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Magical Uses For Meats And Other Animal Products

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This was a surprisingly hard list to create. There is little information out there on the magical correspondences of meat an animal products, and even less of that information is compiled in one place. I found only two good sources for this information:

I do wonder at why it was so hard to find this information, but I think there are two main reasons this is.

Firstly, witches nowadays are very concerned with the ethical ramifications of our magic and our food. For that reason, a lot of witches are vegetarian or vegan.

Secondly, many modern cultures, especially Western cultures, frown upon animal sacrifice for religious purposes. To ascribe a magical purpose for the death of an animal could lead others to sacrifice those animals “just” for religious purposes.

But the fact is, there is magical meaning behind all the things we eat. For that reason, to help all the kitchen witches out there that have been searching for this information with little success, I have created this table with the magical correspondences of animal products.

Use it, don’t use it. But it’s still important information that would be a shame if we lost it!

You’ll notice that most of the animal products listed have information missing. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot of information out there, and I didn’t want to rely on my unverified personal gnosis for this information. If you know of a source that fills in any of the missing information, please contact me or leave a comment below. I’d love to update this with more correspondences!

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Animal ProductElemental AssociationsRuling PlanetsDeitiesMagical Properties
BeefFire, EarthFemale cows: The moon
Male cows: The sun
Hathor, IsisExcitable energy, power, fertility, blissful energy, aggressive energy, beef tongue is used in spells to control what someone says and stop gossip
ButterWater, EarthMoonEa, agricultural deitiesPeace, spirituality, calming stressful relationships, increasing tenacity, helping with life changes, increases spirituality, helps to connect with deities, makes spells more nurturing and healing, commonly used offering for deities and the Fae
CaviarWaterMoonSexual energy, aphrodisiac, emotions, passion
CheeseAir, EarthSaturnApolloThings coming to fruition, raising vibrations, adds positive energy, success, happiness
ChickenFireRepresents the sunrise, sacrificed to Roman gods, healing, restorative properties, divination with the bones. The bones can be added to money drawing spells or luck spells
CrabWaterMoonApolloGrounding spiritual energy, spirituality, hex breaking
Egg ShellsEarthProtection, peace
EggsAll elementsRepresents creation, the universe, the soul, primordial mysteries, immortality, new life, new beginnings, and fertility. Used for divination.
FishWaterMurigenThe power of the unconscious, fertility, prosperity, abundance, healing, emotions, cleansing, and purification. Fish has been sacred to nearly every culture throughout history.
Fowl Game MeatFireFidelity and faithfulness. Represents the sacred cycles because of their migratory cycle. Used in divination rituals
GravyWaterMoonSmooths transitions, mellows energy, controls aggressive qualities, calming, emotions, healing, cleansing, purification
HoneyWaterRa, DemeterHappiness, fulfillment, good moods, healing, love, prosperity, passion, spirituality, fairy offerings
Ice CreamWaterMoonLove, spirituality, change, malleability
LambFire, EarthSensitivity, sacrifice, caring, nurturing, new life, beginnings, spring, fertility. Represents sacrifice for a higher purpose
LiverFireMammal liver represents raw courage and power. Fighting or warlike energy. Used by the Romans to predict the future.
LobsterFireMarsAresChaotic energy, fighting, war
Mammal Game MeatFireFidelity, divination, power, and energy. Many cultures believe you acquire the power and characteristics of the eaten animal.
MilkWaterMoonAll goddesses, HeraGoddess energy, feminine nurturing energy, motherly love, moon magic, offerings, love, spirituality, fairies
OystersWaterMoonPassion, balance, sexual power, hermaphroditic or gender neutral energy
PorkFireManannan, DemeterDramatic energy, intensifying, strength, fertility, prosperity, luck, longevity
SausagesFireMale fertility, masculine energy
TurkeyFire, AirFamily traditions, celebrations, motivation, increasing attention, clarity, focus
YogurtWaterMoonSpirituality, creativity, healing depression
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How To Use This Information

The most obvious (and ethical) way to use this information is in non-vegan kitchen magic. When you’re making a steak for a loved one, consider the magical correspondences of beef. If you’re working on fertility magic to conceive a child, consider adding some caviar to a romantic dinner.

You can also leave animal products as an offering to the gods or the Fae. Most witches would be fine with leaving milk or honey out, but I think it becomes a little less accepted when it comes to meat. This is less ethical because the offering isn’t being consumed physically, but sometimes this is what the gods demand.

What matters is that you please the gods and stick with your morals. You are never under any obligation to please another witch.

Magical uses for meat and animal products. This was a surprisingly hard list to create. There is little information out there on the magical correspondences of meat an animal products, and even less of that information is compiled in one place. #kitchenwitch #witch #witchcraft #magic #pagan #meat

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