Lucky Coin Money Spell

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It’s time to draw more cash into your wallet! Let’s learn how to make a coin lucky.

This lucky coin money spell is fun and easy, and it’s a long lasting spell that you can carry with you forever.

Nearly everyone is looking for ways to make more money.

This money spell may not bring in a huge sum all at once, but it will make you more likely to come across money on the ground and other simple ways to increase your wealth.

This coin spell should be seen as a small part of your luck and prosperity magick. It’s a simple spell for luck that you can perform once and use for the rest of your life.

Much like in business, you should always diversify the ways in which you draw money to you!

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Lucky Coin History

Coins have been associated with fortune and fate for a long time.

One of the first ties between fate and coins comes from coin flipping.

The first coin flip likely took place over 2500 years ago!

In ancient Rome, coin flipping was called navia aut caput or ship or head.

Ancient Brits called it “cross and pile”.

One possible origin could be ancient Greece. Some historians believed Greek boys covered one side of a shell with black pitch.

The other side was left white, and then the shell was flipped in the air.

This practice continued with the invention of metal coinage, which is traced back to the 7th century BC.

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What Is A Lucky Coin?

A lucky coin is one that brings good luck to its owner. It’s a spell for good luck that is cast on a coin, so that it is easily carried with you and used when you need it the most.

By flipping or carrying the coin, it can change the fate of the person that owns it.

It has long been considered lucky to pick up a penny, or to carry a coin from your birth year.

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Why Use A Lucky Coin For Your Money Spell?

So what’s the point in making this coin?

Obviously, it will bring you good luck on its own… but it can also be used in other spells.

A lucky coin can be placed in your money bowl. The coin and the bowl will both charge one another, bringing even more money to you.

When you increase the flow of money like that, your luck and prosperity grows exponentially.

These coins can be added to any money spell to make it more powerful.

They are also an excellent offering to gods of fortune like Fortuna.

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How To Make A Coin Lucky

Learn how to make a lucky coin with this simple spell for luck!

How To Make A Lucky Coin

A candle, a coin, and an intention are all you need to constantly draw money into your wallet forever.

Do this simple spell for luck now, and improve your luck for the rest of your life!


  • 1 coin
  • 1 candle (green, smaller is better. A birthday candle is perfect.)


  1. To begin this spell, gather your coin and green candle and set up at a table.
  2. Put both in a wide, fire-safe container that you can also fit a hand into.
  3. Light the candle and allow some of the wax to fall onto the coin. Cover the whole coin in wax.
  4. Once the coin is fully covered, pour some more wax onto the coin and then set the candle on top of the coin.
  5. The melted wax should dry and keep the candle in place on top of the coin.
  6. Energize the candle and coin by stating your intention out loud to it.
  7. Build up your energy, feel your body tense up, and unleash all of that energy into your coin and candle.
  8. Let the candle burn on top of the coin until it completely burns out.
  9. Ideally, there won’t be much wax left.
  10. If there is, carve the coin out of the wax but make sure the coin is still covered in a layer of wax.
  11. The coin can now go in your wallet, where it will work to draw money to you forever.
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