this sweet treats strikes a whimsical balance between sophistication and psychedelia.

13. Charge Crystals Under The Moonlight

Crystals have been used throughout history as tools for healing, divination, and spiritual development. Take your child’s favorite crystals out on a full moon night and place them under the moonlight. Teach your children how the light from the moon cleanses and charges the crystals.

14. Pom Pom Moon Craft

Coming from Crafts On Sea, this cute craft takes a paper plate and transforms it into a moon full of craters.

This craft is super easy to assemble and also very easy to clean up afterwards!

You could just cut a circle out of a white piece of paper and draw around it, but to take things down to the simplest level possible, using a paper plate was perfect because it was already so simple. Plus, paint can get way more messy with paper than on a paper plate.

15. Make DIY Moon Rocks

This super cute moon rocks activity from Kids Activities is so cool I might just do it for myself!

With this craft kids can discover their inner scientist. Kids will enjoy learning about astronomy and space. All you need is baking soda, water, glitter, and black food coloring. This craft would be awesome for any age, but especially for younger children who are still in the toddler stage.

It’s a fun sensory activity that activates the hands by touching the rocks and the eyes with the glitter.

16. Go Stargazing

This is something everyone should experience once in their life. Grab a blanket and go outside to watch the moon rise. Find a place away from light pollution, and look up at the sky. Try to see what constellations are visible, and learn about the stars.

17. Visit An Astronomical Observatory

Many cities have public observatories where visitors can view the night sky. Check out your city’s observatory to see what’s available. If there isn’t an observatory near you, check out these online resources: – Enjoy the night sky with this virtual telescope on Mount Teide.

WorldWide Telescope – WWT isn’t a physical telescope – it’s an open source science suite combining beautiful graphics and open data sources to tell amazing stories about our universe.

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