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Leo Woman Personality Traits

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The Leo woman sun sign is a proud lioness who demands respect from others. She has an air about her that commands admiration. Her beauty is undeniable and she knows it. And if you’re not careful, she’ll use it to get what she wants.

The Leo woman is bold, confident and charismatic. She’s the life of every party. But she can also be selfish and demanding. She loves to have fun and will go out of her way to make sure everyone else does too.

If you have a Leo woman in your life, you may be wondering how to keep her happy. If so, read on!

What Is The Personality Of A Leo Woman

Leos love to have fun and enjoy life. They tend to be very outgoing and energetic.

Leo women are great friends; they are loyal, loving, caring and affectionate. However, there are times when their mood swings can be confusing.

They are friendly, charming, and flirtatious. But they can turn off quickly and become angry. They can be too honest at times. They are very independent and do not take advice from anyone else.

However, they respect elders, religious leaders, parents, teachers etc. They prefer strong leadership and authority.

They can be stubborn and show arrogance. They are quite emotional and sensitive. They love to live freely and express themselves. They hate to be restricted by rules, regulations and traditions.

In general, someone with the Leo sun sign is a cheerful person who enjoys her life. She has no problems talking to others. She is very confident and self assured.

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What Signs Are Leo Women Attracted To

Leo women do best with other fire signs or air signs. While Leos can be lazy, they like to be around exciting people. The energy from Aries, Sagittarius, and other Leo placements will push a Leo woman to explore the world more.

And the crazy, fantastical personalities from Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius placements will entertain even the laziest Leo zodiac sign. Leo women will find people with an air sign presence in their chart fascinating and inspiring. A romantic relationship between them will include a lot of adventure.

Leo women can be attracted to Scorpio men because they both share a passion for power and control. Both Leo and Scorpio are ambitious and they want to succeed. When this astrological sign meets a Scorpio, sparks fly.

Scorpio may be the only water sign that a Leo can get along with, however. Another water sign, like Cancer, will be too emotional and irrational for her.

A Leo woman will often be attracted to a man who is intelligent, successful, and powerful. This type of man makes her feel safe and secure. Any star signs could fit that bill, but the above signs are most likely to succeed with a fierce lioness.

How Does A Leo Woman Handle Finances

Leo is a sign that attracts attention. Make sure you’re noticed for the right reasons. Have a great personality and charisma, but also show them you’re a hard worker and that Leos are natural leaders.

Use your royal nature to build up a strong network of contacts who can help you advance in your career. Leo is a charming person who loves being the best, but she tends to be a bit of a show-off. She needs to learn how to control her ego and focus more on what others think about her, as opposed to what she thinks about herself.

Leo loves to give great presents to their friends or family. Their favorite gift is expensive items such as watches, jewelry, and sports cars. Sometimes, they get carried away by their excitement and spend too much money on these gifts.

Women who are born under this sign are naturally bossy and take charge of everything. They are great leaders and managers. They love to give orders and make others follow them.

They are very strong and independent. They get things done quickly but may also be too aggressive. They don’t tolerate weakness and tend to be impatient.

Leo women have a lot of fun and enjoy spending time with their friends. They are very social and outgoing. They love to go out dancing, partying, shopping, dining out, and spending money.

A Leo woman has an excellent work ethic. She knows exactly what she wants from life and works toward getting it. Her ambition is admirable, but she can sometimes become arrogant.

How Does A Leo Woman Handle Faith And Religion

To many Leo women, religion is just not going to matter to them. They have too much going on. That isn’t to say they don’t believe in anything, but don’t expect them to be at church at 8 AM on a Sunday. They have very important sleep to catch up on at that time!

How Does A Leo Woman Handle Love And Relationships

When it comes to relationships, Leo women tend to be very romantic and passionate. They often fall deeply in love easily. However, they need to know that some men are only interested in one thing: sex.

If they decide to date someone, they’ll expect him to be attentive and loving. If he’s not, then they won’t stick around long.

In love, Leo women are loyal and faithful. They are usually attracted to men who are attractive, smart, and successful. If they get bored or too secure, though, they’ll become lazy.

How Does A Leo Woman Handle Family

As a daughter, sister, mother, or wife, Leo women are extremely protective and nurturing. They like to spoil their family and treat them like royalty.

When it comes to family, Leo women put everyone else before themselves. They’re always thinking about their loved ones first. They want to do whatever they can to make their families happy.

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How Does A Leo Woman Handle Hardship

Leo women are very hard workers. They are ambitious and driven. When they encounter obstacles, they will overcome them. They are determined to succeed no matter what.

However, if something goes wrong, they can become depressed and feel sorry for themselves. They can also become overly critical of themselves. To help combat this, they should try to look at the positive side of things.

Leos are very courageous and will try to fight their way out of any bad situation. However, when they face adversity, they tend to blame other people for their problems.

How To Love A Leo Woman

The way to a Leo woman’s heart is by stroking her ego. She loves compliments and attention. So, you must show her that you care about her. You can do this by being thoughtful and kind.

You can also compliment her appearance. Tell her how beautiful she looks or how sexy she is. This will make her feel good about herself.

Don’t forget to tell her how special she is. Show her that you truly appreciate everything she does for you.

You can also give her gifts. Leos are fond of shopping, travelling, cooking and gardening. They often spend their weekends watching movies or listening to music.

They appreciate beauty and art. They are most comfortable in the company of other beautiful people.

Negative Traits Of Leo Women

Leo women are known for having strong personalities. They are confident and independent. They enjoy making decisions and taking charge.

But sometimes, they can be bossy and demanding. They may also be stubborn and difficult to please.

Because they are so self-assured, they can come off as arrogant and conceited. They don’t take criticism well. They have trouble letting go of past hurts.

They are also prone to mood swings. They can be emotional and irrational at times.

A Leo woman needs to understand that she doesn’t have to win every argument. She needs to learn to compromise and listen more than talk.