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Magical Uses For Dandelions: Dandelion Correspondences

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Dandelions are a wonderful addition to any witch’s garden, and their magickal uses are many. Dandelion magick is all about the sun. Dandelions are one of the first flowers out in spring and they stay until fall. Dandelion roots dig deep into the ground, bringing up the vital energies of Mother Earth. The white puffy prominent blooms blow in the breeze, catching headwinds around the world and spreading abundantly.

Dandelions add a little bit of sunshine to every spell, but they have even more uses than that. They are also used for protection from dark magic or spirits that seek to harm us. Their magical correspondences are many, including: fire (the sun), earth (the root system) air (the seeds floating on the wind), protection, happiness, masculine energy, the planet Jupiter, good luck, and wishes granted.

Add a handful of dandelions to any spell for an extra burst of solar power. Dandelions are also used in money and prosperity spells, as their abundance is said to represent wealth.

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Using The Dandelion’s Flower In Magick

The correspondences of this plant depend on which part of the plant you use. The flower can be associated with love, healing, strength, courage, joyfulness, hope, friendship, loyalty, and faith. You may want to try making your own magickal oil using some dried flowers, however, do not use them if they have been treated with pesticides because it will contaminate the oil and make it unsafe to use.

The dandelion’s flower can be used in love spells and rituals. If you are looking for a new romance, try writing down your desires on a piece of paper and placing it under a bowl containing some dried dandelion flowers. Focus your intention on finding love, then leave the bowl overnight. In the morning, throw away the contents of the bowl and burn your list. Alternatively, you could carry around some dried dandelions in a sachet to attract love into your life.

If you need healing energy, place some fresh or dry dandelion flowers on your altar or somewhere else in your home where they will not be disturbed. Visualize yourself surrounded by white light as you meditate on the plant. You could also make a healing tea by boiling some dandelion flowers in water and drinking it while visualizing yourself surrounded by white light.

The dandelion can be used to represent strength, courage, and joyfulness in spells and rituals. To invoke these energies, try carrying around a sachet filled with dried dandelions or keeping some fresh ones on your altar. Alternatively, you could steep some dandelion flowers in hot water to make a magickal tea. Focus your intention on being strong, courageous, and joyful as you drink it.

If you are looking for friendship or loyalty from others, try carrying around a sachet of dried dandelions. Alternatively, you could place some fresh ones on your altar or make a magickal tea using the flowers. Focus your intention on attracting loyal friends into your life as you meditate on the plant when using it.

Dandelion botanical illustration, rustic aesthetic, cottagecore

Using Dandelion’s Leaves And Stalk In Magick

The dandelion’s leaves and stalk can be used in spells and rituals for protection, purification, prosperity, courage, strength, and fertility.

To use the dandelion’s leaves in magic, gather them on a sunny day. To use the stalk in magic, cut it cleanly from the ground. Hang the stalks upside down to dry and use them within six months.

The dandelion’s leaves can be used in spells or mojo bags for protection from harm, hexes, or negative energy. The herb can also be added to cleansing baths or burned as an offering during purification rituals. Dried and powdered leaves can be sprinkled around your home to attract wealth and prosperity.

To use the dandelion’s stalk in magic, add it to charms for courage and strength before undertaking a difficult task. You can also burn the dried stalks as part of fertility rites or weave fresh stalks into wreaths worn by those seeking conception.

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Using Dandelion’s Roots In Witchcraft

The roots, digging deep into Mother Earth and pulling her energy up to greet the sun, are excellent for ritual work involving grounding, stability and centering. Dandelion root is also invoked for purifying and cleansing, as well.

To remove the influence of negative entities, wear dandelion root, carry roots in your hand or place them at the corners of rooms and doorways. Additionally, cleansing baths are also wonderful when crafted with this plant’s earthy elements.

Ground yourself with a simple dandelion root tea, or find stability by burying roots removed from the stalk and sitting over the spot it was buried while meditating. If you want to be able to connect with Mama Earth more, drink a cup of dandelion tea prior to meditating. It will help open your connection to nature!

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Using Dandelion Puff Balls In Your Spells

Dandelion puff balls are like little clouds that float through our world on the wind. They bring good luck and happiness wherever they go. These seeds are divinely connected to the air element and are closely linked to Hermes. Dandelion puff balls can be used in spells for:

  • Luck
  • Happiness
  • Divination
  • Protection
  • Travel
  • Communication
  • Wishes
Dandelion botanical illustration, rustic aesthetic, cottagecore

Collect puffballs through spring and summer and blow the seeds in the wind to release your wishes to the universe. For luck, carry a dandelion puff ball in your pocket or keep one near your front door. To increase happiness, put a few seeds around your home or place of work. For protection, carry them with you when travelling and sprinkle some around your property.

If you want to use dandelion puff balls for divination, write your question on a piece of paper and very gently place it plus the seed head into a pouch. Sleep with the puff ball next to your pillow and in the morning, blow the seeds into the air. Your dreams will be prophetic for a number of days after.

To use dandelion puff balls for communication, whisper what you need to tell another person into the puff ball and release the seeds. The message will be carried on the wind to them.

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